Digital Marketing Tips for Fort Worth Painting Companies/Contractors


The painting business in Fort Worth is competitive. You must up your game with digital marketing if you want to rise to the top. Investing in it gets you the local reach you want and turns your website into a lead-generating portal.
Optimizing your site with the proper techniques and content ranks your website on the top among searches.

Digital Marketing Tips for Your Painting Company

1. Focus on Local Searches

People search for most of the services these days on the internet. Investing in SEO pays rich dividends. Local SEO optimizes your website for local searches in Fort Worth. It gets your painting business listed in the top search results when done right.
You can aim for the coveted ‘local 3-pack’ listing, the first three businesses listed by Google.
For example, see how the local 3-pack comes at the top for the keyword “Fort worth painters.”
Here Are Our Top 3 Tools To Help You Fine-Tune Your Local SEO Game:
1. Google My Business: Adding your business details here makes it easy for local customers to find you.
2. Synup: Synup crawls search engines, business directories, and review sites to track your performance.
3. SEM Rush Listing Management Tool:
Easily add and update your business data while tracking your listings and reviews in specific cities and countries.

2. Segment Your Landing Pages

Customers continuously seek relevant and valuable information. They expect the page they reach to provide it. For example, after clicking an Ad for office painting in Fort Worth, a customer expects to see more details about it on the page they reach.
Similarly, a homeowner may want to see information and pricing for painting houses after clicking a link for home painting services.
For example, Take a look at this painting company in Texas that offers free pricing estimators for customers.
To deliver this, get a landing page for each service you offer. It simplifies navigation and prevents confusion.
Here Are A Few Tips For Using Landing Pages To Gain Leads:

  • Create landing pages for home and commercial customers separately. User segmentation is crucial.
  • Create a separate page for each promo or offer that reflects the Ad content a user clicks.

3. Prominently Display NAP Information

Name, Address, Phone (NAP) is essential to Local SEO. These details are the first thing a customer will look upon your website if they feel your painting services fit their needs. Surprisingly, many businesses don’t list this crucial data in easy-to-find places.
Ensure that your NAP details are updated on your website on home and landing pages where they cannot be missed. For example, you can list them at the footer of each page.
You can also show a pop-up with the phone number prompting them to call you.
Another way to generate leads is to list this information on other online avenues frequented by customers. List your NAP details along with business hours on Google My Business and other popular online directories.
For example, See how this Fort Worth painting company has added their working hours clearly in their Google my business profile.

4. Amplify Positive Customer Reviews

Most online customers like to read reviews and check a painting company’s ratings before doing business. If you have an online presence, you are bound to get your share of reviews. These could be on the positive or negative side.
What truly matters is that you promote your positive reviews at every possible opportunity.
For example, See how this painting company promotes a GMB review on their website testimonials section.
Here Are A Few Ways To Amplify Reach And Generate Leads Through Positive Client Reviews:

  • Create a separate section on your site with the reviews and plug-in video testimonials. These carry more weight than text and images.
  • Feature top testimonials every few weeks on your social media handles.
  • Use quotes from top reviews in your promotions and online Ads.

A tip for getting more positive reviews is to reward customers with coupons or discounts when they share them.
Read: Reviews & Its Role in Local SEO

5. Leverage Social Media for Leads

Social media has been a blessing for local and online businesses in the internet era. It’s free to set up a business page on Facebook or Instagram. You will see loyal followers on your account pages when your painting services become popular in the area.
Use Social Media to your benefit. Curate content specific to social media to gain leads and increase your customer base.
There Are Many Strategies To Win On Social Media. Here Are Some Examples:

  • Run Ads on Facebook. This amplifies your post’s reach within your local target audience. Target people in a specific region or those interested in painting services.
    Check this ad campaign from Samsung on Facebook.
  • Create videos of your best painting work as a showreel. Share this on Facebook and Instagram with relevant keywords and hashtags. A sample hashtag could be #FortWorthPaintServices

6. Update Google My Business (GMB) Pages

Google My Business (GMB) is important to your digital marketing success. Your Local SEO strategy cannot hold fort without optimizing your GMB profile. Ensure that your business details are correct on GMB. If you’re a new business, create a new profile or claim your business profile online.
GMB can be leveraged in powerful ways. It can help your painting company in Fort Worth find a large customer base.
Here Are Some Tips You Can Use To Make The Best Use Of GMB:

  • Select your business category as “Painter” in the options. This narrows search results for customers.
    For example, See how this painting company uses separate landing pages for each location.
  • Post photos and videos of your best painting projects to it. (Both residential and commercial) Take a look at the GMB profile of this Painting company in Fort Worth.
  • Update the details of any new branches in GMB. Create separate landing pages for each branch on your website.

7. Explore SEO and PPC Options

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) are the most popular methods in digital marketing. They help in visibility and reach.
SEO helps rank your site higher, while PPC is aimed at leads and sales. You must invest in either of these if you want more customers to find you. SEO costs less and can often be done in-house.
PPC prices depend upon the package. Use a combination of SEO and PPC for your painting company. This helps geo-targeting people near you.
Here Are A Few SEO Practices You Can Implement Instantly:

  • Add meaningful title tags, meta descriptions, and alt-text tags to all your pages. These should contain the keywords you target.
  • Optimize images on your site so that they load fast.
  • Use more internal links in your content. It helps search engines map your content’s intent.

8. Be Mobile-Ready

Your website must look good and work flawlessly on a mobile phone. Most online searches take place on mobile devices. Ensure that your site is optimized.
Site loading or display issues can lead to a poor customer experience. It lowers their trust in your brand and brings down credibility. Poor mobile responsiveness has a direct impact on your SEO rankings.
Thankfully there are plenty of free and premium tools to help you. These tools can simulate your site on dozens of popular mobile devices.
We round a few of the best tools here:

  • Google Mobile-friendly Test: This is a free tool. Simply enter your site URL and get a report on the possible issues.
  • Gomez: It’s an online mobile testing tool that scores between 1 and 5.
  • Mobiready: A comprehensive mobile test tool with loads of features.

Here is how a mobile responsive website looks like across different devices.

9. Use Chatbots for Quick Conversions

Chatbots are AI tools that help with customer service. You can use them to offer many helpful help features.
A majority of online businesses use chatbots to answer common customer queries. It also helps reduce the load on your customer support teams. The best part is that chatbots are available 24x7.
Take a look at this chatbot from a mobile app development company.
Here Are A Few Benefits Of Chatbots:

  • It saves time and money. For example, answering standard pricing and refund queries with chatbots helps support teams focus on more complex issues.
  • Chatbots help with sales. You can pitch new products or promos to site visitors.
  • Chatbots are flexible. You can train them to answer all kinds of questions. There is no limit to the number of users they can handle at any given time.

10. Engage With the Community

Building a good image for your business is the first step to success. Your business must be respected locally. Digital marketing in Fort Worth helps you with credibility building. One way to do it is by being more active in community events.
Engaging with local events and people makes it easy to break any cultural barriers. It imbibes trust in people.
Here we list a few proven tips to help you. These tips are great to drive sales through community initiatives.

  • Sponsor local events and community initiatives. For example, sponsor a local concert or a health drive.
  • Blog about local events and news of interest. For example, cover a local festival with pictures and videos.
  • Run promos with a local flavor. You can set up a hashtag with a local event name and offer discounts on special days.

Take a look at this hashtag promoted by TCS for New York City marathon.

11. Step Up The Heat On Your Competition

Competition is stiff in the Fort Worth area, as there are plenty of painting and home improvement businesses.
You need to stay one step ahead to capture your desired market. Keep track of what your competitors are doing both online and offline. Do not imitate them but use the knowledge to ideate unique campaigns and promos.
There are many ways to keep tabs on the competition. The most straightforward way is to follow their site and social media handles regularly.
Here are a few other tools that can help with competitor research and analysis.

  • Uber Suggest: This tool helps you see the keywords and backlinks your competitors use.
  • SpyFu: SpyFu is a popular competitor research tool. It lets you get a list of your competitor’s most profitable keywords.
  • SEMrush: This tool helps you analyze competitor keywords, backlinks, tags, and more.

For example, Have a look at the competitor analysis report from SEMrush for a painting company in Fort Worth.

12. Use Geo-location and Scheduling in Google Ads

As a painting company, your customer base is primarily local. So, it makes sense to spend time creating digital strategies that target people in your area. A great way to do this is to use geo-targeting methods as part of your Local SEO effort.
You can set the target area for your ads to reach the highest number of prospects. Google Ads has a feature that lets you select the region, town, city, or country where you display your Ads.
For example, you can set the Ads range to Fort Worth or the whole of Texas state if you have multiple branches.
To do that - Login to Your Google Ads, Create New Campaign > Select “Campaign Settings,”> Locations > “Enter Another Location,”> Click on Advanced Search.
You can enter the target location and set the radius or enter a particular location.
For example, Here, I have selected Fort Worth with 20 miles radius
You can use the scheduling feature in Google Ads to display Ads at a set time and date. For example, you can post an Ad on the day of a local event or festival.

13. Add Your Painting Business to Top Website Directories

Here Is a List of Citations Websites for Your Painting Website

  • Yelp: Yelp is one of the most popular sites for crowd-sourced reviews. It’s a great site to get cited for your painting business.
  • FourSquare: Foursquare citations are valuable. They help with SEO and better reach. Search for any listings of your painting business on Foursquare and claim it easily.
  • Houzz: Houzz is a complete business directory for home services. Listing your painting business here gets you more visibility. It helps with citations.
  • Angi: Angi has a massive listing of interior painters in Fort Worth. List your business here and cite the listing on your site and social media.
  • Crunchbase: Crunchbase is a platform that lets you find any business details. It is a great place to list your painting business and cite it.
  • Expertise: Expertise helps people connect with local experts in any business. List your painting business here. It helps with finding customers compared to other channels.
  • Home Advisor: Home advisor is a reputed platform to source home services. The company prescreens all vendors. It’s a good platform for citations.
  • Manta: Manta lists hundreds of local businesses in Fort Worth. This includes painters. List yourself here to get better leads and citations for your business.

14. Post Articles Regularly on Your Blog

Here is a List of High-quality Blogs You Can Follow

  • Platinum Painting Fort Worth: This blog contains a wealth of information that you can use. Their blogs have engaging articles about popular painting trends and styles.
  • Alliance Painting DFW: The alliance painting blog shares valuable articles and resources. It has dozens of articles on a range of topics. This includes choosing painters, colors, and more.
  • Fivestar Painting: Five Star Painting runs a quality blog that you must follow. It can give you insights into the type of content you must create.
  • Dallas Paints: The Dallas Paints blog has articles on painting and maintenance. It is updated regularly. Follow it to know the latest trends and top practices.
  • The Dallas Painting Co: This blog aims to educate new homeowners about painting services. Follow this blog to read about what it takes to offer quality painting services.

15. Add Images Of Your Work on Your Instagram Profile

Here is A List of Fort Worth Painting Companies You Can Follow On Instagram

  • Southern Painting Fort Worth: Follow this Insta handle to get ideas for painting houses. They post stunning images of recent client work completed in the area.
  • Dfw Paint Pros: This Insta handle is run by a painting pro in the area. Watch this handle to see images of his best work in the region.
  • Dfw Painting: DFW painting has many pictures and videos of their paint projects in the area. Follow them to keep tabs on the latest styles and trends.
  • Liberty USA Painting: Liberty USA is a premier painting agency in Fort Worth. Their work features high-profile property. Follow them for inspiration and ideas for your business.

Key Takeaways

Digital Marketing is a game-changer for your painting business. It’s cost-effective and delivers results in the long run. As a local business, you must maintain a solid online presence. It’s the best way to get leads when people search for painting services in Fort Worth.
Here are some other benefits:

  • Increase customer loyalty and trust in the area.
  • Use local news and content to build a bond with the community.
  • See higher conversion rates at a lower marketing cost.
  • Take on bigger competitors in the area without spending much.
  • Use citations and backlinks to partner with other local companies. This helps in mutual growth for all.

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