Importance of Blogging for an eCommerce Site

1. Blogging Will Boost Your SEO Score

Most eCommerce websites only contain product/service descriptions with no unique content. With several eCommerce websites having similar content, it isn't easy to stand out. SEO results and page rankings are poorer without valuable content. Thus decreasing brand reach, thereby decreasing sales. That is where blogging becomes helpful.
For example, Press is an ecommerce platform that sells 100% plant-based juices and has customized subscription plans to cater to customer needs.
Blogs provide you a platform to share original, unique, and informative content. The right keywords used in blogs help improve SEO results. Your page ranks higher, making it more accessible to potential customers.

2. Better Accessibility For Your Customers On Searches

Several websites offer products like yours. And several customers want to buy a similar product. Blogging helps match the right customer to the right website.
For example, let us assume you have a clothing brand for T-shirts targeted, especially at youth. With people of different ages searching for T-shirts, it isn't easy to direct youth to the site. Moreover, older people might reach your website but not find the right product.
Blogging helps you find your target audience. When an eCommerce website writes about its products on a blog, it reaches the right audience. Keywords and searches often made by youth lead them to your website.

3. Blogging Will Aid In Building Quality Backlinks

Blogs provide an SEO boost by providing an opportunity for link building. Building internal and external links to the eCommerce website is vital. It helps to gain visibility.
Often ignored, linking to high ranking websites is an effective way to increase sales. The better the links, the better your brand will do compared to your competitors.
Linking your blog is an excellent way to increase your page and site rankings.

4. Blogging Increases Customer Engagement

Most eCommerce websites do not interact with customers beyond sales orders and complaints. Blogging for your website helps build connections with your customers.
A direct line of interaction gets established. It makes it easy for you to understand your customers better. Their demands and remarks of improvement get recognized and fulfilled.
You can also keep updated with the latest trends that interest your customers. Blogs form a forum of communication, making the customer feel at home. It improves brand loyalty and makes your website SEO boost.

5. Blogging Helps in Effective eCommerce Marketing

There isn't an easier way to eCommerce marketing than blogging. Blogging is an effective way to market your product even if you are short on budget. Blogs provide an easy platform to post and share engaging content about your products.
Sharing blogs on social media is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing. Also, you do not always need to keep creating content for your blog. A little edit or update itself helps eCommerce SEO better.

6. Blogging Increases Your Online Store Traffic

Blogging helps you increase traffic to your website in several ways. Blogs shared on social media attract and direct audiences to your eCommerce website. Keywords used in blogs help improve your page ranking making more people click on your site.
Linking your blog to external high ranking sites also builds traffic. As your website gains visibility, it finds more potential customers. Increased traffic leads to increased sales and higher profits.

7. Blogging Builds Brand Awareness

There are thousands of brands like yours. Unless your eCommerce website has a unique idea, it isn't easy to stand out. Your brand needs a distinct voice of its own. Any brand will get recognized if it offers something different to its customers. The right content on your blog can help you establish your brand uniqueness.
Blogs reflect the expertise and gain the trust of your customers. This way, more people become aware of your brand. With clicks increasing on your blogs, your brand becomes more visible and gains a voice of its own.

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8. Blogs Will Get You Long term ROI

Blogs not only offer short-term SEO gain but are also helpful in the long run. You may research, write, and publish something on your blog today. This post will get views and shares today and for the next few weeks. But it is wrong to think that the post will get redundant with time. The content on your blog will always keep getting your customers even a long time from now.
Your blog and your eCommerce site will get clicks when someone searches for what your blog offers. You might have posted a useful post years ago. Still, that older post can direct customers to your site. Hence, blogging is a good investment with benefits in the long-run.

9. Regular Blogging Showcases Your Expertise

Every customer wants to buy a product from a brand that offers the best. Blogging helps you gain the trust of your customers by providing reflecting expertise.
Keep regularly publishing the products’ content and relevant concepts that help customers make easy purchase decisions. Here’s an example of how a jewelry website produces informative blogs for its audience.
When you write a blog about your products, you showcase your knowledge in the niche. Write about your products and their benefits on your blog. It assures customers of your research and quality. It ensures that the product is of high quality and is worth buying.
Blogs may also answer queries that a customer may have, building faith and loyalty in your brand.

10. Blog Increases Sales through Storytelling

Everyone loves to read stories. Product image, along with a description, is not enough to convince a potential customer. Sales are not driven much through standalone eCommerce websites. A good story generates awareness, interest, and desire in a potential customer.
Blogging is a superb solution to this. Blogging helps you persuade your customer through storytelling. Interesting blog posts are smart ways to convince a person to buy the product. Good storytelling blog post will get shares and help your brand to reach more people.

11. Blogging Builds Customer Loyalty

You do not want your customers to buy your product once and never come back again. Rather, you want to build your brand. You need to make sure that they do not buy products from any other brand apart from yours.
Blogging helps you achieve that. When you write blogs, you offer a lot of information to your customer. A display of knowledge is crucial in the field. It makes it easier for the customer to trust you.
Direct interaction between you and the customer increases trust. This assurance of quality and communication builds brand loyalty. Customers then visit your site repeatedly. Also, they will recommend it to others.

12. Use Blogs to Get Free Marketing via Link Sharing

Several brands spend huge amounts on digital marketers to promote their brand. But one of the best ways to market your eCommerce business is via blogging. There are no better means of free marketing than blogging.
Blogging allows you to share the links of each of your posts on social media.
For example, ecommerce products shared on Mashable get a lot of impressions and are engaged by several individuals and businesses.
Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter carry a huge amount of traffic. So, you can easily do marketing on these platforms.

  • Update your blog posts on these platforms.
  • Interesting posts will reach a wider audience.
  • It will get more traffic directed to your website.

13. You Can Gather Feedback Through Blogs

For most eCommerce brands, customers place their orders and receive the product. There is no process for customer feedback. Blogs offer the opportunity to customers to give their valuable feedback.
Feedback is important to grow your brand according to customer needs. Blogging is also a good way to take suggestions and ideas from customers on new products that they may like.

14. You Can Make Use of Influencers Blog

When trying to build your brand, you may not have many people who know about your brand.
Influencer marketing comes helpful in this regard. Influencers will have a big follower base.
You can find the influencers using any influencer marketing tools or Ahrefs content explorer. Search your niche or topic to get a list of bloggers with the follower’s count. Authors with a huge number of followers are influencers in your niche.
It will be easy for you to market your brand through them. You can give your product to influencers in exchange for a blog post talking about your product.
Make sure that the influencers you approach have a good following on their blogs. It will direct a lot of their blog readers to your website.

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15. Blogs Will Help You to Stay Ahead of Competitors

These days a lot of brands use different techniques to market their brands. But most promotions and ads create a huge toll on the budget.
Blogging is one of the most effective ways to market your eCommerce business. It improves ecommerce SEO results, and interesting blog posts help you stay ahead in the market.
Write useful blog posts frequently after a good research. It will help you beat your competitors. All you need is a good copywriter with expertise in your niche. When your blog offers content that people search for, your site will surpass your rivals.

16. Blogs Will Help You in Networking

Blogs offer a way to connect with other blogs and bloggers. It will help you build a stronger network with people. You can connect with people who can be a valuable contribution to your business.
Networking with similar business niches helps you get ideas for your brand. Non-competitive business blogs often do mutual promotion of each other's brands. It is another free marketing technique.
Networking with the right people also proves beneficial in receiving big orders. It also helps in word-of-mouth promotion.

17. Use Blogs to Know Your Market Demand

Blogs help in knowing the demands of the customers. Comments, likes, shares on blog posts about particular products inform you. You know about customer taste. Start making manufacturing and sales decisions based on it. It will help you to know about the demand before you launch it for sale. You can do it by showcasing your product sample.
Often customers seek products with a personalized touch. Blogs are the platform where they can inform you of the same. You will see an increase in your eCommerce store's profits and sales when your product satisfies customer needs. Hence, knowing what they seek is important.

18. Use Blogs To Make a Difference via Campaigns

Campaigning is an exciting marketing technique. Launching a campaign along with your product can do wonders for your brand.
Social campaigns intended for positive impacts work in favor of your brand. Blogs are one of the best platforms to launch your campaign.
You can make several posts on your blog and share it on social media. It helps the word about your campaign spread far and wide. It makes more people aware of your brand and hence more traffic on your site.

19. Blogs Can Get You Wider reach globally

Blogs help you reach a wider audience. Without a blog, your eCommerce brand may show up only on the searches of people within your country.
In the below image, when searched for “whey protein for weight loss” in Europe, a blog from the USA ranked with an opportunity to sell their product. So, Having a blog opens up your brand to newer customers. Sometimes you may not know that there is a demand for your product in other countries. Blogs help you in knowing about such demands.

20. Use Blogs to Build an Online Community

Having a blog for your online business helps in creating a community of loyal customers. Blogs are online forums where people can read about a lot of topics. They can comment and discuss their opinions with each other.
Blogs help to get feedback and ideas for business owners. It will help you create trust in the brand in the online space.
Two-way communication ensures that the brand is genuine. It reflects that the brand cares for its customers rather than sales being its only concern. Thus, blogs create an online community that is very useful for brand growth.

21. Get Increased Conversion Rate Using Blogs

Potential customers may visit your website, but it may not convince them enough. They may leave without buying anything.
Blogging is very useful in converting potential customers to actual ones. Blogs explain in interesting ways why one should buy a product. They use the persuasive storytelling technique to market their product.
Well researched articles convince readers of brand quality. Thus, more and more readers reach your website. Higher traffic through blogs increases the conversion rate over time.

22. Blogging Has the Potential to Go Viral

Blogs provide an opportunity for an eCommerce site to go viral. Campaigns and content on blogs, when shared on social media, can spread like wildfire. A well-written piece on a blog, when viral on the internet, increases website SEO score.
Print and web media also share interesting blog posts making people aware of your brand. It increases traffic on your website with increased sales.

23. Blogging Adds Value for Readers

People often search for things to read and gain more knowledge.
Your blog with the right keywords can lead you to them. They may have come only to look for some answers, but a good blog is sure to interest them more. It is certain to lead them to your website. So it is very important to make sure that your blog provides value to its readers.
Make sure your blog has exclusive content and uses the right SEO keywords.

24. Blogging Helps You in Collaboration

Having a blog for eCommerce proves useful for collaborations. A blog showcases your expertise and brand value. It makes it easier for you to collaborate with influencers to promote your brand.
Various companies and brands may wish to collaborate with you for campaigns. Having a blog with rich content helps seal such collaborations.

25. Blogging Is the Best Platform for Announcements

Blogs are the best platform for launching new products and campaigns. They help reach existing and potential customers. They also help gauge customer reactions to changes in your business.
Blog shares on social media help spread the announcement to larger groups of people.
Thus, blogs have several benefits for eCommerce. It is one of the best, cost-effective ways to increase SEO results and sales.
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