What Can a Chamber of Commerce Do For Houston Businesses?

A lot.
The least gain is new business opportunities. The best you can expect is a paradigm shift in your business. The point here is that a Chamber of Commerce has something to offer for everyone.
Depending on your sector, the benefits you can get out of a Chamber of Commerce will differ. But the advantages of joining a Chamber of Commerce far overweigh the drawbacks.
Are you still mulling over the advantages of joining one?
Have a deep look at the businesses that have been a part of a Chamber of Commerce for quite a long time. You will see a steady upward trend in their growth. That's enough talk! Let's get started.

12 Compelling Reasons for Houston Businesses to Join a Chamber of Commerce

1. Business Opportunities

Let's get straight to the point. "How a commerce body can help me increase my revenue" will be the first question one may ask.
Hang on; we have the answer.
A Chamber of Commerce is an excellent source of business referrals. As an entrant to a Chamber of Commerce, you will get to network with businesses of your domain and allied ones.
Now, referrals are a two-way street. You have to refer fellow businesses to potential clients. In return, you will be referred by other businesses.
It is common in Business Networking meetings for each member to share the number of referrals they have made in a specific period.

2. To keep the Hustle Mode on

Let's accept this. Every business owner suffers from entrepreneurship/business fatigue at some point in time.
The reasons for the slowdown vary from owner to owner. For some, it is the daily mundane work. For some, the inability to scale up the business can result in burnout.
Whatever the reason may be, a commerce body can help you exit the fatigue mode. Being a part of a Chamber of Commerce will feed you enough energy to keep the fire alive.
After all, you are hanging out with winners and go-getters, not non-starters.

3. Chance to Work With Allied Businesses

Take the case of the Houston-headquartered multinational food distribution company Sysco. One of Sysco's founders John Baugh, who was instrumental in forming the company, was a small-time Houston-based food distributor. His company name was Zero Foods Company.
1n 1969, he foresaw the potential in the business and initiated discussions with the local food distributors. He had convinced eight other local food distributors to join hands. His goal was to become a national foodservice distribution organization.
Fast forward to 2021. Today, Sysco serves clients in 90 countries. As an owner of a Houston-based business, you can replicate the success of Sysco no matter what sector you operate in. You can replicate the success with a web design firm, app development firm, or SEO firm.
All you need to do is connect with allied companies. And the best way to do that is to enter a Chamber of Commerce.

4. Acts as a Shield

Businesses are prone to threats, both internal and external. In hard times, a commerce body can be your voice and protect you from such threats.
Chambers of Commerce also give consultation and crucial advice regarding the nitty-gritty of employee security, human resources, legalities, and taxes.
Though some chambers charge you for such services, some chambers offer consultation free of charge.
Some chambers dedicate a team and hotline to protecting their members. Businesses can call the number and get advice on burning issues instantly.

5. New Perspectives

Business networking will help you find new avenues to expand your company. It can also put things in perspective.
Not long back, I had a chit-chat with my friend, a business owner, and a member of a Business Networking body.
For reasonably long years, he has been into the traditional forms of advertising. Upon understanding the potential of online advertising, he channeled some resources towards that too.
But he has not reaped as many benefits as he did through traditional advertising. When he was about to say goodbye to online advertising, he saw a digital marketing company's presentation (in a business networking meeting) on Webinar Funnel.
He gave one last try and got phenomenal conversions through Webinar marketing. Today, he spends most of his advertising budget in Webinar Funnel.

6. Opportunity to Advertise

Chambers of commerce use various mediums to connect with their members and the public. Apart from using their website, they also use emails, bulletins, in-house publications, and social media pages.
These spaces also double up as advertising slots. It is not uncommon for commerce body websites to carry advertisements of their members.
As a member, you are likely to get a chance to advertise your products/business for a discounted price at the spaces described above. You can also advertise in chamber events. If you have a storefront, you can have advertisements saying that you are a part of the Chamber of Commerce.

7. To Increase Credibility

This is a no-brainer. Businesses that are part of commerce bodies will appear as credible ones in the eyes of the public.
In 2012, a national survey was conducted among 2,000 adults by The Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm. The study revealed that two-thirds of consumers believe members of chambers of commerce use good business practices.
The participants also believed that these companies care about customers and involve in community development activities.
Pro Tip: If yours is an online business, you can use the chamber's logo on your site. Doing so will improve your credibility.

8. Membership Benefits

Chambers of commerce usually have tie-ups with various entities such as payroll services and software companies. Being a member of a commerce body will get you discounts on goods such as office supplies, accounting software, and insurance.
In addition to this, you may get access to webinars, hotline support, B2B contacts, B2G contacts, and meetings with lawmakers. For example, the US Chamber of Commerce arranges Q&A with the chamber and its trade association members.
The US Chamber of Commerce also sends its members Chamber Bulletin and emails on the matters of the chamber.

9. For Going Global

Many successful international businesses had humble beginnings. Thanks to their vision and hunger for success, so many local companies have become global forces.
To give you an idea, Peugeot was originally a steel foundry. Shell's founder Marcus Samuel originally sold antiques and later started importing oriental shells from the Far East.
One of India's biggest e-commerce giants, Flipkart, was an online bookseller. The commonality here is the burning desire for excellence and expansion.
But to become a global force, you need to understand the ins and outs of the complementary business. A Chamber of Commerce is an excellent place for that.

10. Quick Access to Crucial Information

As a business, you spend most of your energy and resources towards building it. When you have invested too much into the business, you tend to miss the most critical developments in your industry.
You will risk your business if you fail to adhere to the latest policies, rules, regulations, etc.
Several companies have run into compliance issues as they were unaware of the legislative changes about their business. Even renowned companies are not an exception.
Being a part of a Chamber of Commerce will give you quick access to documents concerning tax, employment, Health and Safety, and legalities.

11. Referrals

Referrals are an inherent part of commerce bodies. By making yourself a part of a Chamber of Commerce, you get a chance to showcase your business expertise to fellow members.
The more you impress your fellow businesses, the higher the chances for them to refer you when inquiries come their way.
The chamber also tends to refer your business to the public who seek information regarding your domain.
People view the Chambers of Commerce as a trustable source of information. Hence, it is common for them to contact the body to get details and suggestions about local businesses.

12. Access to Established Businesses

This benefit is great if you are a new business owner. It is needless to say that you lack the wisdom and experience of an established player.
It may take years, probably decades, for you to gain in-depth knowledge about your domain. But can you afford to wait, especially in this fast-paced world?
This is why you need the proximity of leaders. A Chamber of Commerce is a hub for winners. Making yourself a part of it gives you a chance to create authentic connections.
True that they will not spit out their trade secret. But they do drop value bombs during informal meets. These raw and unfiltered tips will help you boost your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Chambers of Commerce (CoC) are extraordinary for referrals.
  • Being a part of a CoC will protect you from threats.
  • CoCs increase your business's credibility in the eyes of customers.
  • CoCs allow you to work closely with complementary businesses.
  • CoCs act as a one-point stop for crucial information regarding legislative changes and the like.

5 Most Popular Chambers of Commerce in Houston, Here Is the List

1. East End Chamber of Commerce (EECOC)

EECOC claims to help 200,000+ people expand their business every year. The member benefits include referrals, publicity, and social media mentions. This year, EECOC celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

2. The Greater Houston Black Chamber (GHBC)

If yours is an African-American small business, GHBC is what you need. This chamber can help you acquire contracting opportunities. GHBC has connections with universities, including the University of Houston, for valuable resources.

3. The Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce

This chamber works closely with county, state, and national government leadership to convey the concerns of Houston business owners. Founded in 1974, the chamber is known for business expos, special advertising for members, and networking events.

4. Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce

As the name suggests, GHWCC is committed to the empowerment of women by educating and mentoring them. It helps businesses owned by women access valuable resources, capital, and business relationships.

5. Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston

IACCGH has been acting as a voice for Indo-American businesses for nearly 20 years. It has improved the US-India Bilateral Trade by closely working with the City of Houston. It also aims at facilitating commerce between Houston and India.

6. The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

HHCC advocates for the interests and concerns of the Hispanic business community. HHCC is actively involved in identifying new business opportunities for its members.

7. Houston West Chamber of Commerce

With more than 800 members, HWCOC facilitates business referrals through networking opportunities. You will also get access to Member-to-Member benefits, monthly educational seminars, and workshops.

8. Brazil Texas Chamber of Commerce

BRATECC aims at fostering relationships between those who run businesses in Brazil and Texas. By joining the chamber, you can access business leaders and the Brazilian and US markets' crucial economic and demographic data.

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Emanuel Foster

Emanuel Foster is a Senior Content Specialist at Haitna. He has a specialization in Digital Media from the University of Houston, and he has been working at Haitna for a little over three years at the Houston Office.


Emanuel Foster

Emanuel Foster is a Senior Content Specialist at Haitna. He has a specialization in Digital Media from the University of Houston, and he has been working at Haitna for a little over three years at the Houston Office.

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