The Houston small business expo 2020 is a game-changer for the small business industry. It is a one-of-a-kind summit for small businesses and entrepreneurs to network, meet, and create valuable business connections across the country.
The expo features trade shows, networking events, and product showcases. You also get a chance to meet and hear leading figures in the industry, exchange tips and best practices. The event is aimed at growing businesses and spread across two days.
This event is a 'must do' for new businesses. The level of insights and exposure you can gain here will significantly boost your brand's revenue.

The 5 Coolest Things We Saw at the Houston Small Business Expo - 2020

Our team at Haitna was thrilled to be part of the expo in 2020. We had a great time meeting prospective clients and other business owners. Here are five of the coolest things we saw at the expo this year:

1. Social Media Marketing

We were excited to see many top digital marketing companies in Houston at the show. It was interesting to see the potential of digital marketing in the 21st century. We learned how to leverage social media for new products and other promotions. Our team exchanged contacts and discussed topics such as Indexing, Reporting, Analytics, SEO, and backlinks for better customer reach.

2. IT and Technology

These were by far the most exciting stalls at the expo. Big and small companies ranging from Facebook and WeWork to Verizon had a presence here. The central theme in most booths was about connecting businesses and people during the pandemic. Many products and software demos were about using remote work tools to drive a business seamlessly.

3. Banking and Finance Sector

The Houston expo had a strong presence by leading financial companies. This included giants like HSBC and also smaller firms who help small businesses raise capital. We interacted with many exhibitors and attended webinars. The topics covered were relevant to every industry. It gave us a deeper look into growing and sustaining a company's financial model and several best practices for saving taxes.

4. Virtual Exhibition Halls

This year, a virtual exhibition hall was a new addition to the Houston expo, owing to the pandemic. The concept was executed well and creatively. It featured a gallery of each exhibitor one could visit. Entering a gallery provided product galleries, videos, demos, and a chance to chat with the booth teams. The virtual Q and A sessions were engaging and fun.

5. Speakers Galore!

The list of keynote speakers at the expo included some of the biggest names in the industry. We attended seminars and talks by many leaders from big businesses as well as startups and entrepreneurs. Some of the top speakers were from companies like Alibaba, Xero, and AT&T, among others. The talks covered a broad range of topics, from surviving the pandemic to hiring the right team for your company.

6 Mistakes Every Company Should Avoid at Business Expo

1. Attending Without Clear Objectives and Targets

Thousands attend the business Expo in Houston. It presents excellent opportunities to clinch the dream client. This can be achieved only when you have set a clear set of goals and targets for the expo. Go in with a high-level plan and track its execution. For example, you can target capturing at least 100 prospective customer email addresses for future follow-ups.

2. Not Investing in a Professional Booth

At Business Expo, looks speak volumes. Don't skimp on booth real estate. Pay for a professional booth at an area in the venue with medium to high foot traffic. Use attractive colors and props and keep the space as uncluttered as possible. There are many sites such as ExpoCart that cater exclusively to expo supplies and props. Spending a little more now pays off in the long run.

3. Failure to Leverage Social Media

Using social media before, during, and after the expo adds more value than you can imagine. Creating campaigns before the expo connects you with customers who are likely to attend. Put out attractive teasers leading up to the event.

  • Create unique hashtags for the event.
  • Have visitors tweet or share pictures they take on their social profiles.
  • Follow-up with users who respond with likes or comments.

4. Deploying a Low-energy Team

The people at the booth are the face of your company. Would you like to go to a booth where people are sitting around looking bored? Sapped energy levels discourage visitors. Cherry-picking your team is essential. Assemble a team with a natural flair for communication. The team must be well-trained with your products and services to answer any queries. They must be proactive in talking to prospective visitors.

5. Poor Lead Capture and Follow-up

With thousands of people visiting, maintain a visitor log book where interested people can leave a name and number. Give as many brochures and visiting cards. The business expo at Houston is the best place to capture leads.
Capturing this valuable contact information is useless without follow-up. This is a common mistake. Get your sales team to follow up with the leads while they are fresh after the event.

6. Cluttered Booth and Low-quality Giveaways

Your booth at the expo sends out a statement about your company. An attractive booth drives more footfalls. No one likes a booth that looks shabby and cluttered. Focus only on your top product range at the expo.
Companies often make the mistake of giving away cheap gifts. Invest in quality giveaways like Tee shirts, mugs, or bags that people will cherish. It will build your brand credibility and identity.

Pricing for Houston Small Business Expo - 2020

The event was free to attend but exhibiting at the online event had a varied cost structure depending on the booth selected.

Date & Place - Houston Small Business Expo - 2020

Date : 16 November 2020
Location : Bayou City Event Center,
9401 Knight Rd,
Houston, TX 77045

Our Key Takeaways From Houston Small Business Expo - 2020

  • Gained a deep understanding of online tools and resources to run a small business.
  • We have attended insightful seminars and round tables. It helped us put our business plan into perspective.
  • Learned about the power of social media and digital advertising to promote small businesses in Houston with the help of SEO.
  • Met dozens of prospective leads and exchanged contacts.
  • The hands-on workshops were effective and fun. We loved the best practices for customer retention and sales.
  • The way small businesses run in the 21st century is changing every day. We must keep track of new technology in business to empower our teams.
  • Speed networking sessions helped us make valuable industry connections.
  • Last but not least, we identified other possible competitors in our industry.

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Emanuel Foster

Emanuel Foster is a Senior Content Specialist at Haitna. He has a specialization in Digital Media from the University of Houston, and he has been working at Haitna for a little over three years at the Houston Office.


Emanuel Foster

Emanuel Foster is a Senior Content Specialist at Haitna. He has a specialization in Digital Media from the University of Houston, and he has been working at Haitna for a little over three years at the Houston Office.