Local SEO Tips for Restaurants

1. Sign up For Google My Business (GMB) Profile for Your Restaurant

First, create a Google My Business (GMB) profile. If you are investing in local SEO, it is one of the primary steps. The reason: It helps strengthen your online visibility across all Google platforms.
When Google was nascent, one could only add their name, address, and phone number to the listing. The jump in technology now enables businesses to milk the opportunities to the hilt. New features like Google Posts and URL links bring restaurants closer to customers.
Google Posts enable you to upload write-ups, but with a ceiling of 1,500 characters. It does not stop there. You can add pictures and links to pages like learn more, buy, offers, and reserve a seat, among others.
GMB allows restaurants to add direct links to their menu and other deeper pages.
It offers you a great opportunity to streamline your important web pages.
It also features your address, contact number, website, photos, and many other details about your restaurant.
When someone googles you, you already have a platter of information ready for them.

2. Use Local Citations for Your Restaurant

Local citations are fundamental to a local SEO’s success. A citation happens to be the online reference of your business on various fora. Citation primarily includes your NAP – Name, Address, and Phone number.
Ensure that your business citations are present on all major online directories. For restaurants, online citations are also a serious driver of traffic. Apart from this, they drive direct calls, prominent views, and appear in query results.

  • Never go overboard with your campaign.
  • Always keep the information accurate and updated.
  • Do not forget to add the best pictures of your restaurant to convey the quality of ambience and food.
  • Make sure that these high quality images are present on all your business local citations.

Not only do they attract more customers, but they also validate your claims of hard work.

3. Optimize Content for Local SEO

Content is a powerful tool to draw people to your restaurant. Not only does it increase your ranking, but it also helps you create a bond with the users.
You can create content in various forms, including texts, videos, blogs, and infographics. But they should be creative as well as attractive. For example, you can create cooking videos, share your secret recipes, or give kitchen tips.
Sometimes people search for recipes to cook or eat from a restaurant. When you produce recipe-related content, it can feature your business on top of SERP and pull the customers.
People value everything useful and relatable. Be consistent in your efforts and upload content at regular intervals. Otherwise, you will fail to create a long-lasting impression. Also, by increasing the volume of your content, you become ready to answer a large chunk of queries. It impresses both search engines and users.
More people visit your site and those near you will make a point to visit your restaurant. They may not do it right away, but you will be in their mind. For best results, use keywords that your local customers prefer.

4. Include a Voice Search Option to Spread Awareness About Your Restaurant

‘Find restaurants near me’ is a frequent question that people ask on Google. Now, if you want to tap the opportunity, you need to optimize content for voice search.
With the availability of the voice search option, many no longer want to type their queries. According to Google reports, 27 percent of the people using the internet rely on voice search. For them, you have to write your content in a conversational tone. Also, keep the content short and crisp so that Google can read it out to them in minimum time. Exaggeration will make Google search for other options.
Studies reveal that voice searches drive more traffic to your landing pages. Besides, the more the use of long-tail keywords, the better is the conversion rate.

5. Highlight Restaurant Menu on the Result Page

Google added menus in its search results in 2014. But many restaurants are yet to use this to their advantage. You do not want to be one of them. Submit your menu URL to Google whenever you update it. True that giving access to menus may discourage people from visiting your site. This way, you miss the opportunity to show them your content and photos.
Remember that not all people have the same needs. Google menus are for those who are in no mood to waste time. They want direct access to your menus to make their mind on what items they want to order. Now, if they want to research, you need to keep the photos and other links ready for them.
If Google is displaying your menu as uploaded on third party sources, you need to be cautious. Update your menus on all those sites. There is nothing more disappointing than inconsistency in data.

6. Identify Keywords Appropriate for Local SEO

Like regular SEO, integrating the appropriate keywords for restaurants is important for local SEO. Extensive keyword research to find the buzzword among your target audience is a must.
For example, the users may prefer the word ‘sarnie’ over ‘sandwich’. Unless you identify those words, you cannot attract them. Also, think of dining keywords that they would prefer to search for your restaurant. It can relate to both your food and cuisine.
Suppose your restaurant serves Italian food. Now, if you target keywords related to food, ‘restaurant serving spaghetti’ is an option. If you are targeting cuisine, you can go to an ‘Italian restaurant near me’.
You can use Google Keyword planner or tools like Ubersuggest to find long-tail keywords used for local search.
Also, target the long-tail keywords related to restaurants and dining. Use ‘Italian restaurant in Danbury’ rather than ‘Italian restaurant’.
Once you identify the keywords, use them in your content, title tags, and image file. It will make it easy for Google to spot you. You can use keywords related to restaurants and Online food ordering. You can also use food delivery keywords. But, do not overload keywords. As they say, too much of anything is bad.

7. Publish Content About Regional Food

A great way to boost your local SEO is by giving coverage to local developments related to your industry. You can dedicate a section of your blog to these topics.
For example, write about regional food or start reviving age-old recipes. You can also speak about the problems your regional food industry is facing.
When you start giving priority to the local issues,

  • People will start connecting with you.
  • They will treat you as one of their own, and
  • They even spread the word about your restaurant.

It increases traffic to not only your site but also the footfall at your restaurant. But do not forget: whenever you write, include the relevant dining keywords inside the content.

8. Include a Review Section for Your Restaurant

Online reviews are one of the markers of your Google rank. The more the reviews, the better the visibility. Always encourage your customers to post Google reviews.
Reviews play a major role in convincing the people assessing your performance. According to a study, around 85% of people browse online reviews before trusting a brand. 91% of customers in the 18-34 age group consider it as a personal suggestion.
There are several ways to increase online reviews.

  • You can add a review link to your website, or
  • Include a pop-up message asking for a review.
  • You can send them emails asking for reviews, or
  • At the restaurant, you can give review cards to the customers.

9. Update ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact’ Pages of Your Restaurant

‘About Us’ and ‘Contact’ pages boost your local ranking if they contain the proper data. Instead of making two pages, you can also add a ‘contact us’ section on the ‘About Us’ page.
Also, as per Google’s EAT algorithm update, websites with proper “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages are valued more. So, ensure to add these pages on your restaurant site, unlike the below site where both of them are missing.
Whatever way you go, always maintain consistency with the data you provide. It includes your name, address, phone number, testimonials, and the like. Otherwise, your Google rank will bear the brunt. Besides, add information to assist customers in locating you.
For example, add a landmark present near your location. The best guidance would be adding a Google map and a ‘get direction’ section on the page. Now, if your restaurant has branches, maintain individual Google Maps for each location.

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Apart from this, allow people to book a table, view dietary data, and the like through your Contact page. It will make you more accessible to your customers.
When it comes to the ‘About Us’ page, ensure it has unique information. The content should talk about your aim, purpose, and ideals. Include a write-up about the key personalities associated with your business. Such information helps build trust and credibility.

10. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website for Your Restaurant

The absence of a mobile-friendly design can take your website out of the game. Search engines give utmost priority to user experience. Besides, you cannot please users if you do not have a mobile version.
Studies reveal that mobile phones account for around half of the online traffic worldwide. It highlights the impact of responsive designs on SEO.
As your restaurant offers plenty of dishes:

  • Ensure the menu is visible on mobiles.
  • Most users order online from their mobiles, hence ensure the menu is visible and easily navigatable.
  • The font should be large and clear, and
  • There should be proper space between the items.
  • The buttons to ‘add/remove’ an item from the order should also be large. Customers do not like zooming in and out for placing an order.
  • Highlight the information that people usually look for in the menu.
  • Most importantly, ditch the ads and pop-ups that block the texts and focus on page-loading time.

Keep it as small as possible. Nothing irritates users more than struggling with these ads and a slow-loading website.

11. Target Local Links to Excel in Local SEO

Link building is an essential step to earn the trust of Google and users. When you are targeting customers of a particular region, you need to find a space in their good books. And what can be a better way than sourcing links from websites they rely on?
Get links to the food journals, and food bloggers that are popular among the local people.
Backlinks from top-quality local sites build the authority of your site that search engines consider while providing SERPs.
Also, target the websites that are reviewing restaurants and their performances. Ensure that they have authority in the market.
When these sites speak good about you and share your link, you earn the brownie points. People start prioritizing your restaurant. They visit your website to know more about you.
Chances are high; a section of them also places an order. The result: You gain a foothold in the market.

12. Upload Striking Images of Your Restaurant and Geotag Them

Images contribute majorly to your increased visibility among local people.
Every person wants to make an informed decision. That is why many stay away from restaurants that do not offer people a glimpse of their venue. Images assure people of your good work. Also, they became aware of what to expect.
Take striking pictures of your menu items, dishes, seating arrangements, and decorations. Try to capture the ambience. Also, take pictures of your kitchen and chefs while they are at work. Posting these images will certainly boost your effectiveness.
Images offer better user experience and capture their attention to explore your products.
When it comes to local SEO, using geotags is important. Add alt-text descriptions, unique names, and coordinates to the pictures. Incorporate the primary keywords whenever possible. It helps Google relates the pictures with a particular location. However, all these efforts will become futile if the images are of low-quality and take time to load.

13. Focus on the Several On-Page SEO Parameters

The on-page SEO parameters immensely boost your restaurant’s local ranking. Whether it is title tag, homepage, content, or meta description, all are integral parts of local SEO.
To make Google aware of your action, add target location to your homepage and other landing pages. Also, add the location name in the title tag. It makes you easily identifiable. Instead of ‘Italian restaurant’, use ‘Italian restaurant in Danbury’ as the title tag. Apart from this, including the location in your content, alt tags, and meta descriptions. Optimize your H1 and H2 tags in a way that highlight the crux of your content.

14. Add Schema Data Markup

Google released a schema markup specifically for restaurants in 2017. Schema help Google know you better. Also, search engines find it relatively easy to index content in the presence of schema. They help restaurants direct Google’s focus on cuisine and menus.

Use them to highlight your address, reviews, and calories per dish. It enables Google to identify the nature of your business and the people you want to target.
Adding schema to the menu page gives Google detailed information about the menu.

15. Do Not Ignore Social Media

In today’s age, social media is one of the biggest assets any company can have. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; any restaurant owner can use them to promote his business.
Use these accounts to engage with your target customers. For this, you need to create creative content. Posting links to your restaurant on these accounts is not enough. You can also come up with quizzes or game shows to spike customers’ interest. The more you keep them involved, the better the encouragement they get to speak about you.
Customers love taking their pictures and tag location while uploading them, which is a promotional activity. Sometimes, it acts as a platform to directly engage with your audience. Furthermore, you can leverage retargeted ads to attract them. Even well-known restaurants like Starbucks doesn’t overlook the advantage that social media offers.
Ensure consistency of your name, phone number, and address across all the platforms. Otherwise, Google can consider your restaurant illegitimate. You do not want to risk losing Google’s trust.

Rank Your Website

Some Popular On-demand Food Delivery Platforms: Country-wise



List your restaurant on Zomato and see your sales spike. Zomato sets the platform for you to draw organic traffic and new leads. It gives people access to your menu, and price chart, while encouraging them to leave reviews.


By becoming part of the Swiggy team, you step into the world of exciting offers and rising profits. Swiggy has a huge customer base, which you get the chance to impress. Apart from ranking you, it highlights your most-promising dishes to guide the customers.


Dunzo has earned the accolade for its super-fast delivery from one part of the city to another. People trust Dunzo for its timeliness and effectiveness. List your restaurant and become popular with the mass. The flow of organic traffic and sales will never cease.



Grab a spot in the list of popular restaurants with GrubHub. Connect with thousands of people and take your food to their doorstep. The more they rate your food, the better your Google rank becomes.
It is one of the leading mobile food delivery apps that connects diners with local restaurants.


DoorDash caters to people across the US. You get a chance to compete with popular restaurants and beat them in the game. However, provide only the best quality food.


You cannot ignore Uber Eats if you want to make a name for yourself in the US. Trusted by millions of people, Uber Eats gives you much-needed exposure. Use it and see your traffic and sales skyrocket.


Just Eat

Let Just Eat bring people closer to you. Being a major player in the UK, it gives you the ultimate coverage that you need. It helps you significantly in your local SEO efforts.

Food Hub

Food Hub allows people to browse your menu, prices, and reviews. It gives you the chance to build a bond with your customers. Be consistent in your efforts, and soon orders will start pouring in.



Launched in 2012, SkipTheDishes is widely popular among Canadians. The app is constantly working to be the top player in the industry. You certainly want to remain associated with it to take your business to the next level.


DoorDash is a trustworthy name in Canada as well, apart from the US. Get yourself registered and let people find you. Its business model offers you ample opportunities to grow and expand your reach.



Irrespective of the cuisine you offer, be a sought-after restaurant with iFood. This app’s customer base is always on the rise, thanks to its various exciting offers. Become a part of it and see your SEO ranking improve.


People trust Rappi for the high-quality restaurants it has partnered with. Be one of them and gain people’s trust. Not only does it will increase your brand reputation but also bring in organic traffic to your site.


With thousands of people preferring, you cannot go wrong with it. Enrol yourself and be a part of the competition. With the superior quality of food, you are bound to be a name to reckon with the food industry.

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero specializes in offering superior experiences to its users. Meet its yardsticks and associate yourself with one of the largest global food delivery app. The perks are plenty; with time, they get reflected in your SEO ranking.



You cannot afford to skip Talabat if you are planning to expand your food business in the Middle East. Thanks to its efforts to bring several eateries under its wings, people love it for the options they get. Register with Talibat and win people’s hearts with your yummilicious food.

Careem Now

Careem Now is becoming people’s favourite for its extensive delivery tracking system. Besides, it always never fails to excite its users with discounts, coupon codes, and the like. Step into its world and let sweet surprises be the order of the day. Your Google ranking will keep marching forward.



This delivery app works hard to do justice to its name. This way, you get a chance to serve freshly-cooked hot food to your customers without wasting time. Customers like it, and they shower you with lots of love in the form of great reviews.


With a mission to feed hungry diners, DeliverEat excels in superior delivery service. If you want to target the foodies of Penang, do not ignore DeliverEat. Register yourself and grow your business by leaps and bounds.



Zomato is a leading food delivery platform in Indonesia. It provides a sustainable ecosystem by taking care of all its stakeholders. It enables people to access your menu and images and give their reviews. Accordingly, the app rates your services.


Not just pictures, Qraved allows restaurants to post videos as well. While this gives you more exposure, users get a chance to make an informed decision. Use this chance to drive traffic to your site and increase footfall at your restaurant.
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