How to Avoid Common Local SEO Mistakes in Painting Companies

The thought of local SEO efforts can be intimidating. However, you can boost local search results for your pointing business with several tips and strategies. Knowing what to do when it comes to local SEO is important.

It is equally important to know what not to do and avoid making mistakes that could hurt your rankings and lower the traffic to your painting website. 

We will help you understand several mistakes and how to correct them effectively to improve quality traffic.

11 Biggest Local SEO Mistakes Painting Companies Make

1. Setting The Website And Not Updating

A website is one of the major and pivotal ways of lead generation for painting contractors or businesses. As a painting contractor, you would aim to be found online with major conversions, reach and get potential customers to give you a call or sign a form for your business. 

A website has major driving factors that help to enhance your reach, boost conversions and improve user experience. 

A major mistake painting contractor in their business is the lack of implementation of local SEO practices required to boost the rankings and search queries in local search results. 

When you don't update your painting website, it signals to Google that you are not actively running your painting business online, which can harm your business's SEO efforts. 

See the below screenshot of a painting site; clicking on services takes to a dropdown that shows a generic option twice. 


Your website is a major part of the journey to reach a destination of enhanced conversions, reach, and user engagement. You must upload your work portfolio on your website. 

The mistake commonly found among the painting contractors is the need to highlight the major painting services or operations performed for several clients. Or it could be updating the website with new services, staff members, or a vision for the future. 

Post something new to your home page, with photos of your work. 

2. Not Posting Relevant Content

Good quality content is one of Google's major factors regarding organic search results. They want to offer good quality content to their users that help to educate or enhance user experience. 

One of the ways good quality content is determined is by using closely related or long-tail keywords in the content

A one-page website makes it pretty hard to demonstrate your expertise in the field of your painting business. It is one of the major mistakes performed by the painting contractors that can harm the SEO results. 

See below a screenshot of a painting site with only CTAs and a gallery page. The site doesn’t have a section to post regular content. 


Create a separate website or homepage for the different painting services you offer. You can create interior and exterior house painting pages and highlight them in your work portfolio. 

If you've got this, you can highlight your exclusive painting services, specifically with kitchen and cabinet painting pages. Each page should have good quality content that demonstrates your painting expertise. 

Create more specific related content that helps you gain more website search results, and rank better. It is vital to set new goals and not repeat these SEO mistakes. 

3. Not Highlighting The Areas Served

It is one of the major local SEO mistakes performed by the painting contractors. It could create an impact on the local SEO efforts and rankings. 

If you highlight the cities or towns you're serving on the painting website, chances are good. It could increase the chances of appearing in the local pack search results

The below screenshot shows a site showing the service areas. It helps in ranking on top of SERPs and increases the number of sales qualified leads. 


When it comes to local businesses like painting, it is usually a local search performed by users. It is vital to gain rankings and improve local search results. It could be one of the deciding factors for painting contractors or businesses. 

The major mistake of painting contractors is that they do not send signals to Google by highlighting the areas served, potentially reducing the search results performed by users looking to avail of the painting services. 

You need to include the cities and towns you serve multiple times on your website and the NAP details that help boost local search results

To rank higher in the search results, you can include the business hours of operation, several address details, and your specialties in the business profile or website. 

Ask your customers to include the name of the city or town while adding their reviews. 

Mention landmarks on your website and personalize these homepages for a better user experience. Highlight the services that are the most popular in the city on your website.

4. Improper Usage Of Keywords

It is vital to use relevant keywords for the content that matters to the target audience or people in the area. 

The major mistake by painting contractors is that they do not target the specific region by using terminology with relevant keywords of the painting business. 

They forget to use them in their business profiles, websites, and social media platforms. It is vital to perform the keyword research used by customers while performing search queries.


Most painting contractors do not include the keyword "Painter company" in their business profiles or websites, which impacts losing major rankings and reach. 

Take a look at the below screenshot; a painting site hasn’t used the keyword in the URL, title, or description. The site misses out on opportunities to rank for their money keyword. 

Most painting contractors do not include keywords related to being residential or commercial painters, which can severely impact their local search results. 

It is vital to place the keywords in title tags, meta tags, and descriptions using several keyword tools to boost rankings

5. Inadequate Local SEO Efforts

How does a business that offers painting services connect with potential local customers? It is possible by local SEO. 

Local search engine optimization ensures your company is found in Google's Local Pack or "maps listings" and puts your company's website in front of customers in your most desired service areas. 

Most painting contractors do not create business profiles or get listed in the maps listings, making them lose a potential source of quality traffic. 

The Google 3-Pack, also known as the local pack, appears at the top of the search engine results page for local searches or user intent, as shown in the below screenshot. 


Because it appears in a whopping 94% of searches with local intent, ranking in the Google Map Pack greatly increases online visibility. 

It is one of the ways to outrank competitors, gain online visibility, and reach; most painting contractors do not perform the following that can lead to drastic impacts on local SEO efforts: 

6. Not Building Accurate And Consistent Local Citations

A local citation is anywhere your business' NAP data (name, address, phone number) appears online. 

These are common local listings on online business directories like Yelp, Bing Places, and Facebook. Creating more accurate and consistent local citations as it helps to enhance credibility and trustworthiness on search engines. 

A link to your business website can also enhance local SEO power in search engines. Take a look at the below screenshot of a painting site’s citation on Yelp fetching a quality backlink to the site. 


Building accurate local citations helps painting contractors attract the right audience with their business listings.

One of the major mistakes is that these painting businesses don't build accurate local citations, impacting local SEO efforts. 

Several painting contractors can get listed in business directories for their services to enhance their local SEO goals effectively. It offers the following features: 

  • Additional business location listings for painting contractors
  • Adding maps, website links, or special categories for the painting business
  • Uploading photos or videos related to the painting business

7. Not Optimizing Google My Business Profile

Being found online is one of the key effective ways to secure more customers and build online visibility. However, the one thing that painting contractors do not perform is building and claiming their Google My Business profile. 

The search results appear on smartphones and Google Maps. Thus, it is vital to enhance the local SEO efforts with the business profile. 

Claiming and managing business profiles is free and produces effective search results. Not climbing the business profile can create an impact on local SEO efforts. It is vital because it is one of local SEO efforts' core and vital aspects. 

Optimizing the business profile to boost rankings and user engagement and drive quality traffic to the website is vital. You can verify your painting business profile and ensure that the NAP details are consistent with all the business listings across the web. 

For example, in the below screenshot, the business has made the mistake of not adding their address and the services offered.


The major mistake of painting business is the incorrect listings that could hurt the SEO efforts. 

Painting contractors can add as many photos related to their work and build their website portfolio. Updating working or business hours for special occasions in the business profile can produce better results. 

8. Inappropriate SEO Signals

On-page SEO signals are while working for local SEO services. The on-page factors are vital for construction websites as they will optimize your site to rank well on SERP.

You need to have unique content featuring each type of service you offer.

Tag your site with relevant title, meta descriptions, and Image Alt Text.

Ensure that your site architecture is stable and offers a good navigation experience to the users. It is vital to use various local SEO experts' guidance and tools that help to perform keyword research and content analysis. 

Here we present some essential local SEO factors that need to be considered by the painting business: 

  • Accurate NAP details in the business websites and search engines. Use Mozlocal, as shown in the image, to maintain NAP consistency. 
  • Keyword optimization in meta descriptions and titles
  • Appropriate schema markups that boost the website optimization and SEO efforts
  • Site architecture that helps to boost the navigation experience 

Most painting contractors do not perform the above-listed activities to boost their conversions or improve local search results. The above-listed factors can play a pivotal role in improving optimization efforts and engagement. 

9. Poor Optimized Content

The content on your painting website, including page text and blogs, is pivotal to improving rankings. 

Search engines assess the quality and content of your painting website and rank you accordingly. Your painting business needs to produce well-optimized and quality content to outrank competitors and stand out among others. 

While writing the content of several web pages, your painting business needs to write relevant, quality, keyword-focused content that has value for your audience. 

Use the free word Counter site to check the grammatical errors and calculate keyword ratios used in the content. 


Most painting businesses suffer because of keyword stuffing and not optimizing the website content to produce better results in the websites and local SEO efforts. 

10. Poor Mobile Optimization

Good SEO starts with optimized content and effective mobile optimization. For the painting business, most of the queries performed are local searches. The local searches are performed on smartphones and desktop computers. 

It is vital to perform effective mobile optimization to deliver better search results; It is one of the vital ranking factors considered by search engines to improve your painting business SEO efforts. 

Search engines prefer mobile-optimized websites, which means that websites not optimized for mobile will likely not rank well and can lose potential quality traffic. 

The below screenshot shows how businesses can use Pagespeed insights to see whether or not a site is mobile-friendly. 


Painting contractors can seek website professionals' help to improve website optimization and boost the local SEO efforts. 

11. Ignoring Negative Reviews

Nearly 81% of customers trust reviews and recommendations from people they know regarding the business. 

Attending to and solving customer queries and understanding customer reviews are essential; several Online reputation management practices can improve online visibility and credibility. 

The screenshot below shows an example of a painting business responding politely to a negative review to see how they can satisfy the customer. 


It is vital to ask customers to leave their reviews regarding your painting business.

Most painting contractors ignore negative customer reviews or do not entertain negative reviews, hurting SEO efforts. Engaging with customers and considering their valuable reviews or opinions is vital.

Customer reviews also show Google that your business is trustworthy and can help improve your organic rankings. 

Ensure your business generates customer reviews on your website, Google, social media profiles, and other websites like Yelp. Respond to the negative reviews and improve user experience and traffic to the website. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Target broad or long-tail keywords for your business website. It is vital to perform effective keyword research and deliver optimized content. 
  • Create, claim and optimize your Google My Business profile to rank well in local search results. 
  • Ensure your business website is optimized, mobile-friendly, and generates relevant content. 

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Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.


Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.

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