Haitna Receives official 'Great Place to Work in Fort Worth' Certification


Fort Worth LLC is one of the premier business magazines in Fort Worth, Texas. It is famous for preparing a credible rank list of firms based on their culture, pay, and prospects.
There are two categories – a small-medium companies list and a large companies list. Candidates for the list are evaluated by Best Companies Group, an independent entity. Each evaluation is done in two segments.

  • Ranking based on qualities like benefits and development
  • Ranking based on a survey of employee views.

About Haitna

Haitna is a highly organized entity with a focus on employee development. We start investing in our staff from the moment of their induction. This is in part driven by the dynamic nature of digital marketing and, in part, by a desire to excel in our field.
Such investments, however, are not unique to Haitna. Many of our competitors in Fort Worth do the same. But, most don't bother about individual staff's interests and strengths. Non-customizable training can, thus, turn counterproductive.
We also believe peace of mind brings the best out of our people. That’s how we come up with out-of-the-box solutions for our clients in various services, including Paid advertising, SEO, reputation management, and more.

6 Things That Make Up Our Workplace an Ideal Place to Work

1. Create a Positive Work Environment

It means simply that none of our employees finds the idea of going to work stressful. At Haitna, every employee belongs to the team, and none's left out.
We have never allowed any form of office politics to take roots in our organization. But we do encourage healthy friendships to thrive and communication to flow.
Also, we give our employees creative freedom and encourage healthy debates. Employees are free to table their proposals. During debates, these ideas are considered, corrected, and implemented. Such debates have thus evolved into an effective problem-solving mechanism.

2. Provide a Competitive Pay

That we provide a caring work environment does not mean we cut corners with paying our staff. The pay structure at Haitna is one of the industry’s best and has been so over the years.
Our Human Resource department doesn’t fix a random pay tag onto a post.
They calculate it after much deliberation based on factors like:

  • Going rate
  • Specific duties, and
  • Expertise

Competitive pay helped us retain our talent even during the ongoing Great Resignation.

3. Create a Work-life Balance

One major reason for the Great Resignation is a greater awareness of the importance of life. The pandemic has made us value our lives more. For the first time in a century, we realize that family and friendship are more important than work.
Haitna has long known this and instituted ways so our staff can lead a healthy work-life balance. This includes flexible hours so staff can spend quality time with their families. We also have a generous leave policy that helps employees during crises.

4. Focus on Employee Development

For many employees, the prospects for growth are as important as the paycheck. In digital marketing firms in Fort Worth, this is the premier attitude among workers.
Haitna has a special program wherein individual employees get customized training, and a lot of other benefits. We also offer them courses that help them hone their skills.
This, however, does not mean only those who take up these courses rise the ladder. Those who learn the trade on the job are also spotted and given promotions they deserve.

5. Give Freedom to Devise Their Plans

Supervision is important in any organization, but an excess of it can lead to deadlocks. Multiple leaders among the top brass expected staff to toe their 'varied' lines. Haitna learned a lesson on this fact firsthand.
That’s why each department within Haitna is semi-autonomous. It helps keep matters simple and team leaders in proximity with their team members. This decentralized system enabled quick decision-making, higher productivity, and greater employee engagement.
This also helps the top brass focus on the larger organizational plans.

6. Have a Solid Vision and Mission

Vision and mission statements are not paper tigers caged in the corner of the website, at least not at Haitna. We have a clear vision – become the spearhead of a digital marketing revolution.
As for the mission, we want to make the web safer for budding entrepreneurs. We want to offer them a helping hand until they find their footing.
Haitna makes consistent efforts to make these statements a reality. This attitude instills a sense of pride among our employees. It turns us into an 'equal temper of heroic hearts' in pursuit of noble goals.

Five Reasons Why Your Employees Deserve Peace Of Mind

1. To Help Them Stay with You

As mentioned earlier, we are amid a phenomenon termed the Great Resignation. Fort Worth, too, is experiencing its repercussions.
Retention of top talent has become tougher than it has ever been in a century. And nothing plays a greater role in employee retention than peace of mind.
At Haitna, peace of mind doesn’t come from lack of supervision. Rather, it comes from clearly defined responsibilities and proper grievance-redress mechanisms.
We also abhor office politics, one of the greatest threats to a peaceful work environment.

2. To Help Them be More Productive

Ensuring the peace of mind of employees is critical for professions requiring creativity.
An employee with peace of mind is more likely to turn in a well-rounded product (a solution or a project). Promoting such a mentality also results in the overall well-being of the workforce.
Mental wellbeing also accrues health benefits, which cuts work hours lost as sick leave. Moreover, such an atmosphere attracts top talent to the organization. This helps it to be competitive in the field.

3. To Avoid Burnout

Employee burnout is a major issue in organizations where responsibilities are not defined. Such organizations often force staff to work overtime within the same pay scale.
Burnout leads to disgruntled employees, poor productivity, and low quality work environment. All of these affect the organization’s ability to retain talent.
Ways to avoid burnout include:

  • Spelling out responsibilities for the employees
  • Allowing them enough time off duty every year

(Allowing staff vacations reinvigorates their creative faculties and promotes their mental wellbeing)

4. To Ensure Project Success

To give staff the information needed for a task is an employer’s responsibility. An employee asking for the same or requesting help from others should not be looked down upon. They are simply trying to get your task done.
Giving recruits well-rounded orientation training is important. At Haitna, each recruit goes through this phase in the first few days of employment with us. Post that, the senior staff is assigned to oversee their work.
Only after such training is an employee assigned to a team, such training helps an employee avoid the shock of being left to their own devices.

5. To Help Them Work As a Team

A team is as good as the members comprising it. When an employee is at ease, they are more likely to participate in brainstorming. It is for the company to help them cultivate that rapport with their team members.
This can start with doing away with unnecessary interference in a team’s functioning. Teams specializing in specific tasks require a certain level of autonomy. It helps them arrive at decisions quickly and meet targets timely. Overzealous supervision may throw a spanner into the workings of the team.


  • Cultivation of empathetic work culture is critical to retain talent
  • Define the responsibilities of each role. Devise a proper grievance-redress mechanism
  • Offer concrete benefit packages like paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Provide competitive pay packages and timely increments
  • Offer flexibility in working hours. As long as tasks assigned are done, this should not be a problem
  • Give operational freedom to teams. Semi-autonomous teams are more efficient and engaged
  • Your visions should comprise values you care about. Hollow declarations will work counter to your efforts to engage employees

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Felicia Huels

I am a core member of the Digital Marketing team in Haitna, Fort Worth. I have an MS degree in Marketing from Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.


Felicia Huels

I am a core member of the Digital Marketing team in Haitna, Fort Worth. I have an MS degree in Marketing from Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.