Local SEO Tips for Locksmiths

With minimizing time frames, people need locksmith services at the tip of their fingertips. Therefore, your business should keep your consumer in the center. Weave your work around him to tap into the market.
Your locksmith business should provide everything your customer is looking for, and that too effortlessly.

10 Local SEO Tips for Locksmiths to Get #1 Rankings

1. Work on Your GMB Listing

When someone is searching for a locksmith, they are mostly searching for someone nearby. You need to become the go-to locksmith in your area. Your business page should rank up on Google so that your potential customers find you without any ado.
Optimizing GMB listing helps in securing a position in a local 3-pack.
You need to fill in some basic details like:

  • Business Description: Tell your customers your story! They would love to know.
  • Name: Tell them the name by which you run your locksmith business.
  • Address: How can they locate you? Give a complete address so they can navigate and reach you.
  • Business Hours: Your customers need to know what timings you operate on. After all, losing a key can be a matter of emergency.

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2. Master the Art of Keywords

Drill down the keywords you would need your website to rank on. If you are a beginner, target long-tail keywords with low to medium competition. Using short-tail keywords might take longer for you to rank as the game of local SEO is such.
Take a look at the screenshot of SEMrush research to check the keyword performances based on their length.
You can take the help of these tools to list down the right ones for your locksmith business:

  • Google Keyword planner: Here, you can type the keywords you would like to rank for, and you will get permutations and combinations of phrases with their average monthly searches and competition.
  • It has endless keyword suggestions. It helps you filter the keywords to suit your business and analyze other locksmith competitors.
  • Moz Keyword Explorer: The tool is smart enough to give you unique keyword suggestions and the number of clicks you can expect by using it.

3. Get Coverage Both Print and Digital

Reach out to the local dailies so that you can get some coverage about your business. Try getting featured in any local newspaper or magazine and share your story with the readers.
Here’s an example of a locksmith's local press release that maximizes the reach of the business.
Citations are important to help your business rank up on google, and press coverage is a great way to go about it. There are two segments to it:

  • If you are a registered locksmith, people can reach out to you through a telephone directory or an online database that falls into a structured citation category.
  • While guest posts, customer reviews, and mentions on social media will fall into the unstructured citation category.

And both matter to your business.

4. Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

What does it mean to have a mobile-friendly website?
At least two-thirds of your potential customers will search for a locksmith on a smartphone rather than a desktop. Imagine what users will do when they visit the site having the mobile performance as shown in the screenshot?
It surely affects their experience.

Hence, to make your best work get the limelight, it should be optimized for mobile usage. The pages should load faster; your website should have enough white space for better reception; all pages should be responsive, etc.
Here are some tools that can help you achieve that:

  • Google Mobile-friendly test: To help you check whether or not your website is mobile-friendly.
  • If not, you can build a mobile-friendly website hassle-free with Gator Website Builder. It gives you hundreds of templates to choose from.
  • In minutes, you can use Mobirise to build and test a mobile responsive website.

5. Be Present on Social Media

Your presence on social media matters more than ever before. You need to be in the place where people are looking for you. Recognize the power of social media to boom your locksmith business.
Set up a page, post consistently, and engage with your customers through comments, stories, etc. Images and videos are vital mediums to attract an audience to a business. So, putting regular content on popular social platforms bridges the way for your business.
In the beginning, you can collaborate with micro-influencers who fall in line with your brand to reach out to a wider audience.
Make use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to:

  • Make your customers aware of your business.
  • Educate them about the importance of having their go-to locksmith nearby, whether fixing broken locks, making keys, or installing security systems.
  • Engage with them and get to know about their lock, key, and security issues from them.
  • Build a relationship and keep in touch with them every few days.

6. Collect Reviews from Your Happy Customers

What's better than your customers spreading the word about your business, right?
Your potential customers likely look up what other customers are saying before making up their minds to reach out to you.
Take a look at the screenshot. These kinds of reviews increase your credibility, trust, and online reputation.
Here are some key points you can take note of:

  • Your focus as a locksmith should be to give the best service to your customer.
  • Once you provide them with the best service, you can ask them to rate your business based on how they liked the service.
  • You can ask them to write a review, which will greatly help other customers. Ideally, you can ask them in person, or if they are too busy to write one, you can follow up with a text or an email.
  • Thank your customers for writing good reviews and responding to those who do not seem that good.

7. Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

People have different behavior when searching for something online when they type versus talking on their phones. Usually, when users use voice search instead of typing, they are halfway occupied or stuck and need a quick answer to proceed.
For instance, if someone has misplaced the keys or is thinking of getting a duplicate key, need to know your operating hours real quick. The information should be right there to avoid any wastage of time.
Take a look at this screenshot that shows interesting stats about voice search.
A majority of public uses:

  • Google Assistant to search on Google.
  • Siri, if they are looking up something on Safari.
  • Alexa uses Bing to find an answer to your queries.
  • Cortana again uses Bing to give you quick answers.

8. Grab Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the links that other websites point to yours. Your focus should be to get backlinks from authoritative websites in the locksmith niche. This will build your website's credibility and instill trust in your potential customers.
In the below screenshot, a locksmith website receives backlinks from higher Domain Authority sites. This enhances the authority of the locksmith website.
There are ways to generate backlinks for your website:

  • Test links of the websites you wish to get backlinks from. Make them aware of their broken links and ask them to replace them with your website link.
  • Collaborate and barter for backlinks. For this, do not target a competitor locksmith, but a complementary business would do.
  • Request to write guest posts on credible websites.

9. Engage Your Customer with Internal Linking

It is a great way to keep the customer navigating from one section of your website to another. This will enhance the session time and improve your search ranking. It also gives a better user experience by directing the users to land on their interested page.
Take a look at the screenshot where the internal links allow users to choose the page that gives what they want.
To begin with:

  • Focus on creating quality and quantity content to link one page with another.
  • Link Naturally: The hyperlinks that you mark on a page should not disturb the readability of the user. If he wants to read more, he can navigate to that page with that link.
  • Do Not Stuff The Content With Links: For instance, in a blog, if you are talking about the importance of security systems, then you can link it to another piece talking about types of security systems.

10. Improvise Your Meta Details

Webpage URLs, meta titles, and meta descriptions have a big role when looking for a lock or key query online.

  • Your website URL should be crisp and to the point with the right keyword. It should be user-friendly to help him easily understand the navigation from one page to another.
  • Meta Titles: The meta title should have the primary keyword and a length of not more than 60 characters.
  • Meta Description: The meta description should have a primary and a secondary keyword, if possible, and it should not be more than 160 characters.

Use free Mozbar extension, as shown above in the screenshot, to check your current URL, meta, and other details to know if you have optimized. You can also use this to analyze your competitor's data quickly.

Local SEO for Locksmith - FAQs

Q1. How Do I Grow My Locksmith Business?

To grow your locksmith business, you should focus on making your online presence and website strong such that anyone who looks for a locksmith nearby, your business name should pop up.

Q2. How Do Locksmiths Generate Leads?

Like any other business, locksmiths need a functional and smooth website. For instance, they should create brand awareness and collect customers' email addresses through newsletter subscriptions or app downloads.

Q3. Why Is Local SEO Better Than Advertising For Locksmiths?

Local SEO is better than advertising for locksmiths because it works as a cost saver. With local SEO, your business can rank up on Google, and this search engine will act as your advertiser.

Q4. What Are Local SEO Strategies For A Locksmith Business?

You can work on several strategies, such as getting your Google my business page ready, getting backlinks, getting citations, internally linking your content, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure the service you provide as a locksmith stands out within your area.
  • Fill in your Google My Business details so that your potential customers can reach out to you without any hassle.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly because your customer uses a smartphone while looking for you.
  • Be present on social media platforms to engage and educate your customers.
  • Collect as many good reviews as possible from your customers.
  • Build a relationship with your customers by contacting them through messages, social media channels, or newsletters.
  • Focus on generating high-quality backlinks for your website.

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