Best SEO Training Classes and Courses in Austin

Directive Consulting

Are you looking for the best SEO training courses in Austin?
Learn SEO the most practical way from Directive Consulting. Led by industry experts, it's the best institute to kick-start your SEO career affordably. Enroll now and get lifetime access to the course for just $99 a month.

  • 40+ video tutorials explaining applicable strategies
  • Official certification to shore up your credentials
  • Complete access for just $99; no hidden charges

Gotch SEO Academy

Gotch SEO Academy is one of the most in-demand SEO agencies in the world. If you’re planning to get trained by the best SEOs, it's a perfect choice. The course is designed for action-oriented individuals desirous of becoming SEO experts. Spend a few minutes to apply for free, and their team will contact you in a jiffy.

  • Globally recognized SEO training curricula
  • Courses accredited by competent SEO institutions
  • Connections offered by a community of SEO professionals


Cerstaffix offers comprehensive and convenient training formats. You can opt for either instructor-led or self-paced courses, depending on your schedule. Also, you can attend live online public classes or at our training labs in Austin, Texas.
As for self-paced courses, each module is designed to cement your grasp of the lessons. Self-paced programs, however, are best suited for working professionals.

  • Instructor-led live sessions (also recordable)
  • Well-equipped training labs
  • Multiple attendance options

General Assembly

General Assembly focuses on offering hands-on training to start-ups and beginners in Melbourne.
Attend their free two-hour live-stream session by industry professionals to learn SEO basics. Once you’re satisfied with the content, you can take our part-time or full-time immersive course in SEO. These courses are customizable -- you can choose the difficulty level.

  • Training led by SEO professionals
  • Full-time, part-time and online courses
  • Easy, low-cost plans

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Search RPMs

If you are seeking to learn the nitty-gritty of the latest SEO tools, Search RPM can help. Beginners receive lessons on content creation, website design, and technical SEO. Experienced hands can opt for advanced courses delving deep into every SEO aspect.
Pay $799 and get access to an in-person two-day SEO course. If you are not satisfied, we offer a 100 per cent money-back guarantee.

  • Four full courses at just $799
  • 100 per cent money-back guarantee
  • Online/in-person training

Simpli Learn

Learn the practical aspects of SEO through tools and hands-on practice. Simpli Learn programme offers a Purdue University certification. The university is one of the premier institutions in digital marketing methods.
On course completion, it also gives you a free voucher for FB Blueprint certification. This is the only program with both academic (Purdue) and industry (Facebook) partners. The certification is a great force multiplier on your resume.

  • Purdue advantage
  • Level-up sessions
  • Placement assistance program

ZEO Learn

ZEO Learn provides an immersive, hands-on classroom experience. This is a far cry from learning from recorded videos.
ZEO Learn offers a course in four distinct categories:

  • Instructor-led online live classes
  • Instructor-led classroom sessions
  • One-on-one training with customized syllabi
  • Specially designed corporate courses for teams and team leads

Each category is aggressively priced so that everyone gets access to quality training.

  • Immersive sessions for greater comprehension
  • Deep industry exposure
  • Helps build your portfolio

Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop is the perfect platform to launch your SEO career. Courses at Noble Desktop are designed to cater to a wide variety of users.
These include:

  • A one-day session on SEO fundamentals
  • Two-day course with focus on practical’s
  • Comprehensive digital marketing boot camp

All classes are taken by industry professionals using proven curricula. Moreover, hands-on training makes aspirants industry-fit on course completion.

  • Proven curricula and focus on practical’s
  • High-quality mentorship

Top Benefits of SEO Training Classes

1. Learn by Doing

The best way to learn almost all new skills is by doing them. That’s why SEO training courses give hands-on training. Join the best SEO training classes in Austin to get practical training in SEO strategies.
Most courses will have the syllabi split into two segments. The first walks the students through the theoretical fundamentals of SEO. But it's the second segment that benefits the student the most - practical’s.
SEO practicals entail lessons on keyword research, content creation, content marketing, and design. Assignments, along with support from the mentors, can mold that SEO specialist in you.

2. Get Trained by Industry Bigwigs

Almost every institute in Austin has trainers with years of experience in SEO. You can hone your SEO skills under the guidance of these SEO gurus. This helps you learn from business leaders and glimpse the corporate sector.
Another advantage of SEO classes is the ready availability of employment in the field. The connections that trainers bring to the institute help their students land jobs. Firms, too, prefer those with SEO certifications to those holding traditional degrees.

3. Higher Placement Possibilities

Businesses are recruiting SEO specialists to boost their online presence. And certifications with practical exposure will give you an edge over your competitors.
If you are a beginner in SEO, you should undergo a certificate course in this field. If you are experienced, you might still want to get certified. This will increase your chances of getting promotions.
As long as search engines exist, SEO specialists will not run out of jobs. This skill set is also adaptable to suit emerging virtual areas.

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4. Comprehensive Curriculum

SEO encompasses multiple verticals like keyword research, content creation, and technical SEO. As such, it's no longer easy to master the craft on the job.
SEO courses have the solution for this. Almost all institutes in Austin offer comprehensive SEO curricula. These cover fundamentals of the topic to advanced techniques.
You also have the option to choose the course -- basic SEO for a beginner or an advanced course for specialists. Courses are also divided based on topics covered in duration. The basic course, for example, covers these topics:

5. Placement Assistance

Most SEO institutes help their successful students land a job. This can be campus selection or through recommendation. The SEO experts who teach you will also have contacts within the industry.
These contacts will help you tide over the competition, provided you know the craft well. Moreover, SEO specialists and analysts are in high demand these days.
Also, if the institute is reputable, a certification can alone help you find a job. A few institutes are even offering 100% placement assistance. Such institutes often partner with reputable companies in the field.

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All You Need to Know About Choosing SEO as a Career

1. Rising Demand for SEO specialists

Covid-19 and the lockdowns made it necessary for companies to have an online presence. But competition for SERP top slots rose with the entry of more companies into cyberspace.
The immediate result was a tremendous demand for SEO specialists and analysts. Job market statistics show opportunities in this field are likely to rise.
So, if you’re thinking of enrolling in an SEO course, this is the right time. If you’re a certified SEO professional, fetching a job abroad is also pretty easy.

2. Flexibility of Working

Unlike many jobs, SEO has the advantage of flexibility in working. If you're an SEO expert, you can work from anywhere and at any time; all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.
Companies across the globe offer remote jobs for SEO specialists. Many of these firms also don't go stingy with payment. What's more, you can also work as a freelancer. You will have the freedom to do business directly with clients. You can find clients from websites like Fiverr and Freelancer.
The skill will also come in handy when expanding your sites.

3. High Income Potential

The SEO industry is getting bigger, and so is the demand for SEO professionals. How much you can earn as an SEO Expert purely depends on how you start.
You can either get hired by a growing start-up or by digital marketing agencies. In both options, a decent paycheck is guaranteed, provided you have the skills.
You may also get hired by leading organizations with in-house SEO teams. Apart from a better salary, they may also offer you a pension and health insurance.
What's more, once you become an expert in the field, you can also look for jobs abroad.

4. No Qualifications Needed

Do you think you need a college degree for an SEO career? Not! Traditional qualifications are not necessary to launch an SEO career. There’s no minimum qualification.
All you need is basic communication skills and a good understanding of the internet. To get started, you can take up a beginner or short-term course available online.
Once you get the fundamentals under your belt, you can start taking up advanced versions of the course. Many firms are also providing internships in SEO, which is a great way to kick-start your SEO career.

Key Takeaways

>> Digital marketing comprises three fields:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Of these, SEO offers the most employment opportunities.
>> Almost all businesses now have a website. This means millions of websites vying for user attention. Only SEO can help a website jump the queue and present itself before the user at the right time.
>> Widespread use of SEO increased demand for SEO professionals. The job offers scope for growth and is one of the best paychecks in any industry.
>> Employment in SEO is also flexible in terms of work hours and location. One can opt for the normal 9to5 or work-from-home.
>> SEO now encompasses multiple fields. It has led to SEO courses with curricula covering fundamentals and advanced techniques.
>> The courses offer practical hands-on training under industry experts. This makes one industry-ready once they complete the course.
>> Many of the courses also offer placement assistance and after-course support.

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Enos Bode

I have been in Haitna for nearly three years, a Content Marketing Specialist on our Austin Web Team. I have an Executive MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.


Enos Bode

I have been in Haitna for nearly three years, a Content Marketing Specialist on our Austin Web Team. I have an Executive MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

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