Enterprise SEO - List of Challenges & Ways to Overcome Them

With time, businesses are growing into enterprises. But even here, the competition is intense. Size does not mean you can rest on your laurels. And the best way to get better business numbers is through SEO.
Enterprise SEO is a competitive part of the marketing ecosystem. It requires considerable expertise and deft to get things done here. SEO can improve your business metrics. And you can achieve this despite the prevalent competition. It also makes your brand more accessible to your audience. Fortunately, the experts at Haitna can help you with enterprise SEO. These are the challenges when opting for an enterprise SEO campaign.

1. Setting Up Marketing Analytics

The process by which market data is measured is called marketing analytics.

  • It is a method by which a company can account for its marketing spend.
  • It makes the process of marketing more efficient per dollar.
  • It is crucial for improving a company’s ROI.

The first thing most agencies do is to inspect marketing analytics.
Analytics can give an agency a lot of insights into how a company goes about it. And another point to note is that most (80%) are not happy with their analytics. It means there is significant room to improve.
An agency will evaluate your analytics based on several factors. Some of them are negative keywords, quality score, and long-tail keyword optimization. There are also several free tools you can use to grade your marketing analytics.

2. Handling Brand Reputation Online

Brand reputation is critical to a business. Even more so, when it is enterprise-level SEO., it makes sense to ensure that it is always positive—added to the fact that more than 90% of customers check online reviews. That is where online reputation management (ORM) comes in. It is a method by which you can manage how your brand is perceived online.
Several tools, like social media, PR, SEO, review analysis, and customer service, can help. Every enterprise SEO agency has a dedicated ORM strategy for their clients. And it is useful in these times because of how quickly word can spread. Something damaging about your company can cover the globe in a matter of hours.
Online reputation management (ORM) can become an indispensable part of your marketing funnel. It helps alleviate customer attrition and reduce talent shortages.

3. Adding Content for a Large Number of Pages

Any enterprise SEO strategy needs to focus on its content development to achieve the results. Also, when it comes to enterprise-level SEO, there is more content than average.

  • Content is the crux of the SEO process.
  • Good content is powerful when it comes to ranking your website.
  • Catchy copywriting can help attract people.

Content here is specialized and covers a vast array of topics. It needs better quality of writers and content creators.
Creating content for enterprise SEO can be challenging. It is because of the volume, as well as the specificity.
For example, if the client is dealing with SaaS, the content needs to deal with the technical aspects. It also needs to entice the readers into buying. As you can see, these are contrasting requirements. And it requires significant expertise to work with enterprise SEO.

4. Competing With Big Giants

Another aspect of enterprise SEO is the size and age of your competitors. That is where startup SEO and enterprise SEO are completely different. Here, you are almost always going to be up against the giants in the business. These brands will have huge expertise in this field. And it can be a daunting task, especially for smaller brands.
Going against the biggest in the business might be tough. But the rewards can be huge for your brand. To rank higher than bigger competitors is a feather in your cap.
The key is to focus on what they might have missed. It could be keywords, geotags, or anything that is SEO relevant.
Audit your on-site SEO thoroughly. It should be error-free, responsive, and have a strong backlink profile. However, Off-site optimization is where the true advantage lies. High-quality guests and social media posting can help you a lot.

5. Challenging to Work on Technical SEO Issues

When competing at this level, you need to have more than adequate technical SEO knowledge. And even then, the scale of the project can be difficult to handle.
One solution is to have experienced enterprise SEO teams in-house. But for smaller companies, this is a problem. Hiring more talent is not plausible. It is too expensive and not possible at short notice.
The best way to get more expertise in your enterprise SEO project is to hire a professional. They can help you identify the areas where your SEO is lacking. They also have the expertise to improve it.
Most of the top enterprise SEO agencies offer an expert team. They can help revamp all technical aspects of your website. It gives you a faster and higher quality website. And this is a much less expensive proposition for you as well.

6. Evaluating Traffic Quality With Google Analytics

When it comes to enterprise SEO, just the traffic numbers aren’t enough. The traffic also needs to be of high quality. And doing this on such a scale can be difficult for companies.
Measuring the quality of your traffic can help you gauge how effective your campaign is. It can also give you clues to what you need to do to improve it further.
You can measure the traffic quality with the help of tools. But if you have Google Analytics, that can work as well. The most common method of measuring is to check the Assisted Conversions tab.

  • Go to the Assisted Conversions tab and sort it by month.
  • At the end of the table, you get the difference in conversions.
  • Compare this to your regular traffic numbers.
  • If the numbers are high, then the quality of traffic will be higher.

But this is tedious for bigger data sets, so you need an SEO agency to handle this.

7. Gaining Strong, High-quality links

Since you’re just starting, you’ll likely meet brands that are better at this. To be specific, they might boat a much stronger link profile for their brand. And this is a problem for your brand because backlinks are strong ranking signals. It can seriously sabotage your ability to draw in business.
For an enterprise campaign to work, your backlink profile is key. And the best results when it comes to backlinking are natural. For this, you need to focus on creating top-notch content. Guest posting, press releases, even an author bio can have an impact. It also helps to title your article related to the keywords you want to rank for, and the article should be relevant.

8. Optimizing For Voice Searches

With the penetration of smartphones, mobile traffic has already overtaken other sources. And something that is a result of this development has increased voice searches.
People do voice searches through software called ‘voice assistants’ on these devices. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are a few of the popular ones in the market.
These days voice searches are important to rank for as it is rapidly increasing the market. Plus, there are other devices like wireless speakers using voice assistants as well. Conversational searches are getting more attention. It means enterprise SEO needs to optimize for this new platform.
People speak differently compared to when they type. For example, ‘nearest restaurants’ vs. ‘Alexa, where is the nearest restaurant?’.
It means you have to frame searches differently compared to typing. It needs to be more natural and not just keyword-based.

9. Implementing Artificial Intelligence

AI is a key area of interest, SEO, or otherwise. Devices around us are getting smarter. IoT enabled peripherals are all around us. Today, we have fridges that automatically order milk when it senses you’re running low. AI can gather real-time data and respond accurately to the user.
What does this mean for enterprise SEO?
It means that we need to focus on offering value rather than keywords. Streamline your content framework by categorizing it. It is a much more effective approach to ranking well.
Use powerful AI-assisted tools for your enterprise SEO campaigns. These might be expensive to license. The better idea would be to talk to a professional digital agency. They probably have that or use something that is even more advanced.

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10. Refurbishing Older Content

Creating content is not an easy task. And this is true when you’ve already created something high quality and useful. In some domains, where things do not change much, it is advisable to revamp the older content. It can help shorten content development cycles. It also means less work for your content creation team.
There are a lot of ways you can refurbish older content. Doing something basic like updating the images can help. Or, there are cases when brands completely change the medium of content.

  • You can also publish a blog post into an effective infographic. Infographics are easy to share.
  • You can also convert an infographic into a video. Videos are extremely shareable compared to other forms of content.

11. Hard To Do Multi-Channel Optimization

From just being blogs and headlines on webpages, enterprise SEO has come a long way. Today, SEO is about using multiple channels to achieve maximum benefit.
Another reason is that consumers are a lot more different today. They have varied tastes when it comes to browsing. And this makes it important for brands to adapt to their audience.
All this makes multi-channel optimization important for companies to achieve their goals. Several platforms are available - text, audio, video, social media, paid ads, and more.
An effective enterprise SEO campaign uses all of these to improve business. It is the only way brands will be able to compete in the market.

12. Finding The Gaps & Keeping Track of Results

When it comes to scale, enterprise SEO is perhaps the biggest around.

  • It can contain hundreds or even thousands of web pages. So it isn’t easy to manage effectively.
  • It also means that there are more chances for ‘errors’ to crop up.
  • It isn’t a realistic expectation to focus on all these pages equally. So the strategy would be to focus on ‘money’ pages. These pages drive the most business for the brand.

Also, this is a good time to look at gaps in your content and keywords. Gaps here means missed assets or something that you have overlooked in your website.
For example, a keyword that you’ve missed to target for your site. Or perhaps a piece of content that you haven’t revamped for a long time. All these need to be accounted for and tracked as well.

13. Handling Large Volume of Data, Traffic, and User Analytics

Something synonymous with enterprise SEO is the size of the data sets. For any SEO process to work, obtained data should be accurate. And it can become difficult with enterprise SEO. The key here is to use tools or software that is capable of handling huge amounts of data.
Another aspect of this is hosting your website. Shared hosting plans will not work here - you need a dedicated server for your needs. It is because you’re expecting a huge number of visitors and bandwidth.
Managing their preferences and tracking can also become overwhelming. The best option would be to opt for AI-enabled software that can keep up with these demands.
As you can see, enterprise SEO is a challenging task. And most often, companies find that they are not capable of handling it. You can always get in touch with professional enterprise SEO agencies like Haitna. We have the expertise to handle any size of engagements.

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Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.


Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.

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