Local SEO Tips for Chiropractors

Optimizing your business for relevant local searches is becoming a necessity as we are heading towards the peak of online marketing.
The traffic on your store/clinic highly depends on where your name appears on SERPs when a customer looks for a similar product/service you offer.
One of the stats by Google below shows how important is local SEO for businesses.
Investing in local SEO will help everyone, from local chiropractors to grocery store owners.

10 Ways to Do Local Search Engine Optimization for Chiropractors

1. Optimize for Google My Business

The first step of getting discovered on Google SERPs is by getting verified as a business on Google. This increases the probability of appearing in the local 3-pack.
Provide everything the bots need to track you online, from your business name, location, industry, reviews, etc. Help the bots, and they will help you increase traffic.
Steps towards your journey of Google My Business:

  • Create and verify a Google my Business page as soon as possible.
  • Post images and videos using Google Posts in your account. This will increase actions on your listing easily by a factor of 10x. Actions = authority, and authority = rankings.
  • Seek authentic and genuine reviews from your customers.
  • Always respond warmly to the reviews you receive by adding your business name and location in the comment. For example, “We are grateful for your feedback on [product/service] in [city,state]. We highly appreciate your time and effort and look forward to serving you again. Thank you from the [full company name] team.”

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2. Add a Map to Your Location

Having a map is essential to having NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) consistent throughout your website. This helps customers reach your store in an easy and informed way.
Take a look at the below example, which has listed vital details.
Additionally, add the following information too:

  • Opening and closing hours to ease the traffic.
  • Valuable landmarks to help customers.
  • A phone call link for contacting you directly on mobile phones.
  • Social Media links to help customers share your services with other potential customers.

The crawlers can find you using your location, which eventually helps them share this with potential customers. Having a map on your website is one of the wisest decisions you can make for local SEO.

3. Make Your Site Responsive

People prefer to search using their mobile devices while moving, in a supermarket, or even at home. Therefore, making your site mobile-friendly is one of the golden tips to see local SEO’s magic.
You can check whether or not a chiropractor website is mobile-friendly using the free Google mobile-friendly test tool.
You can do this either by asking your website designer to make you a mobile-friendly website or do it yourself by using quick tools.
Tools you can use:

  • The WordPress plugin WP Touch allows you to transfer your website content on a smaller screen, such as mobile, appealingly.
  • MOBILOOK renders the pages of your website in different formats.
  • You can also try themes that will help you build a responsive site, such as Divi.

Pro Tip: Optimize the media used on the website. Plus, don’t just rely on the experts; stay updated to update your site regularly.

4. Build Voice Search Optimized Content

Google Reports show that 27% of the global online population uses voice search on mobile.
Besides, according to 2018 data, the phrase “best place to buy” has grown 70% in the past two years. This indicates how users communicate with their devices to look for relevant information through voice searches.
Tips to make voice search-friendly content:

  • Phrasing content in the style of your potential customer increases the chances of getting traffic on your site/store/clinic.
  • You can place these phrases in your content on your homepage or blogs.
  • You can also answer questions people have regarding your products or services.
  • Tools to find key phrases:

    5. Leverage Chiropractor Advertising

    Advertising is the best way to increase traffic to your site. You can use digital advertising most effectively and affordably to gain the most out of it.
    Types of advertising for chiropractors:

    • PPC Advertising: Get Google ads, select a plan, and run campaigns to advertise your services locally.
      Take a look at the below example that appears right on top of results and has a great chance of getting leads.
    • Facebook Advertising: Find your audience/customer base on one of the largest social media platforms.
    • LinkedIn Advertising: Millions of people use this platform for advertising their events or sharing their experiences.

    Leverage such platforms and place your ads wherever you can.

    6. Facilitate Link Building and Community Engagement

    Building a community is the fastest way to grow.
    Reach out to people who have shared links in your business. You are a chiropractor, link to other doctors, medical stores, or local practitioners, and build a community that supports you no matter what.
    Ask people to link to your website; this will help you acquire quality backlinks and send strong signals to Google.
    Establish authority by seeking support from those who have already built authority. Take a look at the link equity of a chiropractor that has been growing exponentially:
    Tips for Link Building:

    • Semrush link-building tool helps you find relevant links to make your site authoritative.
    • Ahrefs is another leading tool in the market that will help you track valuable links.
    • Moz manages numerous aspects of local SEO, from keyword research to link building.

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    7. Hop onto Social Media

    You like it or not, people spend much of their time on social media these days. Therefore, it is evident how crucial it is for businesses to grab hold of their social media accounts and interact with their audience regularly.
    Here’s an example where thousands of users follow a chiropractor business. It means they have the edge over a competitor with only a website.
    Expand your online presence by signing up your business on various social media platforms of importance.
    Platforms you can use-

    • Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms for businesses. It has numerous features that set it apart and value the customer and service providers.
    • Instagram is an image-focused platform giving way to businesses to showcase their products and services visually. It is a perfect platform to make people aware of your brand image and personality.
    • Twitter limits users’ textual content, but you can leverage it by staying updated on the trends your industry is following.

    8. Optimize On-Page SEO

    Create content that hooks your viewers. Proper HTML formatting and other SEO techniques give your visitors a soothing user experience. This signals to the crawlers that your site provides valuable content to visitors.
    On-page SEO focuses on content length, type, formatting, quality, and placement.
    Additionally, you can learn from other blogs or tools like SEMrush to know the on-page improvements a chiropractic business can make.
    Tips for On-page SEO:

    • Use keywords in title tags along with your company name and location.
    • Use heading tags appropriately.
    • Link to your site as well as to other authoritative sites.
    • Optimize images and embed keywords in alt texts.

    Tools to use:

    9. Eliminate Anything that Slows Down Your Site

    Your chiropractor site should load within seconds.
    Studies show that users leave sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, make sure your website is highly optimized on all fronts.
    Also, after Google’s announcement of considering page experience as a ranking signal, the website must load as quickly as the example shown below.
    Tips To Decrease Load Time:

    • Image optimization helps in loading images and content in time.
    • Elimination of unnecessary elements from your website.
    • Integrate only relevant social media platforms on your site.
    • Use only appropriate pop-ups or ads.
    • Use tools to decrease load time.

    10. Perform a Local SEO Audit

    Having set all the parameters in place, you might feel relieved, but SEO is an ongoing and intuitive process. You need to perform local SEO audits regularly to see where your site stands and where it needs improvement.
    Local SEO Audit Includes:

    • GMB - See how your Google My Business appears in SERPs. Improve it if it lacks anywhere.
    • Google Search Console Audit - See if your site is crawlable. Fix any errors that would hinder indexing.
    • On-Page SEO Audit - Look for how you have linked the pages of your site.
    • Citation Audit - Check if all your citations are correct in the business directories. You can use free Brightlocal or Mozlocal to find the incorrect listing to update it.
    • Competitor Analysis- Keep a check on what your competitors are doing. Observe their inbound links, content, design, and place to provide a better user experience to your customers.
    • Website Audit- Check the overall performance of your site.

    FAQs on Local SEO for Chiropractors

    Q1: How Is Local SEO Different From SEO?

    Local SEO focuses on local search queries, thus driving only the local traffic to your site/store. In contrast, SEO works for the site’s overall visibility on a national or global level.

    Q2: What Does Local SEO For Chiropractors Include?

    Chiropractors optimize their site using relevant keywords for local searches using various tools and research to attract potential customers.

    Q3: How Can A Chiropractor Use SEO Promote Services?

    3 Proven ways to promote your services:

    • By improving reviews
    • By running ad campaigns
    • By providing valuable blog content, answer customers’ questions.

    Q4: Whom To Hire For Improving Local SEO?

    Look for any freelancer or agency with relevant experience in this field. Share your objectives and seek advice from experts before you hire someone.

    Key Takeaways

    • Optimize for Google My Business by getting your business verified.
    • Build Voice Search Optimized Content by adding relevant keywords.
    • Make Your Site Responsive as most users use mobile.
    • Add a Map to your location for better traction.
    • Leverage Chiropractor Advertising by using various ways to get the user’s attention.
    • Facilitate Link Building and Community Engagement to build authority.
    • Hop onto Social Media to engage and interact with the audience.
    • Optimize On-Page SEO to grab Google’s attention.
    • Eliminate anything that slows down your site by optimizing it on all fronts.
    • Perform regular local SEO audits to update the site as and when needed.

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