Top Local SEO Mistakes Roofing Firms Make

11 Biggest Local SEO mistakes Roofing Companies Make

When users type "roofing companies near me" in Google, it shows them over a million results. They see every piece of information on the internet related to roofing companies. 

If you have a roofing company, you want these users to become your customers. One way of doing it is through SEO.

With local SEO, companies can appear in location-specific search engine results. 

Only roofing company websites with good local SEO rank higher in search results.

Here are the 11 biggest local SEO mistakes that roofing companies can make: 

1. No Google My Business

When users search for roofing companies on Google, they see many results. On top of these search results is Google my business listings which contain important information. This includes company name, contact number, rating, reviews, timings, etc. 

Roofing companies must create a Google My Business listing to appear genuine. Also, they can set primary and secondary business categories to make the service they offer clear. 

Steps To Create Google My Business Listing

  • Click on get on google
  • Add business name, address, website, and contact number
  • Choose the primary and secondary category
  • Click on verify my business 
  • Enter email and phone number to verify 

Here’s a screenshot of Google My Business:


2. No Keyword Optimization 

Keyword optimization is necessary to rank your page higher in search results. To optimize keywords, you must include keywords in meta title, meta description, rich snippet, URL slugs, etc. 

Also, you must ensure that you do not stuff keywords unnecessarily. Maintain a good keyword-to-content ratio so that your website page comes up for that particular search. 

Tools To Get Location-Specific Keywords And Check Keyword Optimization 

  • SEMrush : It will help you find business-related keywords and gives you per page and keyword score. 
  • Ahrefs : It helps with keyword research and gives keyword analysis for different pages 
  • Serpstat : Find keywords relevant to your business, and check keyword difficulty and density. 

Here’s a screenshot of Serpstat:


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3. Slow Load Time 

You will lose visitors with a good SEO strategy but a website that loads slowly. Users searching for local companies want to get all the information immediately.

Remove advertisements and duplicate pages, which can affect your load time. Instead, highlight contact details like email and phone number to grab their attention. 

Tools To Check And Improve Website Load Time

  • Pagespeed insights : Check the website and page speed scores and get suggestions to fix the same. 
  • GTMetrix : Learn how fast your website loads across devices and what is slowing it down. 
  • Pingdom  : Get a detailed analysis of all website speed metrics to help your visitors browse seamlessly.

Here’s a screenshot of Pagespeed Insights:


4. Poor Images

Image quality should always be high to attract new customers. Also, each image should be relevant to the topic it is being used for. 

For example: For roofing services, you can use a high-quality image of a roof. For exterior paint, you can capture the side view of the house with fresh paint.

Images must also contain specific keywords in the caption and alt text. These factors are important to optimize them as per SEO best practices.

Tools To Check Image Quality And Optimize Images:

  • : Check images for SEO-related issues and size that can affect your website ranking and load time
  • : Check images for aspect ratio, height, width, and pixel density and optimize them for your website
  • : Save on storage space and bandwidth with image compression and get a fast image to deliver through CDN

Here’s a screenshot of


5. No Listing On Local Directories 

You will see different directories when searching for a specific business on Google. These directories usually contain all the registered businesses in your area. Also, most directories are location specific. 

Businesses must keep their name, address, website, and contact information across directories consistent. 

Directories That Roofing Companies Can List On

  • Hotfrog : It is a local business directory that helps users easily find and review your business.
  • Superpages : A business directory as popular as yellow pages helps users find local services. 
  • Merchant Circle : It has an easy-to-browse interface to separate businesses into different categories for listing.

Here’s a screenshot of Superpages:


6. No Optimization Across Devices 

Roofing companies that have good content, website design, and call to action on their website must load as per the device. 

The website should be responsive so that it is easy to access across devices, be it a tablet, computer, or mobile. 

Also, responsive websites adjust across devices by changing the layout style and the way the images appear. 

Companies can use tools to preview their website as per device and foresee any performance issues. 

Tools To Optimize Website Across Devices

  • Hotjar : It allows you to get deep insights into the design and performance of your website across devices. 
  • Browserstack : It lets you see how your website appears across various devices by selecting each device icon separately. 
  • Responsivedesignchecker : Check how content on each page appears per the device screen size. 

Here’s a screenshot of Responsivedesignchecker:


7. No Customer Testimonials 

Customer testimonials are effective in converting visitors to your roofing website to customers. 

They help create trust among new visitors looking to associate with your company for the first time. 

Also, place them so visitors can see them without having to navigate too much. Most websites include customer testimonials in the bottom section of each page. 

Tools To Ask For Customer Testimonials 

  • Testimonial hero : It helps you create powerful text and video customer testimonials to generate more leads.
  • Pixlee : It allows companies to get more data on the local community. They can track their reviews and ratings to publish as testimonials. 
  • : It allows feedback forms to be easily embedded on your website. So, you can publish what customers think about your products/services. 

Here’s a screenshot of the Testimonial hero:


8. Poor Link Building 

Link building is essential to strengthen the domain authority of your website. The higher your website's domain authority, the better it will rank on search engines. 

Backlink building involves creating social media profiles and posting on them. It also involves publishing articles and blogs on different sites, replying in forums, etc.

Best practices of link building involve excellent anchor text and the removal of broken links. Roofing companies that follow these SEO best practices perform better than competitors. 

Tools To Create Backlinks 

  • Linkody : It helps you track your existing links, gives competitor link analysis, and gives you insights into what will work and what won't. 
  • Buzz stream : It offers extensive information on all the publications and sites. It targets those that your audience visits to create strong backlinks. 
  • Ninja outreach : It helps you find influencers of your target community to build backlinks. Also, you can ask them for business mentions for successful lead generation. 

Here’s a screenshot of Linkody:


9. Bad Customer Support 

The efforts you have put in to create and execute an SEO campaign will go to waste if you do not have good customer support.

If your website appears in search results, visitors will want you to answer their queries. 

This is only possible if you have excellent customer support. Many tools provide customer support integration with your website. Choose the ones that your staff can handle and store all visitor data. 

Customer Support Tools For Your Website

  • Zendesk : Users can connect with your business anytime with 24/7 customer support. Also, this platform offers seamless website integration. 
  • Olark : It offers live chat and responsive customer support features to leverage data from user behavior.
  • Freshdesk : It is a CRM tool allowing any agent to easily access any visitor's chat history. 

Here’s a screenshot of the Freshdesk CRM tool:


10. Incomplete Sitemap 

The sitemap is a critical SEO factor for roofing websites to rank well on search engines. Roofing companies with no easy-to-navigate and clear sitemap do not get high visibility. 

Sitemap breaks down into flowcharts all the different media your website contains. It also lists down your pages as per their popularity. This allows search engines to crawl and index your website easily. 

Tools To Create Good Sitemaps

  • Dynomapper : It helps you create a sitemap as per SEO best practices. Also, it offers different sitemaps styles and representations.
  • Inspyder : Get a complete sitemap analysis to fix issues stopping you from ranking high on search engines.
  • Slickplan : Take your sitemap from conception to completion with complete sitemap services.

Here’s a screenshot of Dynomapper:


11. No Photos And Review 

Roofing companies without photos and reviews do not appear as genuine to visitors. 

This can significantly reduce your lead conversion rate. Visitors like to see photos of happy customers and read positive reviews of your business on the internet. 

Companies must use review management software that allows them to interact with customers. 

Such software allows them to track all reviews and address customer issues easily. Also, they can share positive reviews on their social media channels to generate more leads.

Tools For Review Management

  • Brand 24 : Discover and manage all your brand mentions online to build a strong and positive brand identity. 
  • Ormexpert : Filter and manage reviews online to protect your company from negative reviews and sayings. 
  • Broadly : Track and identify positive reviews and share them on your social media channel to get more leads. 

Here’s a screenshot of Brand 24:


Key Takeaways

  • Create Google My Business Listing 
  • Research and optimize relevant keywords 
  • Improve website load time 
  • Put quality images
  • List on local directories 
  • Build responsive websites 
  • Publish customer testimonials 
  • Generate quality backlinks 
  • Offer excellent customer support
  • Design SEO-friendly sitemap
  • Practice review management 

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Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.


Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.

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