7 Techniques for Getting Links from Social Media

Social media is an important part of any successful marketing campaign. With over 4.62 billion active users, it's a great way to get in front of new audiences and build your brand.

We can use social media for a variety of things. For example, getting links from Facebook can be a good way to generate traffic, and getting links from Twitter is a great way to build authority.

And, getting links from social media is a game-changer. Let's find out.

7 Tips To Use Social Media To Gain Links For Your Site

1. YouTube Link Building 

With over 3 billion monthly visitors, it is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. After Google, YouTube offers massive opportunities for you to connect with your target audience. 

Here’s how to use YouTube for Link Building.

  • Create Valuable Videos: To generate quality backlinks, you must create high-quality YouTube videos. Remember, with millions of channels; only your content will help you stand out. Examples of video content popular on YouTube are product reviews, how-to guides, user-generated content, etc. 
  • About Page: YouTube provides each channel with an About page. Here you add your website link. So whenever users click on About, they will see your website link. 
  • Video Descriptions: Another wonderful place to add your links in your video description. Try to put your links within the first 25 to 30 words of the description to catch more eyes. 

The below screenshot shows a site using a YouTube channel to build backlinks. 

  • Collaborate with brands and other channels: Two channels are always better than one. When you collaborate with other channels and brands, you will increase exposure to powerful backlinks and develop a strong network.

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2. Use LinkedIn To Network And Gain Backlinks 

No matter what business you run, you need networking to survive in the business world. 

And what’s a better place to network than LinkedIn? From CEOs to managers, almost every professional is on LinkedIn. 

With a domain authority of 98, LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to gain those precious backlinks and improve your website rankings. 

Here's how to leverage LinkedIn to build links. 

1. LinkedIn Profile: This is the only way to gain do-follow links from LinkedIn. Simply open your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to Contact info. Here you will find a website field, as shown in the below screenshot. Simply add your site link. And voilà! You got a backlink!


2. LinkedIn Post: These are no-follow links, but they are still very valuable. For example, you can create a LinkedIn post and add a link to your website to drive people to your site. Although this link won’t pass a link juice, it will surely bring traffic - which is just as important. 

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3. Facebook Link Building 

With over 2.9 billion active users, Facebook is the number one social media networking site globally. With its popularity comes many opportunities, one of which is building backlinks.

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Here are top ways to build links with Facebook:

1. Personal Account Facebook Bio: Most people don’t know that you can include a link in your profile bio. With a character limit of 101, you can include your website links in your Facebook bio. 

2. Facebook Business Page Contact Info: In the about section of your Facebook business page, you can see the contact information section. Here you can also add your website link and other details like email and contact number.

3. Facebook Posts: When you add a new Facebook post, include a backlink to your website page. Or you can also add a link to a status update.

4. Facebook comments: Not many know this, but you can share links in Facebook comments.


5. Connect With Other Site Owners: This is the easiest way to generate backlinks. Most website owners will have a Facebook account. So, why not connect with them to discuss collaboration for backlink building? 

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4. Leverage Reddit To Build Links 

Despite being known as ‘Internet’s First Page’, most people are surprised and unfamiliar with Reddit. The site was launched in 2005 and is more than just a social media site. It's a combination of Internet forums, social media, and content aggregators. 

But, before you start dreaming about gaining a backlink from Reddit, know that Redditors are not particularly fond of sales and marketing. This means your links can end up getting removed by moderators.

So, how to gain backlinks from Reddit? Here’s how.

1. Find An Active Niche Community. There is a subreddit for literally every niche on the planet. You just need to search for the popular Subreddits so that you can contribute. 

The below screenshot shows one such community that SEO professionals can be a part of. 


2. Become An Active Participant. Once you find a suitable subreddit, it's time to be an active participant. Engage with others’ posts consistently. 

3. Create Your Post. Now that you have been active for quite a time, it's time to share your post. But this doesn't mean you should start sharing links with every post. This will just make you look spammy. Only add your website link if you think it will add value to readers’ lives.

If Redditors love your content, getting a backlink will be a piece of cake. If they don’t, we'll try again. 

5. Twitter Link Building 

Twitter is not just a debating platform; it is also a goldmine for generating backlink opportunities. In our opinion, Twitter tops all the social media in building quality backlinks. It allows businesses to add links to their bio, as shown below. 


Here’s how to get a backlink with Twitter:

1. Search For The Top Websites That You Want Links From. If they have a Twitter account, which most branded websites have, you will see their account in search results. 

2. Reach Out To These Accounts. But first, create and develop strong relationships. Think about how you add value to their site? Once you get comfortable, you can ask for backlinks. 

3. Post Tweets. Although Tweet links are no-followed, they are valuable because they will expose you to a wider audience. Think of it in this way. You post a tweet, many people see your tweet, engage with you, and on top of all, retweet you. Google will surely notice this and may even reward you in some way. 

6. Link Building With Pinterest 

Most people see Pinterest as an image site, but it's much more than that. It's one of the largest visual search engines competing even with Google. With millions of visitors per month, Pinterest is a golden goose for free marketing for all types of businesses. 

Here’s how to use Pinterest to build backlinks: 

1. Pinterest Bio: Pinterest lets you add your website link in the bio. Pinterest verifies the links in the bio, which is essential since Google gives more importance to verified links. Moreover, it's also easily visible to anyone who visits your profile.

2. Create Rich Pins. This is another social link-building strategy. With every pin you create on Pinterest, you can add the URL of your website. Adding eye-catching images and text is essential to get the most out of Pins. 

 The below screenshot shows how it appears on Pinterest. 


3. Create SE-Optimized Boards: Pinterest has a special feature called Boards. You can tag all the related pins on these boards. You can add the board description and name to optimize the boards for more visibility.

We recommend having a business account instead of a personal account for better audience reach. 

7. Incorporate Links In Your Instagram Bio

Being one of the most popular social media channels, Instagram attracts more than 2.9 billion visits per month! 

But, there's a catch. Instagram does not allow link sharing. The only place where you can add a link on Instagram is your Instagram bio! 

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So, you will just have to make the most out of the link in the bio. The below image shows how most businesses leverage it to get a backlink. 

  • We recommend frequently changing the links in the bio to match the promotions on your Instagram page. You can use tools like to shorten your links for a cleaner look. 
  • Another way to gain backlinks is to network with complementary brands on Instagram. It won’t give you backlinks directly, but it will surely broaden your network circle and generate opportunities down the road. 

Getting Links from Social Media - FAQs

1. How Can I Get People To Share My Posts?

Ans. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to get people to share your posts. You can also use your email list, but that's not always effective.

2. How Can I Get More Followers?

Ans. You can post more often. You can also use different content to get more followers.

3. How Can I Get More Likes On My Photos?

Ans. You can use a photo editing app, such as Photoshop or Luminar, to make your photos look better.

4. What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Get Followers?

Ans. Some of the best ways to get followers to include posting interesting photos, sharing photos with hashtags, and using the right hashtags.

Key Takeaways

  • Add a website link to your profile.
  • Network with other bloggers and build a relationship. 
  • Collaborate with other brands to exchange links. 
  • Add rich pins to your website to improve traffic on Pinterest.
  • Contribute quality content on Reddit. Once people trust you, you can occasionally include your website link. 

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Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.


Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.

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