Why Choose Haitna as Your eCommerce SEO Agency?

1. We Are Cheaper than the Competition

As a company, we believe that high performance for eCommerce SEO doesn’t have to be expensive.
We have considerable experience in the niche.

  • It has allowed us to streamline our processes.
  • It means much better margins for our clients, and
  • It gives better business for us.

We offer our expertise at consistently lower rates than our competitors. It has enabled us to position ourselves as a value offering to our customers. But with no compromise to our performance.

2. We Have Professional Domain Experience

Ecommerce is one of the most difficult and competitive niches in the market today. The difficulty has increased further by experienced competitors as well. Here, you need an agency that has adequate experience with eCommerce SEO solutions.
Haitna has been delivering excellence in the eCommerce niche for years. We deliver everything from creating the entire website to tweaking marketing campaigns. We’ve done it all. Our roster has several eCommerce clients. And we are confident that we can deliver the goods to you.

3. We Focus On Delivering Results, You Need

Every business has different needs, and it is up to us to find out what works best. While most other companies have a fixed range, we don’t.
Our strength is to deliver the results that your brand needs. Not to give you what others are delivering. It helps you get better results for your business. It also reduces the amount of time you need to spend waiting. On the whole, a much better business practice.

4. We Enhance Your Organic Presence

The goal of every online shopping platform is to have a better brand presence. They also would want to do it without too much investment. That is why top companies prefer organic reach and say no to paid services. Here, organic methods mean you get more people interested without paid ads. It can be a huge cost-saving option for your online store. And since the margins are already small, this can help improve it.

5. We Follow a Detailed Analysis Phase

Ecommerce is a sensitive business. So we need to do a lot of research before starting. Unfortunately, most of the time, research is lacking. And this leads to delays and more expenses later on.
Haitna has a completely different approach. We spend a lot of time in the analysis phase of the project. We make sure to leave no stone unturned in our search. We are a brand that values time spent effectively.

6. We Offer Better Budgeting Options

If you are an online store owner, you know that budgeting is the most critical aspect of the business. The competitive nature of the market does not allow much space for margins. So you need to make every penny count.
We can help you improve your flexibility when it comes to budgeting. We offer several packages that you will find suitable. Or, you could get in touch with us and customize your pricing options.

7. We Deliver Measurable Results

Nowadays, the top successful eCommerce businesses have measurable data. Using this data, they adjust and optimize their marketing processes.
We can help you to categorize your various marketing elements. The key is to assign the right numerical values for each of your assets and processes. You can later use it as a reference to improve your pipeline.

8. We Get You Improved Access On Search Results

The more prominent an eCommerce brand, the higher rank it has on search results. A survey shows that more than 2/3rd of all business goes to the top three rankings on a page. It makes it imperative to rank well for all businesses.
We have been working with eCommerce brands for a long time. And we know what it takes to rank your business at the top. And ranking well directly impacts your business numbers.

9. We Are the Aces in Delivering Higher ROI

For a business, ROI is everything. We gear all the processes around the business towards this singular goal. And for an eCommerce business, ROI is significantly more important. Later you can attribute it to high competition and low margins.
We can improve your ROI using our expertise in marketing. We reduce the cost of your marketing funnel. At the same time, we get you more leads for your business. It can considerably improve your revenue.

10. We, Will, Find The Best Keywords For Your Niche

Choosing the right keywords for an eCommerce business is extremely important. Keywords are what makes the marketing process superior.
Keywords are required in the SEO and advertising space (PPC marketing) as well. And it is critical to success.
Better keywords can help shorten the process. Because

  • It can also get better quality leads for your business.
  • It means clients spend less time in the conversion funnel.
  • It can save companies a lot of time and money.

11. We Tweak Your Entire Marketing Pipeline

When you engage with us, we will not just focus on a singular aspect.

  • We try to improve all touchpoints of your marketing funnel.
  • We will help you to strategize, and
  • We will help you improve your marketing funnel.

From your website to your outreach emails, we include everything. That is how we can get the maximum performance out of your marketing. We have been able to deliver effective and upgraded results for all our clients. And we can do the same for you as well.

12. We Are a Full-Service Ecommerce SEO Agency

As an agency, we can deliver on all related services for your brand. It includes content writing, video marketing, on-site, and link building all under the same roof. It makes things much easier for our clients. They get all these services in one place.
You can do away with wasting time searching or negotiating. Another positive aspect is about your data security. Since your information never leaves our system, there is no chance for the data to get compromised.

13. We Always Opt For Shared Goals

As a professional digital marketing agency, we always commit to deliver the best results. And this means being able to work with shared goals. Shared goals are important because an engagement is all about mutual objectives.
Your tasks always take priority with us. And we count your successes as ours. It allows us to take a much more inclusive approach to our goals. We can build much better client relationships.

14. We Achieve Higher Click-Through Rates

When it comes to paid ads, you need to get high click-throughs to succeed. A high click-through rate means that your ad is attracting attention.
Another thing to note, it is part of the Google Quality Score. So more clicks mean your ads get better positions on search results. It also means your website gets higher rankings in the search engines.
Websites getting high click-through rates have increased conversion rates.

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15. We Have Expert Teams And Specialists

When it comes to eCommerce SEO, the experience is the crux of performance. The niche has become highly competitive, and it is hard to do well. To get good results, you need the best people on the job.
Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of the eCommerce marketing niche. They have the skill and are aware of the nuances in this industry. It makes them more effective and much quicker than the average SEO analyst.

16. We Focus On Delivering Tangible Results

As any marketer knows by now, delivering results that matter is essential. It is crucial during the marketing campaign for an online store. But with old-school marketing methods, it’s hard to find metrics for it.
Ecommerce needs a lot of numbers and data. It is something that only SEO can provide. We can get you all the metrics your brand could need. We put them together with an actionable plan to help you get the most out of your marketing campaign.

17. We Will Supercharge Your PPC

Pay Per Click marketing is an important ad platform for eCommerce. Every top eCommerce brand uses it. But to get the most of your PPC ad campaign, you need to optimize it.
You need to approach eCommerce marketers to do it in the best possible way. It can improve keyword selection and the viability of your PPC. It makes it a much more potent weapon to gain traffic. It increases visibility and uses search data as a feedback loop.

18. We Use High-tech Tools & Software’s

There are hundreds of competitors in mobile shopping platforms. It makes competition an inevitable part of your marketing problem. One way to get an edge is to make sure that you have the latest tools.
At Haitna, we use only the best tools in the business. These complement our world-class strategies, as well. We offer this to our clients so they can compete with the best in the business.

19. We Believe in Transparency & Openness

A lot of times, digital marketing agencies just do not divulge information. It is a handicap because the client can feel negative about it. Nobody likes being kept in the dark, especially in their campaign.
As a service provider, we believe in being transparent with our paying clients. It encourages a much better communicative platform for both parties. It is also the reason why we have a huge roster of clients who trust us.

20. We Will Declutter & Improve Your Website Design

Most of the time, people think that SEO is all about just search results. Well, they are both right and wrong. It is about getting better rankings on searches. But to do that, you also need to focus on eCommerce website design.
We have an experienced team of talented web designers and developers. They can make sure that your website is of the highest standards in the business. Not only that, but we can deliver a website that is compatible with all the best technologies.

21. We Monitor & Boost Your Engagement Rates

Most eCommerce platforms today look at engagement numbers as an important metric. And this is true because high engagement denotes relevancy. That is why top brands like Amazon and Walmart can do well.
People understand their brand value and are more ready to engage with them. We can help your eCommerce brand engineer engagement. We do this through several methods, like creating content and social media posting. These methods can draw a lot of engagement for your brand.

22. We Present Consistent & Customized Reporting

Something important to eCommerce businesses is reporting. Because they deal with a lot of numbers, it is important to be flexible with reports.
Haitna can offer customized reports with data points you can choose from the list. We can also deliver them at preset intervals. It ensures that you are getting the data you want when you want it. Not many eCommerce marketing agencies can offer this. We think this is extremely important to get the most out of the process.

23. We Will Not Work With Your Competitors

A trait that most of the companies won’t offer in these competitive times is loyalty. And this is especially relevant for Online Shopping brands. Because working with two brands can sabotage one or both of them.
As a premium provider of SEO services, Haitna values loyalty. We never work with your direct competitors when you engage with us. Your business means a lot to us, and we are willing to do what it takes.

24. We Have Worked With Several Online Shopping Brands

Our experience in this niche is considerable. We have worked with several top-flight Mobile shopping brands in the market. It gives us the proverbial edge when it comes to execution. It also gives us a broader view of the eCommerce landscape.
We know how to leverage this knowledge into better results for our clients. Another advantage is that we work with all sizes of clients. Smaller eCommerce brands will find working with us much easier.

25. We, Will, Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy

A lot of people think content just needs to be created. And that good content will take care of itself when it comes to marketing. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Content creation and marketing are separate phases. And both of them are critical for the success of eCommerce businesses. Content marketing is how we can get content for your readers. We use multiple methods like email outreach, outbound marketing, and social media, to get this done.

26. We Polish Your Website UX And UI

It is another aspect of brand development that a lot of eCommerce brands neglect. When people are making purchase decisions, like on an eCommerce website, this matters.
Consumers tend to directly link UX and UI to the value of the eCommerce brand. So it is necessary to establish credentials with them as soon as possible.
Our team of specialists can significantly optimize your website’s user-focused aspects. We make sure that we follow all the best practices during this.

27. We, Will, Deploy Our Tactics to Boost Conversion Rates

Ecommerce brands target is to make sure people spend as little time as possible in the marketing funnel. That will be the main goal in optimizing their marketing funnel. Meaning, they want to convert a visitor to a customer quickly.
Ecommerce SEO can “pre-qualify” people. The selection of these people will be as close to the ideal persona as possible. Therefore, they spend as little time as possible in the conversion funnel.

28. We Bring in Relevant Pre-qualified Traffic

Ecommerce businesses thrive on the relevancy of their traffic. It makes sense because the more relevant traffic is, the easier it is to sell.
SEO focuses on getting relevant traffic to businesses. The more relevant they are, the less time an eCommerce business has to spend on them. It results in considerable savings for the brand. It also delivers better quality traffic for them.
Ecommerce SEO can achieve this for brands. And the people at Haitna can get this done without a hitch.

29. Improved Website Visibility

When it comes to eCommerce, visibility is the key to getting more traffic. The more you can get out there, the more people become aware of your brand. And when it comes to getting the word out, eCommerce SEO is second to none.
We use several platforms to improve the brand visibility of your website. You can achieve this through content creation, inbound marketing, and improved ranking. Higher visibility also improves brand perception, attracting better quality traffic.

30. We Amplify Your Brand Reach

Brand reach is the ability to get in front of the right audience consistently.
Naturally, the higher this is, the better it is for an eCommerce platform. It is not easy to get right. And eCommerce SEO can provide a huge advantage for brands. It has to do with selecting the right keywords and using the best marketing platforms.
The focus should be on customers with the “intent to buy.” It maximizes your productivity and improves your reach.

31. We Safeguard Your Online Brand Reputation

More than a billion people are transacting on eCommerce platforms every day. Brand reputation is a critical part of this eCommerce ecosystem. If people find that your reputation is low, you will find they opt for your competitors. Unfortunately, in today’s scenario, tarnished reputations are becoming commonplace.
Online reputation management goes hand-in-hand with eCommerce SEO. Our consultants can help you work with your reputation numbers. It includes dealing with online reviews and social media grievances.

32. We Deliver Results in Less Turnaround Time

As one of the most competitive niches to have ever existed, eCommerce SEO is demanding. The results are important. But, at the same time, the speed at which we deliver matters.
A lot of agencies are not able to handle the pressure. It results in missed deadlines or subpar SEO. But with Haitna, this is never a problem. We can deliver even under the strictest deadlines.
Shorter development times mean better profits for your eCommerce business.

33. We Leverage The Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the largest platforms when it comes to engagement and the number of people.
With over three billion people, a lot of Online Shopping brands are getting in on the action. But to use social media for eCommerce, you need specialized skill sets and people.
We can offer you both at Haitna. We have several successful eCommerce engagements. Our team has the expertise to get this done for you.

34. We Focus On Improving Your Bottom Line

As an eCommerce business, the only result you are looking at is better revenue. And it is understandable because that is what marketing campaigns should deliver.
Ecommerce SEO is a step ahead of the other marketing means. When it comes to effective SEO, the spending is low, and the results are better than others. It makes it a much better proposition for eCommerce businesses to opt for nowadays.
Another aspect of SEO is that it grows powerful over time. Also, the maintenance is not as expensive as paid marketing.

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35. We Achieve Higher Sales Numbers

Ecommerce businesses have all moved on from traditional marketing as their focus. The reason being that it just cannot compete with SEO when it comes to sales.
Ecommerce SEO offers a much higher rate of coverage. It also is a much more engaging platform than TV or radio.
Today’s customer is looking for more when it comes to sales. It makes eCommerce SEO the tool of choice when it comes to effective purchases.

36. We Create a Powerful Local Presence

For any online business to do well, it has to have a stellar presence locally. The reason being that customers local to you tend to buy more. And improved local presence is not just for brick and mortar stores anymore. Even heavyweights like Amazon rely on being ranked high on local searches.
Haitna can help you with better rankings on the local three-pack. It can have a significant positive impact on your brand’s sales.

37. We Earn High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinking is one of the earlier ranking signals, but it has never lost its relevance. As an SEO method, backlinking is not as appreciated as some other factors. But it is important because quality backlinks are linked to brand value and trust.
At Haitna, we make sure to keep your backlink profile exceptional. We will only add links that are relevant and high quality. We also take care to disavow all those spurious links on your profile. It can also improve your rankings.

38. We Use Comprehensive Marketing Metrics

An important part of the whole eCommerce SEO process is marketing metrics. Without proper metrics, anything related to eCommerce just wouldn’t be effective. To this end, SEO offers an exhaustive list of metrics and KPIs.
We keep track of hundreds of data points for your brand. It helps give us a complete picture of your brand. It also plays a huge part when it comes to iteration. Haitna constantly focuses on the improvement of existing processes.

39. We Future-proof Your Marketing Funnel

Digital marketing for eCommerce has changed a lot over the years. And the changes are becoming quicker these days. It follows an exponential curve, and this can be bad for businesses.
One reason is that brands are finding it harder to adapt. But with a competent eCommerce partner like us, you don’t have to worry. We continually update our tools and strategies when it comes to eCommerce SEO. It means zero worries for our clients when it comes to the future.

40. We Get You Superior Brand Associations

Back in the early stages of eCommerce marketing, brands usually marketed themselves. It doesn’t work today, and brands need to collaborate for maximum benefit. But brands need to form associations with the right brands to benefit.
The brands you collaborate with need to have a high reputation. We can make sure to match you with the relevant brands. Getting a mutually beneficial partnership can improve your brand perception as well.

41. We Focus On Optimizing Other Marketing Processes

An advantage of eCommerce SEO has is that it works well with your existing marketing funnel. It can optimize and improve a lot of touchpoints like PPC, TV, and email marketing. What this means is that you don’t have to change it around at all.
You can add SEO to it as it makes it a much more convenient option to consider. It is even more convenient for brands that are working with their marketing processes for decades.

42. We Delivery Better Performance With Time

One of the notable aspects of SEO is that it grows more powerful with time. Due to the organic nature of the process, eCommerce SEO gets better results over a period. And the best part is, unlike ads, upkeep only costs a negligible amount of money.
SEO is a much better option to rely on rather than paid ads. Ecommerce brands can save money and improve their bottom line.

43. We Acquire Higher Quality Business Leads

An advantage that SEO has over other traditional marketing methods is targeting. And this is such a relevant aspect when it comes to eCommerce. Because the more targeted traffic is delivered, the better are chances for conversions. It results in SEO being able to deliver a much higher quality of leads.
Ecommerce brands can save time when it comes to conversions. People spend very little time in the marketing funnel.

44. We Are Experts in Making Mobile-Friendly Websites

As we head into the digital future, a significant change is powerful mobile devices. It has resulted in mobile traffic outgrowing other types of traffic. It also means the eCommerce businesses need to focus on being “mobile-ready.” We work on your mobile presence to ensure that the services you offer are consistent.
Our web developers make sure that your website has powerful mobile optimized features. We also make sure it follows the responsive design methodology.

45. We Help You in Using Influencers As A Platform

A key point when it comes to using social media platforms is influencers. Influencers are people who have a massive presence and reach in a niche. They can help brands reach a lot of people in one go.
For eCommerce brands, their expertise is invaluable. However, the choice of influencers is critical. That is where experienced SEO agencies like Haitna can help you. We pick the best influencers for your brand based on several metrics.

46. We Increase Real Followers for Your Brand

A while ago, people saw eCommerce brands as an entity with which people could not communicate.
Brands seemed more distant and less flexible, but it worked. Today though, it doesn’t work so well. More and more people are looking to connect with brands today. Their social media pages have followers who engage them every day.
Getting more followers meant that you were more relevant to users. We make sure to improve your follower count organically.

47. We Track Advanced Metrics Like Customer Behavior

The evolution of digital marketing over the years has given rise to several metrics. When you design a marketing funnel, you need to factor in these advanced metrics. If you don’t include these, you are at a disadvantage.
Advanced metrics like customer behavior and log file analysis are difficult to handle. The experts best do these. Haitna can help you focus and decipher these metrics to help your brand forward. These can give you the edge against your competitors.

48. We Deliver Actionable Reports

Reports are the best method to keep everyone apprised of the current status of the campaign. It also helps to make sure progress is happening through short-term goals.
Another facet of reporting companies fail to do is having actionable content. Meaning, just sending data is not enough.
You need to specify what is lacking and what you need to do to improve the campaign. We specialize in delivering comprehensive reports.

49. We Protect You From Google Updates

Search engine updates are becoming more frequent these days. And it is also the prime reason for ranking drops for several drops. Reduced ranking can significantly affect the business of an eCommerce store.
Haitna can make sure that you are ahead of all the search updates. We can make sure that it doesn’t affect your business. You can do it through a mix of knowledge and experience of past updates.

50. We Achieve Customer Happiness With 24/7 Support

As a customer, something that you look forward to is customer support when you require help.
Haitna has a comprehensive support network. They are knowledgeable as well as responsive to your problems. If they cannot solve your issue, we will escalate you to the analyst working on your campaign.
We are available to connect with you over the phone or email at any time of the day.

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