25 Influential Female SEO Experts to Follow

1) Kristina Arazenko

Kristina Arazenko is a force of nature in the SEO industry. She specializes in SEO with a focus on local SEO. Her clients are mainly from the e-Commerce and B2B sectors.
She has helped clients grow their businesses with her innovative SEO strategies and ideas. Clients range from small companies to Fortune-500 organizations globally.
She is a gifted speaker with many appearances at leading conferences and webinars. Kristina's articles feature on, SEMRush, and more. She was voted as one of the 13 women shaping the SEO industry.
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2) Lady Izzi Smith

Lady Izzi Smith is an SEO evangelist with a wide range of experience. She currently heads Ryte's SEO team in Germany. She can often be spotted at leading industry events conducting workshops or talking passionately about SEO.
Izzi has a penchant for local SEO and its varied nuances. Her strategies involve the technical aspects of SEO and content as a weapon to deliver outstanding customer experiences.
Izzi is an award-winning speaker and is a strong advocate of good web experience design. She holds a Typo3 CMS Certified editor certification.
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3) Jamie Indigo

Jamie's credentials are jaw-dropping. She is not just an SEO powerhouse but has the experience and insights of a product owner. It sure is a formidable combination if you end up as one of her competitors.
She loves anything to do with technical SEO. Her knowledge extends to new frameworks like Angular and React. She uses her prowess in these to deliver expert advice on optimizing websites.
Whether you need technical help with local SEO or a large ecommerce store, Jamie can help you hit the ball out of the park.
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4) Alexis Sanders

Alexis Sanders has seen a meteoric rise in her career over the years. It is a remarkable journey from an SEO associate to heading the SEO division at Merkle.
Her hard work and wealth of knowledge in the SEO and local SEO domains are boundless. She has spoken at dozens of industry conferences, published several well-received articles and SEO blogs, and even appeared on podcasts.
Alexis featured in '100+ Awesome Women Marketers You Should Follow'. All this and more firmly put her in league with other great women SEO evangelists.
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5) Jenny Halasz

As president and Founder at JLH marketing and long-time OnCrawl ambassador, Jenny Halasz wears many hats. She is an SEO and PPC expert. With over 20+ years of experience, she is sought after small and large companies.
Jenny is an expert on local SEO strategy and is often on podcasts sharing her insights. She loves dabbling with technical SEO. Her talks and articles demystify complex technical SEO subjects for people new to the industry.
When not neck deep in SEO, she likes to catch live music or spend time with her boys.
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6) Kristine Schachinger

Kristine is a veritable source of knowledge in vital areas related to the web. She knows all its theoretical and practical aspects, whether SEO, design, web audits or penalty recovery.
She is a respected SEO coach, consultant, speaker, and author. Her clients include some of the biggest names in the world, spanning every possible business vertical. Her firm specializes in forensic SEO. This means that your SEO audits and strategies are built with extra finesse.
Her 17+ years of experience in design and technology are an asset to her clients.
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7) Shelly Fagin

Shelly is the director of growth marketing and SEO at Credit Karma. Her experience with coding and dabbling in SEO from 2005 has made her a well-rounded domain veteran.
She is as comfortable advising UX design as she talks about technical SEO nuances. She is an expert digital marketer. Her insights into content strategy and on-page optimization have helped businesses of all sizes grow.
She enjoys working on data and metrics. You can often find her solving tricky SEO and site technical issues with true grit and determination.
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8) Britney Muller

Britney is a marketing manager at Hugging Face Inc and served as a senior SEO scientist at Moz in her previous stint. Her experience with SEO has established her reputation as a leading influence in the domain.
Britney loves technical SEO. Her expertise lies in Data Science. She loves exploring data science and its impact on search algorithms. Britney believes in the power of big data. Her strategies have helped Moz improve its page indexing and performance.
She is an influential speaker and a respected columnist.
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9) Ruth Burr Reedy

Ruth leads the strategy at Upbuild Inc. She has donned many hats in her previous roles related to SEO and SEM. A few notable ones include the Inbound marketing lead at Moz. She has been in the SEO space since 2006 and has worked on all aspects of it.
Ruth consults with small and big companies globally. She is a strong advocate of data-driven decision-making for SEO. She has worked on everything from content strategy to team building and training.
Her articles and blogs have appeared in many respected industry publications.
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10) Cindy Krum

Cindy is the CEO at MobileMoxie Inc. She specializes in mobile SEO, app marketing, and content marketing. Her fresh and creative ideas have established her as a thought leader in the SEO industry.
She consults about SEO and related fields all over the world. Her reputation as an engaging speaker is well-known. She has appeared at several national and international trade events over the years.
Her razor-sharp focus on mobile SEO helped MobileMoxie launch a unique Mobile SEO toolset. It's proved to be a game-changer for mobile SEO analysis.
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11) Heba Said

Heba Said has accomplished much as an SEO specialist. She holds several HubSpot academy certifications that give her an edge over others. Heba currently offers freelance SEO consulting services to businesses of all sizes. Her premier client includes Canva.
Heba is familiar with every aspect of SEO. Whether technical SEO practices such as schemas or elements like content strategy and metadata optimization, her specialties include keyword research and landing page optimization.
Heba has spoken at reputed industry events like VirtuaCon. She is a women empowerment champion and facilitates free workshops.
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12) Steph Whatley

Steph is an influential UK-based SEO specialist and digital marketer. She is currently the SEO specialist at Three UK. Her previous roles included SEO manager at Blue Array SEO.
Steph's SEO strategies focus on driving traffic and revenue. She has many certifications in digital marketing. Steph is an expert content strategist. Her expert guidance helps businesses gain a competitive edge over others.
She is respected among peers and businesses for her professionalism and knowledge. She shares her SEO wisdom on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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13) Christina LeVasseur

Christina is the founder of MediaSesh. It's an SEO consulting and training firm. She has expertise in crafting conversion rate optimization and refined search strategies. She has been in the industry since 2009.
She is known for her detailed approach. She has consulted with leading companies and brands globally, whether site audits or content strategies. Her top clients include LivWell and IBM.
Christina is a well-known speaker at industry events. She has written several articles on SEO & link building best practices. They can be found on her blog and other industry publications.
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14) Michelle Kubot Segovia

Michelle is an influential SEO specialist and digital marketer. She has over 14-years of experience in the field. She has over nine coveted certifications that touch all aspects of the SEO industry. These include SEO, PPC, CRO, and more.
Michelle currently works as a marketing consultant at Symetria recovery. Her digital marketing innovation has been mentioned in over 30 news articles online. She is an influential figure in the SEO industry.
She often shares insights and SEO tips on her Twitter channel.
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15) Ann Smarty

Ann is the founder of VirtualContentBee and a brand manager at She is a reputed SEO consultant with years of experience. She helps clients with a wide range of SEO efforts. A few of them include keywords, link building, and reputation management.
Ann has over a decade of experience in the SEO world. Her strategies have helped many businesses grow.
Ann loves tweeting about SEO topics and new trends. She is respected by her peers and considered one of the leading SEO specialists in the industry.
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16) Melissa Fach

Melissa's expertise in the SEO industry is beyond question. Her experience with SEO spans over a decade. She has delivered top-notch services to many illustrious clients. She is currently the Sr. SEO Content Manager at Kelly Blue Book.
She is an expert at content strategy and optimization. She is well-versed with marketing strategies for social media and blogs. She is a prolific public speaker with dozens of appearances under her belt. Many leading SEO sites have published melissa's SEO articles.
She is a volunteer with the Big Cat Habitat.
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17) Carolyn Shelby

Carolyn is a respected SEO specialist who has been around internet technologies since 1994.
Her niche areas are technical and enterprise SEO. Her strategies help corporations in their SEO strategies. Carolyn urges companies to focus on "search awareness." She believes it is vital to customer delight.
Carolyn is currently the SEO director at Tribune publishing. Here she works on SEO for the news industry. Her clients include big names like Chicago Tribune and The LA Times. Her expertise as a developer gives her an edge over others in Technical SEO.
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18) Rhea Drysdale

Rhea is a well-known personality in the SEO industry. She is an SEO consultant with several years of experience. Her expertise areas are link building, reputation management, and social media. She is currently the CEO of Outspoken media.
Rhea loves solving complex SEO challenges and shares tips and insights often with her followers. She is a regular speaker at conferences and webinars. She has contributed to several reputed blogs and tweets often about the latest trends in the SEO industry.
She has been featured as a reputation management expert on Wall street journal.
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19) Debra Mastaler

Debra is an experienced SEO specialist and content strategist. When you consult her, you get the best of two worlds. She was a traditional marketing consultant before the shift to digital.
Her key expertise areas are trend research and link building. Her articles have been featured in many publications over the years. Debra is a professional speaker and presenter at various SEO conferences. She is also an SEO trainer and a judge for the Landy Awards.
Debra owns Alliance-link, which helps customers grow their business through effective SEO strategies.
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20) Victoria Shepherd

Victoria is an SEO expert with over 14-years of proven experience. Her primary focus areas are paid social media, content marketing, and SEO. She has worn several hats in the past, dealing with SEO and digital marketing.
She is a renowned blogger of international reputation. Victoria is a prolific speaker and has appeared at several national and global conference events. She currently serves as the marketing director for Yes Fit, a virtual fitness portal.
She has penned many top-ranked SEO articles for the reputed online blog Search Engine Journal.
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21) Paige Hobart

Paige heads the SEO division at ROAST, UK. She is an SEO expert with a decade of SEO experience. Her work over the years involved top-tier brands such as Clarks and The National Lottery.
Her SEO expertise spans various industries. Her depth of knowledge and a keen eye for new trends enable her to be on top of the SEO game.
Paige is a regular speaker at industry events. She has appeared at Brighton SEO and SMX London and hosted SEMRush webinars. She has a Google analytics certification that enables her to deliver more to her clients.
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22) Roxana Stingu

Roxana heads SEO at Alamy UK. She is an SEO and digital marketing evangelist. She has been in this domain since 2006, and her strategies have helped many big brands shape their SEO and marketing strategies. A few top clients include Go Daddy EMEA and 123 Reg.
She is a prolific public speaker a regular at the Brighton SEO summit. She has immense SEO experience that covers technical and non-technical areas. She is passionate about page speed and search engine optimization.
Roxana is an active member of the Women in Tech SEO community.
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23) Orit Mutznik

Orit wears many hats with ease in the world of SEO. She is an SEO consultant, author, speaker, and SEMRush influencer. Her specialization areas are technical SEO, content strategy, and eCommerce SEO.
She has impressive academic and work credentials. Orit often speaks at the Brighton SEO summit and has many publications under her belt. She loves exploring automation and leveraging Python for SEO.
She has been in the SEO industry since 2008. Her industry expertise areas are eCommerce, FinTech, and Gaming. Orit has led in-house teams for years and is experienced with SEO budgeting.
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24) Areej AbuAli

Areej is the new SEO star on the horizon. She is an SEO specialist with years of experience in diverse sectors. Areej is famous for her insightful and helpful tweets on SEO and a broad range of similar topics. This has earned her a considerable following.
Areej advocates for women's empowerment and is known for her shining work in the Women in Tech SEO community. Her talks at Brighton SEO have earned her much praise among her peers.
Areej loves Tech SEO and consults globally.
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25) Himani Kankaria

Himani started with SEO about seven years ago but quickly rose the ranks. She is the founder of Missive Digital and a brand ambassador for Hootsuite.
Although Himani is an SEO expert, her core focus area is content. She writes search-intent-based content for B2B and SaaS companies that help them generate more leads. She is a respected influencer in the SEO circuit. Himani has spoken at many national and international SEO events.
Her current interest areas include social media strategy. She leverages her content skills to create engaging social media content for brands.
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Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.


Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.