Why Is Google My Business More Important than Ever for Doctors in Houston?

What is Google My Business?

62% of prospective patients regularly seek information about doctors or medical care. For the majority of searchers, Google is the search engine of choice. 

An optimized business profile is the only means to claim ownership of your business listings to gain more visibility on Google. Google My Business profile can introduce your business to potential patients in the Houston community. 

Importance of Google My Business for Doctors in Houston

1. Optimize the Digital Presence with The Google My Business Profile

An optimized and concise Google My Business profile is pivotal in boosting the business's digital presence or website. Enhancing the digital presence can help to improve engagement and conversions and drive better online visibility. 

A solid online presence with required business details can help professionals gain a competitive edge over others in the medical industry. 

Medical practices performed on trust enhances brand authority, as most users or prospective patients would want to be in good hands before they avail of the medical services. 

Maintaining a business website with consistent NAP details and a brief regarding medical services that help to enhance the user's expectations and navigation experience is essential. 

In today's world, users are more likely to research the practitioner in Houston and consider the search engine's suggestions while acquiring medical services. 

Several practitioners or medical professionals in Houston must optimize their business operations to have a robust online presence. 

Creating a Google My Business profile is free and can help to improve local pack search results or local SEO efforts. It helps to share the following points: 

  • Business name
  • NAP details
  • Descriptions of the business operations 
  • Business operating hours
  • Business contact information

Here's a screenshot of a doctor's business containing important details:


2. It Helps to Share A Complete List of Medical Services

Several prospective clients would search for medical services and browse the business information and contact details. 

To help attract these potential customers in Houston, you can include concise business information regarding your medical services to improve user experience. Include all the information in your Google My Business profile, and choose words carefully. 

It is vital to optimize your business profile, including NAP details and business hours of operation are vital. Don't include too many medical terms, which might mislead the consumers. It is vital to offer a better navigation experience and improve conversions and engagement. 

For example, a dentist in Houston should explain his medical proficiency, the medical procedure of tooth extraction, tooth implants, and jaw surgery. 

Including the information related to the medical services or the field of the doctors in the business profile is vital. 

Here's a screenshot of a doctor's business displaying a list of medical services:


3. It Provides Answers to Common Queries or Questions 

The prospective clients would want to know your business hours of operation, medical services, how frequently they should visit you, and many more details. Including all these business details that help solve the business queries and enhance the user experience is vital. 

You can include a separate portal of Q&A in your business profile that helps solve numerous queries related to the medical services in Houston. 

As a medical professional, you can have a poll system, a separate section for resolving customer queries, that helps improve engagement. Addressing the customer queries will help resolve all the issues simultaneously and help enhance the efforts to improve engagement. 

The questions on your Google My Business profile's business listing will more likely appear in your business profile's user search queries and the knowledge panel section. 

It will help show your business listings appear on Google Maps or Google search results that help enhance the SEO efforts. 

Here's a screenshot of Q&A on a GMB profile:


4. It Helps to Create Educational Content

Healthcare providers like medical practitioners, doctors, and therapists, can use Google My Business profile to claim and offer information regarding their services or practices. 

A business profile helps make your medical business listings more credible and engaging. 

Google My Business profile helps personalize your services and enhance Google Map search results; from a verified business profile, business owners or practitioners can guide prospective patients regarding the medical services in Houston. 

The following points can help to educate or guide the prospective patients in the business profile: 

  • Manage information like business hours of operation or contact details
  • Add links to the profile regarding booking appointments or virtual care
  • Seasonal tips for staying healthy
  • Age-specific tips related to the medical history
  • Adding information regarding health services offered, house calls, diagnostics
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Educational pictures and diagrams to help them learn more about what types of health services you provide in Houston. 

Here's a screenshot of the GMB profile containing a link for booking appointments:


5. It Helps to Include Differentiating Information

An optimized Google My Business profile description helps include your sophisticated medical services that enable users to search for your hospitals or medical services near their; landmarks or Google Maps. 

It is vital to have an optimized Google My Business profile as it enables your services to rule several user search queries and enhance local SEO efforts.

Aiming to rank in Google Search or local pack results will help you have a cutting edge over your competitors. Keeping the information up to date in your business listings is essential. 

It enables you to rank higher and garner more reach; Several prospective patients would prefer hospitals or medical services in Houston, equipped with the latest modern technologies and medical equipment and experienced medical practitioners. 

You can include your medical services in the specialties section, which helps to enhance engagement and conversions. 

Designate a marketing professional as the head of your hospital's Google My Business listings. A detailed description: "Our hospital provides sophisticated and top-notch services to the Houston community."

Here's a screenshot of a description:


6. It Helps to Add Photos of Your Medical Practice

Prospective patients would like a better glimpse of several medical practices or services provided in the hospitals in Houston. 

You can include optimized pictures of your medical treatments and equipment to help them understand before using the services. 

While optimizing your photos in your Google My Business profile, you can include heart-warming

photos of staff members and experienced doctors will work well for the clients. It will help to improve engagement and better conversions.

Brand-building strategies work well and are pivotal in enhancing the reputation of the medical services and the hospital. Include photos of the office space, medical equipment, and buildings. 

Seeing images of your medical practice can make prospective clients or patients feel more confident about choosing you over others, which helps to enhance your reach. 

Ensure that the photos are optimized, give a glimpse of well-lit, and make your space seem more professional and inviting. 

Here's a screenshot of a medical practice showing pictures of its premises:


7. It Helps to Gain A Unique Review Link 

Reviews play a pivotal role for doctors that use Google My Business profile, as it helps to enhance the search results throughout Google. 

Each Google My Business listing with a unique link helps garner more valuable feedback when shared with customers. It helps enhance reach, solve customer queries, and gardener more valuable insights regarding medical services. 

Here we present the steps to gain that unique review link: 

  • Go to the Google PlaceID Lookup Tool.
  • Look up your medical practice and find your listing.
  • Copy your unique PlaceID and share it with your patients for valuable insights and garner more feedback. 

Once you generate the unique review link, you can distribute the link to several prospective patients and clients and enhance your 5-star review process

You can send emails with unique links to your database and staff members. You can boost conversions, enhance reach with targeted email campaigns, and promote your review links. 

Here's a screenshot of the Google PlaceID Lookup Tool:


8. Respond to Reviews

Beyond wanting to know your hours of operation, prospective patients often have plenty of other questions or feedback. It is vital to respond to customer queries and their reviews. 

Google My Business enables several professionals or doctors to respond to customer queries; having a business profile enables you to gain valuable reviews and implement them effectively in the business.

Responding to the reviews gives an impression that you're attentive and engaging towards your customers, and their opinions matter. 

You should encourage prospective patients to review your medical services frequently, which helps you accumulate social proof, a major factor in attracting new potential customers seeking medical care. 

Respond thoughtfully to all the negative reviews, and aim to improve your online reputation management practices (ORM) and use them constructively. 

Here's a screenshot of a doctor's response to a patient's review:


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9. It Helps to Add A "Book Appointment" Button

You can attract prospective patients and encourage them to respond to your services by providing valuable information. 

Your business profile comes in handy in this case. You include several business details like your medical website URL, NAP details, social media accounts, business hours of operation, or a book appointment button that enables patients to connect with you effortlessly. 

You can include a "Book Appointment" button that connects your listing directly to your appointment booking system. 

Google My Business profile will enable several patients to message your business for several queries to know more about your medical services. It can play a major role in improving your conversions, engagement, and reach.

This feature will help you have a competitive edge over others as your customers can access your services more frequently. 

Remember the several business regulations or laws for acquiring these features that don't disclose confidential information regarding other patients or hospitals. It will help you drive quality website traffic and enhance reach.

Here's a screenshot of the "book appointment" buttons:


10. Google My Business Dashboard Offers Valuable Insights

Google My Business profile allows you to include photos of your business or medical services, business hours of operation, and location. In a nutshell, my business profile helps enhance local SEO efforts. 

Sixty percent of patients will click on your profile if you appear in Google's local search results, and your Google My Business page plays a key role in your ranking.

It plays a major role in driving organic, qualified traffic to the website and boosting your business's digital presence. 

The richest listing is often the difference between obtaining that 3rd spot on the local results for a patient searching for services in Houston. A verified medical listing in Houston is one of the key ways to succeed online. 

Consider several factors that help you outrank our competitors and boost online visibility. Google My Business dashboard offers valuable insights on the following: 

  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Business information

In the Insights tab, Google makes it easy for you to see how searchers are finding your Google My Business listing and even how they interact with it. 

For instance, you can determine how many phone calls or clicks to your website, which helps medical practitioners track online visibility.

Here's a screenshot of insights GMB provides:


Key Takeaways

  • Claim your business listings or Google My Business page to enhance your online presence and visibility. 
  • Invest in enhancing the map optimization factors that help to boost local SEO efforts or local pack efforts. 
  • Include photos of your medical practices and staff members who help customers know your business well. 
  • Include NAP details question & answer portal that helps solve customer queries and enhance customer engagement. 

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Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.


Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.

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