Digital Marketing Tips For Moving Companies In Houston

Why Your Moving Business Need Digital Marketing

There is nothing wrong with the traditional form of advertising. It still works fine. But the golden era of conventional advertising has long gone now.
By ignoring digital marketing, you are losing a considerable chunk of customers and missing the boat on concepts such as metaverse.
This article is a compilation of ten golden digital marketing tips to make your moving company the next big thing in Houston.

10 Digital Marketing Tips For Moving Companies

1. Do Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to adjusting your website and its elements to rank high in search engine results. Local SEO revolves specifically around optimizing your site for local-intent searches such as "Best movers in Houston."
Doing Local SEO for your site will result in more customer walk-ins, phone calls, appointments, etc. In addition, you will also have a chance to get featured in Google's 3-Pack.
The 3-Pack is Google's way of displaying a set of three results that are most appropriate for local searches. Getting your listing featured in this spot gives great brand exposure.
Local SEO techniques also include using localized long-tail keywords, creating geo-specific content, etc.
Here is a list of the Three Best Local SEO tools:

2. Create Google My Business Listing

The value of Google My Business is undeniable in local searches. GMB listings are one of the significant contributors to traffic for local searches.
Ask any local SEO expert, and he will tell you to prioritize GMB listing. GMB allows business owners to verify their business, add a description, photos, and contact info to their listing.

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One can also get phone calls and messages through the GMB listing. Google also gives you rich insights which you can use to optimize your marketing strategies.
Users can leave comments and reviews in your listing. The best part is that the more reviews and conversations you garner around your brand, your Local SEO will improve.
Three Free Google Tools to Complement GMB Listing:

3. Run PPC Ads

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click. Hailed as one of experts' cost-effective digital marketing strategies, the PPC model allows you to pay only when a user clicks your ad.
If we search “Moving companies in Houston”, the sponsored ads comes at the top.
It is one among the handful of digital marketing techniques that give you an excellent Return on Investment (ROI). The reason for this phenomenon is that PPC ads only drive customers who have a high-purchasing intent.
Unlike Local SEO or other forms of digital advertising, PPC ads give you instant results. It is also great to increase your brand exposure as you don't have to pay a penny to make the ads appear before users.
Since PPC ads do not come under the purview of algorithmic changes, you don't have to optimize your ads often.
Best Tools to Make the Most Out of PPC Ads:

4. Have an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is another low-cost advertising channel to boost your moving business.
It is also a great tool to segment your audience for personalized newsletters and marketing emails.
You can use Movers email template like unlayer to quickly edit and send newsletters.
Let's say that you have three different sets of audiences:

  • Customers who have used your moving company once,
  • Long-time customers from Downtown Houston, and
  • Those who have interacted with your ads but did not use your service.

You can now target each group with personalized marketing messages and preset the emails using advanced tools. Email marketing is also great for product upsells, surveys and feedback.
Here Are Some Best Email Automation Tools:

  • Sendinblue (Free Trial Plan Available)
  • Zoho (Simple Drag-and-drop Editor to Personalize Emails)
  • MailChimp (Built for Growing Businesses)

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5. Make Use of Social Media

If you want to harvest the benefit of free marketing, use social media wisely. As long as you get the hang of social media algorithms, gaining traction is a cakewalk.
The best way to begin your social media marketing is by taking advantage of the platforms that are now the talk of the town. TikTok and Instagram are the two social media platforms you can't afford to miss.
Let's discuss TikTok for example.
A moving company called Let's Get Moving from Kansas has a whopping 135.5k followers on TikTok. They post moving tips, goofy videos of themselves, and videos showing how a typical day looks for movers.
Here is what one of the company's cofounders, Kraus, says about their TikTok campaign. "We have gotten several calls from TikTok, so it has been beneficial," Kraus says. Check out their page to get an idea.

6. Invest in Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of your best bets to generate quality organic traffic from specific areas.
As a moving business, you can educate those who want to move to a new place. Advice in the form of tips, tricks, and hacks is great to grab eyeballs.
Have a look at Daymakers Moving for some inspiration. They share tips for easy moving, last-minute organizing, and the like.
You can also check this post for Ingenious moving hacks.
As a moving company in Houston, you can also create content around home improvement, buying and selling, etc. The audiences who are interested in the topics described above are your potential customers.
Pro Tip: Create less explored topics such as "How to move your artwork" to stand out.

7. Offer Free Printable Moving Guides

"I don't want freebies," said no one ever. This tip can go hand in hand with content marketing but differs slightly in its approach.
People who look to move to a new place are often bewildered. While some may prefer tips and hacks, some need a step-by-step written guide to follow through.
You can tap into such prospects by offering them free printable moving guides and checklists.
Check out Canadian moving company Two Small Men's page. They offer a free downloadable moving checklist for the readers.
Do not underestimate the power of free guides and checklists. They are excellent lead magnets.
Consider opening a resources section on your website and providing valuable guides, checklists, and access to a moving cost calculator.

8. Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

This tip is a no-brainer, yet many make this mistake thanks to ignorance. Mobile phones dominate the web world. What's more important is that this trend shows no sign of slowing down.
For example, in the first quarter of 2021, mobile phones were responsible for 54.8% of the global web traffic. Bear in mind that mobiles phones have been outperforming desktops since 2017 as traffic drivers.
On top of everything, Google shows mobile-friendly sites higher in search results. For Eg., Take a look at this moving company website in Houston.
The following words come straight from Google's mouth: If your site isn't mobile-friendly, visitors are five times more likely to leave.
For more mobile-optimization tips, read Google's this article.
If these pieces of data do not convince you to make your moving company website mobile-friendly, nothing will.
Free Tools to Check Your Website's Mobile-friendliness & Speed:

9. Manage Your Reputation Online

Managing your business's credibility both offline and online is vital. When it comes to online, you need a well-defined strategy to manage your reputation.
Because having a bad reputation will affect your search engine rankings, you have to prioritize reputation management.
To begin with, ask your customers to leave a review about your product/service. Having a sizeable number of good reviews will ensure a positive image among prospects and new customers.
Addressing customer queries and grievances in time is equally important to review collection. Use social listening tools to weed out fake reviews and comments in bad taste.
For E.g., Take a look at this moving company in Houston, maintaining Good reviews across Yelp, Facebook and more.
Some useful Automation Tools for Online Reputation Management:

  • Google Alerts (For automated alerts on different subjects)
  • Mention (A social listening tool with a 14-day free trial)
  • Reputology (A Review Management Platform with a free trial)

10. Use Video for Your Advantage

Recently, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri explicitly said, "it's no more a photo-sharing app." As he declared, the world's fourth-largest social network has now become a video and entertainment platform.
"But why?" you may ask. The answer is TikTok. There are even several articles blaming Instagram for trying to become the next TikTok.
But what pushed Instagram to adopt a video-first policy is because of the engagement videos get. The engagement reports of several social media giants prove that videos make people engage more than any visual form.

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You can also make use of YouTube to promote your videos. Take a look at this example.
This is why you should make use of videos to promote your moving business in Houston.
Exploit these to go viral.

Here Is a List of Moving Directories/Sites Where You Can Get Citation Links:

  • Yelp
    Yelp is a directory that needs no introduction. Yelp is a natural habitat for small businesses, including movers, and connects them with prospects.
  • FourSquare
    FourSquare's Cityguide is a go-to place for people worldwide to find eateries, shops, and other businesses. It has eight Houston movers listed on the platform.
  • Merchant Circle
    As the largest online network of local businesses in the USA, Merchant Circle helps merchants get more online visibility.
  • Angi
    Angi is nothing but a new name to Angie's List. The platform provides dedicated tools to manage customers. Click here to register your business.
  • Service Whale
    Service Whale is a platform that connects homeowners with home services to get custom quotes using its "patent-pending" quoting technology. Click here to register.
  • Local
    Local has more than 100,000 active business listings on its platform. From directions to reviews and phone numbers to addresses, it gives every detail about a business to the users.
  • Show me Local
    Show Me Local is a global business directory that shows listings from 28 countries. Here is how Houston fares in the directory.
  • Moving Company Reviews
    MCR, a mover review site with 7,000+ movers, allows customers to request quotes from movers. Reviews are verified using move receipts.
  • Find Storage Fast
    Find Storage Fast is a directory of storage units that you can book online. Customers can read reviews and compare prices between different companies.
  • My Moving Reviews
    My Moving Reviews has been gathering moving reviews for the last 12 years. Due to its success in the US, the company has expanded its service to UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Movers Corp
    Movers Corp is a movers marketplace. Users can compare the rates and services of different movers and book their preferred mover online.
  • Movers Directory
    Movers Directory is a one-stop destination for free moving quotes, moving tips, guides, self-storage, car shipping, etc.
  • Move With Movers
    Move With Movers has 4,729 USA movers listed on the site, a directory that provides free moving quotes. It covers 1,500 cities across the globe.
  • Best Improvers
    Best Improvers provides more than just the address and phone number of local businesses. One can find a business's opening hours, map directions, reviews, coupons, etc., on the site.

II. Posting Quality Content on Your Blog

Here Are Some Popular Movers' Blog Links

  • North Star Moving
    Being in the game for more than 25 years, North Star Moving knows how to attract potential audiences. Their blog talks everything about home improvement and management.
  • Best Fit Movers
    Check out Best Fit Movers' blog to find out how smartly they use region-specific keywords and area names inside their blog posts.
  • Move Buddha
    Check out Move Buddha to know how they use resources such as a Moving cost calculator as lead magnets. Their blog is a goldmine for blog post ideas.
  • New City Movers
    New City Moving targets the Chicago audience mainly. This can be understood by looking at their blog articles that are written around Chicago.
  • Greek Moving
    Greek Moving writes digestible moving-related articles and addresses the most common pain points faced by people who move.

Key Takeaways:

  • Optimize your Google My Business Listing by adding descriptions, photos, working hours, contact info, map direction, etc.
  • Channel your efforts towards creating excellent content around packing and moving.
  • Provide free downloadable moving guides and checklists. They are great lead magnets.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly.
  • Ensure accuracy in details across directory listings.
  • Use short-form video platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest Idea Pins.
  • Manage your online reputation using advanced social listening and review management tools.
  • Invest in PPC ads for quick results.

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Ruben Heller

Ruben Heller is the Content Marketing Manager in Haitna, Dallas. His writing experience is diverse, and it covers influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and more. He has a Master of Science in Marketing from the University of Dallas.


Ruben Heller

Ruben Heller is the Content Marketing Manager in Haitna, Dallas. His writing experience is diverse, and it covers influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and more. He has a Master of Science in Marketing from the University of Dallas.