Small business expos are always an opportunity to learn and connect with other communities and local businesses. Our team at Haitna is always looking for chances to widen our horizons and learn more about our industry.
The Austin Small Business Expo 2020 was a great way to elevate our brand and understand the market. It travels to all the major US cities and even has a virtual option as well. It regularly has industry experts speaking on relevant topics. After having attended it, we were able to absorb a lot of actionable information.
Let's take a deeper look into what Team Haitna was able to gain from the expo.

What Have We Learned from Austin Small Business Expo - 2020?

1. Developing Trends In The Market

Something that we found very valuable was an in-depth perspective about new market trends. Digital marketing is a dynamic space - there are changes every year and sometimes even monthly.
We were able to gain valuable insights into how trends might change in the coming year. There were a lot of innovative solutions from other companies that we could learn from. Keeping ahead of the pack is important because the business space is so competitive.

2. Unearthing New Business Contacts

In our business, you need to have the right business contacts to do well. At Haitna, we believe in the spirit of collaboration. The more of us work together, the better it is for everyone.
Any business has strengths and weaknesses. An expo is a place where businesses can work to eliminate their respective flat spots. You can also get experienced people with different perspectives to work for your company.

3. Experience Different Campaigns

Experience is invaluable when it comes to business. The more aware a company is about the past and present, the better its future will turn out to be. When you have an expo that brings several small businesses together, you're sure to gain knowledge.
As a brand that is always learning new things, the Austin Expo gave us several new experiences. Businesses came up with really creative ideas to solve problems. And the best part was that many of us could learn how to adapt it to our own companies.

4. New Regulations And Local Laws

Something that a lot of businesses need to contend with is local laws and regulations. Like businesses, laws and regulations can change and evolve over time. Attending an expo can help you understand what these changes are.
You need to stay on top of regulation changes as an organization. It can impact how you do business and the type of clientele that you can handle. And an expo also means you can discuss how you accommodate these changes better into your business with people.

5. Better Networking Methods

Haitna is an Austin-based SEO & growth marketing agency which means networking the lifeblood of all our processes. As a brand, we are always looking to reach out and connect better. This includes both our clients and stakeholders.
We were able to gather a lot of information about how we could streamline networking for businesses. As we move ahead, our communication and networking need to become more nuanced. And it is in these types of expos that we are able to gain insights into improved networking methods.

6 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make at Business Expo

1. Not Procuring A Professional Show Booth

The single most important thing at a business expo is the booth. The reason is that it's the only physical presence of your company at the event, so it needs to be impressive.
A professional show booth will stand out from other booths if it's unique, interactive, and well designed. It should also have clear information about your company, its products or services. You don't necessarily need to have all these components in place, but you should have at least one of them.

2. Not Having Goals Or Objectives

Having clear goals is the key to success. And one of the easiest ways to make sure you are on track towards your goals is to write them down. If you do not have written goals for attending a business expo, then you are setting yourself up for failure.
All members of your team must know what their goals are, too. That way, they can support each other and work together towards common objectives. The more people work toward a goal, the more likely you will achieve it.

3. Not Developing Your Elevator Pitch

The average time it takes to get an elevator ride is 60 seconds. That's barely enough time to say "hello," let alone pitch your company and services. It's also the amount of time most people spend with potential customers at business expos and trade shows.
That means that you have just a few seconds to impress the person with your elevator pitch. And that includes how you look and what you say to them. So if you want to make sure that all of your hard work setting up a booth at a business conference doesn't go to waste, prepare a strong elevator pitch.

4. Not Choosing The Right Sized Booth

Companies often make the mistake of choosing a booth that is too large for the business. They realize they could've saved money by choosing a smaller space only after the event is over. On the other hand, if your booth is too small, it won't have a presence that matches your brand.
There are several factors to consider when choosing your booth size. The first thing you need to know is how many people will be attending the event. If you are not sure about this number, ask someone who works for the organization or has attended in previous years.

5. Not Having A Backup Plan

Companies that attend a business expo without a contingency plan are just asking for trouble. Even if it seems like your booth is going to be the only one that's there, have a backup plan in place.
Many things can go wrong during an expo. This can range from the wifi not working to your staff not turning up. You need to be prepared for most things that don't go your way. The best way to do this is to create a to-do list and include all your staff on it.

6. Not Sending The Right Team

This might seem obvious, but a lot of companies still make this simple mistake. You need to have the right team to support you during expos. An enthusiastic team that will take care of all the small details that you might overlook during busy times at work.
You should have a list of employees who can represent your company at these events. These people should have excellent communication skills, be well informed about your brand and its products/services. Above all, they should be patient enough to answer questions from potential customers.

Austin Small Business Expo - 2020 - Pricing

Pricing : Free

Austin Small Business Expo - 2020 - Location & time

2nd Dec 2020, 10:00 To 17:30 in Austin, Texas, USA

Takeaways from Austin Small Business Expo - 2020

  • Learn as much as possible from people you meet. People are friendly and willing to share their knowledge.
  • Communication and networking are key. Talk to as many interested people or business owners as possible.
  • Ensure that you prepare for contingencies. Our Wifi dongle malfunctioned, but we weren't affected since we had a backup of the presentation.
  • The more patient you are with answering questions, the more people you attract to your business.

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