Local SEO Tips for Appliance Repair Website

Are you a local appliance repair business looking for ways to grow your business? Then Search Engine Optimization or SEO is something that you must consider.
After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has moved online. Today, having an online presence is a must for local businesses.
Through local SEO, you can generate leads through Google search. 28% of local searches result in a purchase. Hence, local SEO is a must if you want to scale your appliance repair business.
In this guide, you’ll learn actionable tips for local SEO for your appliance repair website.

1. Find Local Keywords for Your Appliance Repair Website

Keyword research is the first step in SEO. When people are looking for appliance repair services, they will do a Google search.
They may search for “appliance repair in your_location_name” or “dishwasher repair in your_location_name”. These are your target keywords. Adding these keywords to your website will help you rank for these searches.
You can find keywords using keyword research tools such as ahrefs and Ubersuggest. You can also find local keywords through Google Keyword Planner. For this, you must sign up for a free Google Ads account.
Just type in topics related to the services that you provide. These tools will generate a list of target keywords for your appliance repair website.
You should find two types of keywords:-

  • commercial intent
  • informational intent

Commercial intent keywords are when users are looking for appliance repair services. It may be like “refrigerator repair service in your_location_name”.
People use informational intent keywords when they are just looking for information. For example, “how to repair a washing machine.”

2. Analyze Other Competitor Appliance Repair Websites Who are Ranking for Local SEO

Analyzing your competitors’ websites can be of great help to rank for local searches. You can find competitors by searching for your target keywords on Google. You’ll get a list of websites that are currently ranking for the term. Those are your competitors.
You can look at each of their websites. Check out what web pages they have. And, check what type of content they are creating.
You can also put in your competitors’ URLs on keyword research tools like ahrefs. You’ll get all the keywords that the website is ranking for. You can also analyze each of their pages individually. Find both informational and commercial keywords this way.
This way, you’ll get a list of keywords that your competitors are ranking for. You can use the same keywords to optimize your home appliance repair website.

3. Optimize Your Website for Local SEO Keywords

Now you have a list of informational and commercial keywords. The next step is to use these keywords to optimize your appliance repair website. You can use the following steps to do so:

  • Optimize your home page and landing pages for commercial intent keywords.
  • Add these keywords to the titles, headings, and subheadings.
  • Also, add these keywords to the content body.
  • Add informational keywords to your website blog posts and other content.
  • Optimize all the other pages of your appliance repair site as well. You should optimize these for either informational or commercial keywords.
  • Add target keywords to all the pages’ URLs, meta descriptions, and SEO titles.
  • Ensure that your keywords appear naturally in the content body. Do not stuff keywords as this will hurt your rankings.

4. Optimize the Google My Business Listing for Your Local Appliance Repair Business

Google My Business is an easy way of managing your online presence. Suppose that users search for appliance repair businesses in their locality. Then, Google shows a list of local businesses. The results will also show other details like ratings and a brief description.
Google shows similar details when users search for local businesses on Google Maps. Hence, optimizing your Google My Business is very important if you want to rank for local searches.

  • You can start by claiming your business on Google My Business (GMB). You can then submit it for verification too.
  • Add your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) details to the GMB account. Ensure that your NAP listings are consistent. They should be the same as the one listed on your website contact page.
  • Add other details such as a brief description, business hours, and images. Remember to provide accurate information everywhere.

5. Create Content on Your Appliance Repair Website to Rank High for Local Searches

It is very important to create content for your appliance repair website. Through content, you’ll increase your chances of ranking for informational keywords. It will increase your website traffic.
Ultimately more local users will know about your business. It will lead to an increase in the number of customers for your business.

  • You can create content in the form of blog posts.
  • Consistently create and publish blog posts.
  • Optimize these posts for informational keywords.
  • Ensure that the blog posts are relevant to your ideal target audience. You can try to solve your target audience’s pain points using your blog posts.
  • Structure your blog posts well. Ensure that the content is readable.
  • Add proper title, headings, subheadings, and images to support your content.
  • You can also create other types of content. These can be videos related to appliance repair.
  • You can also create infographics about appliance repair.

6. Gather Citations for Your Appliance Repair Website

Gathering citations in directories is important for local SEO. Users often use local directories or listings to search for nearby businesses. Hence, if you add your listing to these directories, you’ll gain more reach.
You can select a list of directories that you want to add your appliance repair listings to. These can be general directories such as Yellow pages and Yelp. You can look for local directories that are specific to your location. You should also consider directories that are specific to home services.
Remember to add consistent NAP listings to all these directories. Gathering citations this way will help you increase your local search rankings. It will also increase your brand awareness. And thus, help you generate more leads for your appliance repair business.

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7. Build Relevant Backlinks for Your Appliance Repair Website

When other websites add a link to your website, then you receive backlinks. Relevant backlinks coming from authoritative websites can be extremely beneficial for local SEO. In fact, according to Google, backlinks are amongst the top three ranking factors.
One of the best ways to generate backlinks for your appliance repair site is to create unique, valuable content. Others will automatically link to your site if you write useful content for your audience.
Another way to generate backlinks is through competitor research. Use popular keyword research tools to analyze your competitors’ websites. You’ll get a list of websites that are linking to your competitors. You can reach out to them with your valuable content and ask for a link.
Try networking with other complementary service business owners. Build strong relationships with other local businesses. This way, you can generate many local backlinks.

8. Ask Customers to Add Reviews for your Local Appliance Repair Business

Reviews are a great form of social proof. They help you to turn more local prospects into customers. Most of us look for reviews and ratings before visiting a local business. Thus focusing on reviews is very important.

Reviews also help with local SEO. Good reviews for your Google My Business will help improve your local SEO rankings. You should also try to get positive reviews on other listings and directories. It will also contribute towards increased traffic for your appliance repair site.
The best way to gather positive reviews is by asking your happy and satisfied customers. Identify the customers who have a satisfactory experience with your services. Then, you can directly ask them for a positive review. Or, you can also email to your costumers asking them to review your Home Services business.

9. Optimize your Appliance Repair Site’s Landing Pages for Local SEO

A landing page is a page on your website where you want your prospects to land first. On your landing page, you can describe the benefits of your appliance repair service.
You should then ask the user to take some action. It can be to fill up a form or request a callback. It is very important to optimize your landing page for local SEO.
You can do this by adding the most important target keywords to your landing pages. You should add the keywords to titles, URLs, headings, subheadings, content, and meta tag.
You should also consider having different landing pages for different services. For example, suppose you offer repairs for different appliances. These can be dishwasher repair, dryer repair, and refrigerator repair.
Then, you can have separate landing pages for each of these pages. You can title them “dishwasher repair in your_location_name” and “dryer repair in your_location_name.” This approach will help you rank better for each of these services.

10. Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Nowadays, Numerous users are switching to voice assistant devices. So, voice search optimization should be an important part of your SEO strategy. And local searches are commonly done on these voice assistants.
Studies show that 46% of consumers using voice search daily are searching for local businesses. Hence, by optimizing for voice search, you’ll rank for local searches made on voice assistant devices.
You can optimize your site for voice search by using more long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are those that are usually more than two words and are more specific. You should also try to use a more conversational tone for your content. This is because voice search queries tend to be more conversational.
Add all the important details about your business to your website. It includes details such as business hours and contact information. You should also add an FAQ page to your site with questions that your customers are most likely to ask.

11. Track Your Website Analytics and Improve your Local SEO Rankings

Tracking important metrics can help you improve your local SEO rankings. You can use Google Analytics, a free tool by Google for this purpose.
Using Google Analytics, you can find many important details about your home appliance repair site. These include details such as the demographics and location of your website visitors. You can also find traffic sources. Are your visitors coming from Google search, from other sites, or social media?
You’ll also be able to track other important KPIs. These can help you optimize your appliance repair web pages even better. KPIs include metrics such as bounce rate, time on page, and other details.
Suppose you find that the bounce rate for a certain page is high. Then you can add more engaging elements to that page. For landing pages, you can add more benefit-driven copy to decrease the bounce rate.

12. Fix all the Technical SEO Issues in Your Appliance Repair Website

Even if everything on your home appliance repair website is on-point, technical issues can hurt your rankings. That is why fixing all the technical SEO errors is super important.
Some common technical SEO issues include the absence of headings and meta tags. There can be other issues too, such as broken links and redundant redirects.
You can start by doing an SEO audit for your website. You can use keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest and SEMrush for this purpose. These tools will automatically produce a list of SEO errors. You can fix these one-by-one.


If you want to grow and scale your appliance repair business, then working on local SEO is a must. With local SEO, your website will come up when people in your locality search for Home Services businesses.
With local SEO, you can generate more leads and improve your sales. So, start working on the tips mentioned above, and you’ll soon see a boost in your sales.
Do you own an Appliance repair website? Reach us to speak with our experts to improve your Local SEO.

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