Learn How to Get the Links You Need for SEO Success

Link building is one of the crucial SEO activities for better website and organic growth performance. But if done incorrectly, this strategy can backfire, and your website rankings can get affected negatively. 

You must ensure that the backlinks created are high quality, natural and helpful. 

Here are some valuable strategies to bring SEO success through link-building activity.

7 Top Link Building Strategies for SEO Success

Here are the 7 best strategies for the SEO success of your website and business.

1. Skyscraping

One of the most challenging yet effective link-building strategies is the skyscraper technique. You have to be thorough with research and analysis for it. 

In this technique, you look for content with many backlinks and then research it. You pitch to make it better and detail-oriented. You can ask for a backlink to your website by either replacing an existing link or adding a new one. 

Tips For Applying Skyscraper Strategy

  • Pick the niche in which you have expertise
  • Look for weak spots and the scope of work that can be done in a piece of content.
  • Conduct thorough research and show expertise while writing the content 
  • Try to include data, charts, and visuals. Your content should have a good structure

Tools Providing SEO Content Templates

Here’s a screenshot of the SEMrush SEO content template:


2. Guest Posting

Another strategy to opt for while building links for your website is going for guest posting. You can look for other websites, blogs, news portals, etc. 

Pitch your content to them, and they can choose to post your content on their platform and give you a backlink. It can either be in the middle of the content or the author bio section.

Tips For Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

  • Look for content in your niche and area.
  • Check what the readership status of the website or platform on social media is
  • See if your competitors are gaining backlinks from these resources
  • Ask about the page they will use to post and link back your content

Tools To Find Guest Blog Opportunities

Here’s a screenshot of the Guest Post Tool:


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3. Social Media Backlinking

Social media is not just about fun and games anymore. It is an important marketing tool that can help you gain more traction and readership. 

A good online presence will ensure that your website gets more traffic. 

If you strategically place your content on social media platforms with links back to your website, it will boost your performance.

Tips For Using Social Media For Backlinking

  • Create your business page on various social media platforms and add a website link in the bio
  • Engage in regular content posting and community outreach to help gain more traction on your content
  • Give snippets of content from your website and link it back 
  • Engage with others' content as well to build genuine relationships

Social Media Platforms To Use For Creating Backlinks

Here’s a screenshot of Pinterest:


4. Business Directories and Listings

Creating backlinks from listings and directories has controversy, but let's break it down. 

If you are a service provider, or a product seller, becoming a part of a business listing will help boost your visibility. 

As a result, you will get more traffic and sales. By linking your website to these business directories, you create opportunities for search engines to navigate you and users to consider your services.

Tips For Finding Correct Business Directories And Listings

  • Go for the Google Businesses listing first if you are a service provider
  • Look for local directories to boost local service leads
  • Analyze the domain authority and page authority of the directories
  • Ensure that the directory or listings don't promote spam activities. Check their spam score

Top Business Listings And Directories

  • Google My Business: The best and most reliable backlink source and directory for your business
  • Yelp: A platform to find companies, reviews, comments, and more
  • Hotfrog: An online business directory for local companies and small business owners

Here’s a screenshot of Yelp:


5. Analyzing Competitor's Backlinks

It's good to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. To get high-quality backlinks for your website, perform competitors' backlink analysis. 

Check which websites are linking them back and reach out to their admins. You must also check what keywords they have targeted and pitch better quality content to them.

Tips For Analyzing Competitor Backlinks

  • Identify their primary and all the targeted keywords
  • Perform a complete profile audit of your competitor's website
  • Review the linking sites and check their page authority
  • Shortlist the top 5 linking sites and reach out to them with better quality content

Tools To Analyze Competitor Backlinks

Here’s a screenshot of SEMrush Backlink Analytics:


6. Collaborations

Another way to get backlinks for your website is by entering into collaborations. You can join hands with bloggers or marketers in your niche. 

It will help you build connections and spot opportunities. Before entering into collaboration, you must thoroughly research the prospect's profile.

Tips To Get Backlinks Via Collaborations

  • Look for bloggers who contribute to your niche frequently
  • Check out their follower and reader count to know about the audience
  • Prepare a pitch stating why and how you can make better content with them
  • Don't shy away from asking for the backlink

Tools To Find Collaborators For Backlinking

  • SEO Moz Toolbar: Check domain authority, page authority, and more
  • BuzzStream: Find contact details of the bloggers easily
  • Inkybee: Discover a list of blogs and bloggers for the collaboration program

Here’s a screenshot of Inkybee:


7. Scouting Unlinked Brand Mention

You must have come across websites that may mention your brand, but they don't hyperlink it. These are the opportunities that you can bank upon. 

You can reach out to the websites that have mentioned you but didn't give you a link back to get backlinks. 

Tips for searching unlinked brand mentions

  • Use the content explorer tools online to spot pages that use your brand name.
  • Look for their contact information.
  • Prepare a pitch and ask for the backlink on mentioned brand name
  • Always follow up on your conversation

Tools to search unlinked brand mentions

  • SEMrush: This brand monitoring tool will track, analyze and benchmark brand performance
  • BuzzSumo: Find content with your brand name from over a billion pages
  • Ahrefs Content Explorer: Spot content with your brand name quickly

Here’s a screenshot of BuzzSumo:


Link Building Strategies - FAQs

Q1: How Does Link Building In SEO Help?

Ans. Link-building activities help in better ranking on the Search Engine Ranking Pages. A good quality backlink boosts page performance and acts as an indicator of good quality content.

Q2: How Many Types Of Links Are There In SEO?

Ans. There are two types of links in SEO: Internal and External Links. Internal links are the links that are generated within the website. External links are the links that come from outside sources.

Q3: Which Links Are More Valuable In SEO?

Ans. For your website, you should always try to get a dofollow link. A dofollow link passes SEO value and link juice from one site to another. 

Q4: How Can I Improve My Backlinking Strategy?

Ans. To formulate a backlink strategy, you must conduct your website audit. After that, you must search for link-building opportunities as given in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • Apply the skyscraping technique and offer more valuable content in exchange for your website link
  • Do guest blogging by identifying the right platforms for your niche
  • Use social media platforms to generate backlinks for your website
  • List your business and services on business directories and listings
  • Perform competitor backlink analysis and find the resources through which they are getting backlinks
  • Collaborate with bloggers and marketers of your niche to exchange backlinks
  • Look for unlinked brand mentions and pitch them to add your website link

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Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.


Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.

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