Analytical Tools & its Importance for an Ecommerce Website

1. Know Your Visitors

An eCommerce website is all about customers and sales. How can you sell your products and services if you don't know what the customers want? You've also got to attract new users and convert them into customers. It is a continuous process, just like SEO. Analytical tools help you assess the visitors of the website. From knowing their demographic details to understanding which webpages they seem to visit often, you can get a better grasp of your visitors.

2. Know Your Website's USP

Not every webpage will have the same kind of traffic. Some pages get more visitors. You need to identify such pages to see what brings more visitors to your website. If you can create similar content on other pages, your website will naturally attract even more traffic. An eCommerce website is a mix of information and marketing. Identifying the most visited webpages will also help you understand which products are more in demand in the market.

3. Track Referrals and Outbound Links

Referrals are inbound links from other websites. Outbound links are the ones that go from your eCommerce site to another. Analytical tools will help you keep track of these to form partnerships with businesses with maximum inbound and outbound links connected to your website. It will help you improve your business relationships and attract more traffic to the website. Reaching out to the right business is crucial for a successful partnership.

4. Improve SEO Efforts

An eCommerce website cannot survive without SEO in the current market scenario. Website analytics will give you in-depth details about the performance of the site. This data helps SEO professionals improve their strategies and increase your website's visibility. It will, in turn, amplify the success of your sales and marketing strategies and increase the return on investment. Isn't that how a business should run? Analytical tools help in streamlining the ecommerce SEO and marketing efforts.

List of Top analytical tools for Your eCommerce site:


Since 2008
Demo Yes
Highlighting Features Easy to use dashboard
Detailed customer reports about website traffic, sales, source link, and more
In-depth funnel reports and optimization, conversion rate details, etc.
Advanced business intelligence reporting using raw data, generating export sheets to combine with other data sources
Identifying and highlighting sources of revenue
Population/ visitor reports- daily visitors, previous purchases, spenders, etc.
Pricing Silver- $299/month or $2,699/year; Gold- $499/month or $4,199 /year; Platinum- Custom Pricing (contact the support team)

Google Analytics

Since 2005
Demo Yes- check demo account for details.
Highlighting Features Analytical intelligence- answers questions, delivers proactive insights
10 different reports, including real-time reports
Analyzing and visualizing data using filtering, manipulation, funnel analysis, and segmentation
Importing and collecting data, including APIs and custom variables
Data activation through predictive analysis, diagnostics tool, and demography-based insights
Multiple integrations- Google Ads, AdSense, Salesforce, Data Studio, and more
Pricing Analytics- free for small businesses; Analytics 360 for enterprises- contact sales team for details.

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Adobe Marketing Cloud

Since 2012
Demo Yes
Highlighting Features A unified platform for end-to-end digital marketing through multiple channels
Adobe Experience Manager for fluid and dynamic content management
Adobe Campaign to automate ads, campaigns, and emails
Adobe Target, a personalization engine- for optimizing the site across all platforms
Marketo Engage for B2B marketing, lead management, account-based marketing, and more
AI and machine learning-powered automation with a single click
Pricing Contact the support team for pricing information


Since 2007
Demo Yes- Free trial version for 30 days
Highlighting Features Media analytics- real-time, popular media, time spent playing media
A/B testing- conversions, bounces, hits & misses
Search engine reporting- SEO keywords analysis and reports
Funnel and custom reports
Form analytics with details about drop-offs for each field in the form
Identifying keywords for paid ads, tracking the performance of the ads, honing marketing campaign
Pricing On-premises- free download; Cloud- starts from $35.45/ month; 17% discount on annual billing


Since 2014
Demo Yes- Free trial version for 15 days; 30 days free trial for Agency version
Highlighting Features Heat maps of the website
Recording of visitor movement on the site. See what visitors see.
Surveys- direct feedback, customizable widgets, etc.
Instant incoming feedback through dashboard- customizable widget
Easy installation, multiple device support
Export & share reports
Pricing Personal- Basic (free), Plus ($39/month); Business- starts at $99/month and offers custom packages; Agency- contact the support team for details; 30-day money-back guarantee

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Since 2012
Demo Yes- Free trial for 14 days
Highlighting Features Ad-hoc analysis and reporting
Auto capture of data, proactive customer insights
Automatically merging mobile and web visits of users into one identity
Import data from and integrate with various platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, Mailchimp, and many more
Data warehouse sync, event visualization, and data dictionary access
Data compliance, two-factor authentication, and SSO (available in business package)
Pricing Free- basic version; Business- $12,000/year (includes features of the free version plus more)


Since 2012
Demo Yes
Highlighting Features Email content creation, customization of uploaded templates
A/B Testing, email optimization, finetuning email campaigns
Import data from Campaign Monitor, ExactTarget, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. Fast and easy integrations.
Intuitive dashboard with a pictorial and graphical representation of data
Autoresponders, Facebook ads, automated emails, and more
Personalization, segmentation, and tracking user behavior
Pricing Free tier- basic version (for up to 250 emails); Flexible pricing based on the number of emails/ SMS sent per month.


Since 2014
Demo Yes- Free trial version for 14 days
Highlighting Features Real-time dashboard, conversion funnels, revenue breakdowns, market, and product performance reports
Ecommerce CRM with a customer database, individual customer profiles, filtering, and segmentation
Manual emails, automated emails, ready-to-use templates, customization using editor
Customer feedback
Cohort comparisons to improve retention rate
Customer lifetime metrics
Pricing Essential- $119/ month, $1190/ year; Pro- $199/month, $1990/ year; Premium- $299/ month, $2990/ year (also get an estimate for custom package)


Since 2009
Demo Yes
Highlighting Features Interactive reporting to know more about users- funnel reports, customer reports, product reports, retention report
Intuitive team dashboard, group analytics for B2B marketing
Data management and data integrations
Unlimited segmentation to identify hidden trends
Data security and privacy
Integrate with more than 50 tools, a scalable analytical tool with SDK toolkit
Pricing Free- for up to 100k monthly users; Growth- starts $17/month; Enterprise- contact the support team for pricing details

Visual Web Optimizer

Since 2009
Demo Yes- Free trail for 30 days
Highlighting Features A/B Testing, Split URL testing, Multivariate testing
Heatmap, form analytics, funnel
Mobile app testing, server side testing
Cart abandonment campaign
Session recordings, on-page surveys
Website edit without IT involvement
Pricing VWO Testing- Growth: $199/ month; VWO Insights- Growth: $169/ month; VWO Engage- Growth: $99/month, VWO Fullstack- contact team; Experience Optimization Essentials- Growth- $467/month (testing+insights+engage); Conversion Optimization Essentials- $368/month (testing+insights); Pro & Enterprise: contact team (for all packages)

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