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Texas School of Continuing Education and Recruitment offers online and in-class SEO training course certification in Houston. It focuses on digital marketing, search engine optimization, PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, email marketing, web analytics, digital advertising, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and so on.
It is a basic-to-advanced course, teaching the implementation of SEO practices and the use of SEO tools. It includes learning about search engines like Google and Bing and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

  • Internal scholarship for low income, disabled, and unemployed applicants
  • In-class and online training
  • Extensive training program for everyone

2. Digital Skill Port

Digital Skill Port offers the latest digital marketing courses for Houston students, entrepreneurs, and digital marketing professionals. The course includes an in-depth understanding of search engines, different types of SEO, tools, Google algorithm, on-page, and off-page SEO, etc. The institute offers more than ten certifications. Each course focuses on individual platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and more.
The institute combines theory and practical with four live projects each. It helps students under the nuances of digital marketing and gain domain expertise. Check out their demo classes for free.

  • Focus on case studies for better understanding
  • One-to-one online interaction
  • In-house corporate training for educational institutions & organizations

3. Certstaff

Certstaffix® Training has a search engine optimization course in various training formats. The classes can be attended online or in the training centers near Houston. Some courses come with self-paced eLearning to suit the candidate’s schedule. The courses are suitable for beginner and experienced SEM/ SEO professionals in Houston.
The course schedule can be found on the institute’s website, with an option to register for those you like to attend. Registered parties can join the classes from their existing locations or use the training institute's computer labs.

  • Access to lab equipment during the class
  • Taught by experts from the field
  • Convenient scheduling of classes

4. Destiny Marketing Solutions

Destiny Marketing Solutions offers master class advanced SEO training in Houston specially designed for business owners. The classes are organized once a week on Thursdays in their institute. Each class lasts for an hour and is scheduled around lunchtime (12 PM to 1 PM) so that business owners will not have to worry.
The course includes SEO for business, ad campaigns (Google and Bing), social media, content marketing, analytics, and email marketing. The institute also serves lunch for the registered members. There’s a limit on the number of seats.

  • Exclusive for business owners to understand SEO
  • Short duration but effective training
  • Only one class per week

5. Simplilearn

The SEO course by Simplilearn has been named the Houston #1 course by Marketing Land. There are seven courses on different topics of digital marketing. Students will be awarded a master’s certificate after completing all the courses, along with individual certificates for each course.
It’s an online course developed for business owners, marketers, sales teams, engineering and management graduates, students from marketing/ communication, and SEO professionals. A long list of tools is included in the course program.

  • Comprehensive course program with 4.6-star rating by Course Report
  • Covers all aspects of digital marketing in detail
  • Additional electives from top institutions like Harvard

6. Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop has not one but two SEO courses to offer. The courses are divided into levels, where SEO Level 1 is an introductory course program that provides a better understanding of various aspects of SEO strategies (on-page, off-page, link building, etc.)
SEO Level 2 is an advanced course that deals with the topics in detail and teaches students how to implement SEO strategies and get results. Both courses are online and last for six hours each. Students can opt for weekend or evening classes. The courses have a free retake option.

  • Online courses with flexible scheduling
  • One-day courses
  • Free retake

7. Ed2go

Digital Marketing Suite is a 72-hour course that trains students to plan internet marketing, use social media for marketing, and position the website at the top on SERPs. The classes are conducted online, and you can download the course material after enrollment.
Experienced trainers from the industry working with the top MNCs provide training to the students. The course is designed for entrepreneurs and beginners in the field. People with social media expertise will benefit from the course and learn how to leverage the platforms to market businesses.

  • Online virtual course program
  • Detailed and in-depth training
  • Useful for business owners

5 Reasons You Need To Take an SEO Training Course Right Now

1. You Get to Learn the Latest SEO Techniques

Where else can you find the latest and up-to-date SEO techniques?
A course is designed for the current market conditions. The trainers use their past experience to deal with the modern-day scenario. They teach how to create an SEO strategy that combines the best of then and now.
Learning SEO on your own may not provide you with the same level of training. After all, you have to rely on online articles and yourself. An SEO training program helps you understand how to use SEO in the present time and get the expected results.

2. You’ll Become a Certified SEO Professional

A certification is a wonderful thing in this big world of SEO professionals. Digital marketing is a thriving industry, and many new professionals are trying to carve a place for themselves. Some work as freelancers, others start agencies, and a few join in-house teams in different enterprises.
Either way, if you want your career to take off with a bang, you’ll need to prove your qualifications with a certificate from a recognized training institute/program. Being a certified SEO professional will give you the initial push to place yourself in the competitive market.

3. You Can Learn to Use Paid SEO Tools

SEO is a combination of theory and practical experience. Unless you get the results by implementing the strategies, you cannot claim to be successful at SEO. That requires the use of various SEO tools. Free tools are limited in nature. There’s only so much you can do with freeware.
But paid tools are expensive. How many will you buy only for practice purposes? But when you join an SEO training program, you’ll automatically have access to the paid SEO tools as a part of the course. You learn and then decide which ones to buy and offer to your customers.

4. Clients Want Certified SEO Experts

Yes, they do. When businesses and HR teams look for SEO and digital marketing professionals, they have a checklist. This checklist includes certification. It’s a way to guarantee clients that you’ve learned from an experienced trainer. It assures the client that you can handle the SEO challenges and overcome them.
Small business owners like to hire affordable and certified SEO professionals. They may not look for experience, but certification is a must. When you add the digital badge to your LinkedIn accounts or your website, you’ll be attracting more offers from prospective clients.

5. Learn from Expert SEO Professionals

One of the attractive features of an SEO training course is that it is taught by experienced digital marketing professionals from the industry. The trainers have practical knowledge in SEO. They know how to convert theory into action and get results.
For example, an experienced trainer will show how the Google algorithm affects SEO ranking using their previous/ current projects. The trainer will give you tips and ideas you won’t find anywhere on the internet. If you want to tweak a strategy or try something new, the trainer can help you do it the right way.

Top 5 Benefits of Learning SEO to Set Up Your Career

1. The Demand for SEO Experts Is Increasing

There are 1.2 billion websites in the world. Around 252,000 new websites are created every day. Each site needs SEO services to show up in the search results. You can imagine the demand for SEO experts in such a situation.
By learning SEO, you are preparing to have an active career. You can work with the leading brands as you gain experience. The better your success rate, the better your career. The start of a promising SEO career lies in how well you understand the basics. Learn SEO and garb exciting opportunities.

2. You Can Choose Between Freelancing and Employment

An SEO professional can work as a part of a team or as a freelancer. You can even establish a digital marketing agency. Interact with like-minded people and become an entrepreneur.
There are various ways to set up your SEO career. It’s upon you to decide how you want to plan it. Moreover, you have the flexibility of changing directions midway through.
Many SEO experts have left high-profile jobs to start their own SEO agencies. SEO allows you to choose your clients and work at your pace. Your career, your choice!

3. You’ll Earn Credibility as a Certified SEO Expert

Credibility is crucial in any field. The other side of demand for SEO is the increase in fake agencies. Many people call themselves SEO experts without proper training. Businesses have suffered losses by hiring an unreliable SEO agency. How will they know whom to trust?
Your certification is the key. A certificate/ digital badge from a reputed institution is a stamp of credibility. It shows that you’ve trained hard for the job. If a job screening includes certification, you will not be filtered in the initial stage itself.

4. SEO Is a Broad Field- More Opportunities to Specialize

SEO is an inherent part of digital marketing. But it is further classified into various specializations. Technical SEO is different from local SEO. International SEO uses different strategies. SEO auditing is a comprehensive process, and so on.
There are thousands of job openings for SEO experts in the USA, and you can find hundreds of openings for experienced SEO professionals in Houston.
You can specialize in one or all subcategories. If working for an agency or company, you can focus only on one area of SEO. You can accept freelancing projects on the side. SEO is combined with SEM, SMM, content marketing, etc. You can gain expertise in each field. There’s so much to learn!

5. SEO Connects Different Channels

SEO doesn’t work in isolation. Web development and content marketing work in tandem with SEO. SEO and ORM (Online Reputation Management) go hand in hand. You should align the SEO and PR strategies.
The HR teams also use SEO. It helps optimize job listings and reach the target group. An SEO professional has to work with several departments. It provides more chances to learn and improve. SEO learning exposes you to a vast world with varying domains and authorities. For the bigger brands, SEO lies at the center of their marketing strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • There are countless opportunities for SEO professionals.
  • Training and certification will ease the way ahead for beginners.
  • SEO training keeps the professional up to date about the latest practices.
  • Clients are more interested in hiring trained SEO experts.
  • It’s easy to join an SEO training course.
  • SEO training is a combination of theory and practice.
  • SEO courses can be completed online.
  • The market demand for reliable SEO experts is high.
  • There’s an excellent future for SEO professionals who learn and update their skills.
  • There are specialization options in SEO and digital marketing.
  • There’s no upper limit on the income for an SEO expert.
  • SEO offers flexible career choices and more autonomy.
  • SEO training is accessible to everyone. There’s no need for a university degree in SEO.
  • The SEO community is thriving. It’s easy to connect with others.

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Emanuel Foster

Emanuel Foster is a Senior Content Specialist at Haitna. He has a specialization in Digital Media from the University of Houston, and he has been working at Haitna for a little over three years at the Houston Office.


Emanuel Foster

Emanuel Foster is a Senior Content Specialist at Haitna. He has a specialization in Digital Media from the University of Houston, and he has been working at Haitna for a little over three years at the Houston Office.