Promote Your Dallas Real Estate Using Latest Digital Marketing Strategies


Real estate is a delicate yet strong industry. Everyone wants to own a piece of land; therefore, there is no doubt that the demand for real estate brokers to assist individuals in purchasing additional land will increase over time.
However, it could be quite a game as there is solid competition for real estate agents in Dallas. This means you must be at the top of your game to prove your worth to your customers. Dallas is a booming place for real estate as many are moving to this part of Texas to settle down.
If you're a real estate agent in Dallas, you should read this to gain some quick and pro tips on understanding some effective digital marketing methods.

List of Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Dallas Realtors

1. Harness The Power Of Social Media To Boost Your Real Estate

If you're a real estate agent in Dallas looking for new clients, one of the first and most crucial things you should do is spend some time studying social media.
There are two ways to accomplish this, one of which is detailed in the bonus tips section of this blog. The other option is to work diligently on establishing a strong social media presence.
Particularly in the sphere of real estate, you should be informed of what happens where & when as an agent. And there's no better way to stay informed than to create accounts on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
Around 77% of people in the United States have several social media accounts across platforms. As a result, you now know where all of your clients are. They're right in front of you.
If you want to reach out to the best of your customers, Facebook is the place to go. In a single day, Facebook has about 1.47 billion active users. Use Facebook Insights to figure out who is looking for what in terms of real estate in Dallas.
E.g., Check these insights from Facebook > Insights > Potential Audience section from a business page. It will display the audience based on Age & Gender.

2. Go Local On Social Media To Reach Out To More Customers

A local business has a lot of clouts, yet it's often overlooked. Real estate brokers should realize that they should first reach out to customers within their grasp, then expand internationally if necessary.
What better than learning and tapping into your local customer base as a real estate agent in Dallas?
This will also aid the growth of Dallas real estate. This is something that many agents overlook. To increase your presence on social media, use local photographs and videos.
Customers want to see real photographs to believe in you, so grab some shots of local properties in Dallas with which you plan to do business.
E.g., Refer to this image from Offerpad. They have listed all the properties with high-quality images and videos.
Use the appropriate and relevant hashtags to increase your visibility. BrightLocal, Moz Local, Google Analytics, Ubersuggest other tools can help you grow your local business.
Here is a screenshot from Ubersuggest.
Before looking for possible clients in other places, target your local customers first. Use social media to locate and contact your local target clients. In-person visits or inquiries about the offer or information are followed up on 82 percent of local searches.
To tap the local client base in Dallas, have your name or agency listed in Google My Business.

3. Use Technology To Show Your Customers Your Wit

Many people desire to invest in real estate, but they don't have time to work full-time. Taking time off to visit properties is a time-consuming process for them. As a real estate agent, you can step up your game and provide a better experience for your consumers from the comfort of their own homes.
It's past time for Dallas real estate to take on a fresh, modern look.
You can take your consumers on a virtual tour of your properties in Dallas to make things easier for them.
Have a look at the virtual reality 3D tour image of a living hall.
It could be a live video or a video that has been pre-recorded. If a customer believes that the property has a promise, they will contact you. Customers will save not only time but also energy this way.
When you visit a property, record LIVE on IGTV. In this manner, you're not only seizing the chance on social media but also giving your customers the finest impression possible. You may increase engagement on your social media platform by going LIVE on IGTV or by posting reels.

4. Emphasis On Traditional Marketing Methods When You Go Local

While social media is the tool to ace your business, what better than going old-school to get things done faster?
Yes, social media is great. It would mostly help people living in other cities and want to invest in Dallas. But if you also want to tap the local crowd, trust us, there is no better information giver than your flower vendor at the street corner.
A survey by Statista says that around 82% of referrals for any product or service go through word of mouth. If you want to sell properties to people living in Dallas locally, then invest your time in a couple of traditional methods like pamphlet distribution or word of mouth. This fetches you more inquiries.
Leave some paper information on notice boards or at your local vendors. Giving away Flyers is a great way to tap your local customers in Dallas.
You can check Pinterest for some design ideas or check with flyer printing companies like fraser flyer, Minuteman Press for more ideas.

5. Pay Attention To Reviews And Testimonials

People buy from an agent after hearing positive feedback from others who have used the service.
Create a Google My Business profile and gain positive reviews. It will help to promote your profile through Google Ads.
E.g., Check the Sponsored listings from realtors in Dallas.
When it comes to building an internet reputation, genuine testimonials and reviews are quite important. Even if they don't know the agent personally, more people will come to enquire if they hear from friends and family that they are good at closing deals.
Testimonials and reviews are extremely important for a real estate agent. So, whenever you interact with customers, urge them to leave a review on social media platforms like Facebook.
This is excellent confirmation for expanding your business. Also, when someone hears about you through word-of-mouth, they will want to confirm it, so these clients will search for you online to check what others are saying.
Pro Tip: For any business or agent, having a LinkedIn presence is a must.
A LinkedIn profile is not just professional but also beneficial, as many people, including business people, have profiles on the platform. You're more likely to get bigger clients if you employ the correct LinkedIn methods to increase your profile.
E.g., Take a look at the LinkedIn profile of a Dallas realtor.

6. Have A Comfortable Online Presence

When customers visit your website, they should be able to find information quickly. And having a decent website is crucial, but having one that is easy to use is even more important.
Many consumers abandon a website because they can't find the CTA, a form, or anything else they're searching for. As a result, user experience is critical in encouraging clients to stay on your website.
Use as many local Dallas photos as you can to show your customers that you are based locally and are approachable.
Create a mobile-friendly website that is not merely user-friendly. Assist them in obtaining information such as where to buy, who to contact, current property listings, recent deals, and so on. Add links and contact details to help customers reach out to you.
Tip: Have a real-time map of all the listings in the Dallas area for customers to understand the opportunities better.
E.g., Check this Google Maps listing from Dallas Luxury Realty.
Your website should be people-centric to help them have the best user experience while exploring your website.
For this, you can also integrate a Live chat option to reach out in case of any queries quickly.

7. Take Out Time In Creating A Listing

Understanding your customer base is not a difficult task. It only takes a few simple tools and some data to get started.
The actual challenge is identifying the proper customers and obtaining their contact information to contact them. It's the same as having no business if you have a hot-selling property and don't know who to offer it to.
Make a list of your target audience and research their demographics. You can use forms for this. Use tools like Typeform, SoGoSurvey, Survey Monkey, and others. Having a listing will allow you to connect directly with those that are interested.
Take a look at this sample form.
Use social media to promote your forms. That's where you'll find a larger number of customers. When it comes to encouraging individuals to contribute their email IDs for listing, sign-up buttons or pop-ups are wonderful options to consider.

8. Talk To Your Clients & Add Case Studies

When buyers visit your website, they will seek two things: testimonials and case studies. You can produce great blogs about your previous transactions. Unlike small individual clients, businesses will want to know how or what you did in the past.
Suppose you're pitching a property to your consumers in Dallas. In that case, you'll need a compelling argument to support your reputation and convince them to choose you over another real estate agent in Dallas. Use the power of content production to convince them that you can complete deals. You can prove this by writing blogs and great case studies.
Write a blog about real-life experiences from your time as a real estate agent.
E.g., Take a look at this case study section from Bradford.
Locals are more inclined to approach you if they learn more about how you've closed past deals in Dallas.
Pro Tip: Use LinkedIn and other social media channels to share these case studies.

9. Create Ad Campaigns Cautiously

Many real estate brokers have a vague understanding of how digital marketing and social media function. They overdo things to obtain more. One of them is advertising.
We've all had firsthand experience with how commercials and frequent pop-ups can detract from our internet experience. Remember not to over-advertise as an agent. If your profile or brand is bombarded with too many advertisements, many consumers will abandon it.
Invest properly and in the right way when running ads online for your business as an agent in real estate.
Ad clutter has a direct impact on website bounce rates. So, before you spend money promoting your social media marketing, be clever and design a real ad strategy. When you don't know how to work on them, it can be difficult.
These Ad management tools from Hubspot, AdRoll, Influ2, and so on can help you build effective ad campaigns.

10. Videos And Pictures Make A Better Impact

Dallas is a gorgeous city, and there's no better way to show it off to your consumers than with videos and photos. Shooting footage on your smartphone is an easy and low-cost way to do this. Is it, however, finished?
A well-edited video is engaging. Videos and photographs are excellent tools for persuading others to examine your methods. They have a better understanding of how you conduct business as a real estate agent.
Check this video of a property in West Dallas.

Always utilize simple apps to edit your videos. Adding fresh property footage and boosting it is another wonderful strategy to reach out to potential clients who aren't already in your database. Some of the best video editing tools for beginners are Inshot and Canva.

Five Bonus Tips

I. Post Your Listing in Popular Dallas Real Estate Websites

Websites are the best platforms for people to discover your listing. Here Are the Best Websites Related to Dallas Real Estate to Post Your Listing

  • Zillow - It is one of the most frequently visited real estate platforms online. It allows customers to buy and sell property online across various platforms and listings. The company has also recently launched Zillow Homes, LLC, a brokerage platform to share and streamline Zillow offers and transactions.
  • Trulia - With Trulia, you will discover a place that you will love to live. By listing your potential properties on Trulia, you welcome a whole new avenue of new and prospective customers. They list properties that have original images of the house and the neighborhood.
  • Realtor - Help your clients find their dream home by listing your properties on Realtor. The My Home dashboard on the website offers help at the fingertips for boarders. As a real estate agent in Dallas, you can list your property under the listings section on the website.
  • Redfin - Redfin is one of the most accurate websites to list your property. It has a median rate of 1.77%, which is a great pitch for customers. The vast customer base in Redfin makes it ideal for agents to pitch to a variety of customers. As a Redfin agent partner, you will receive referrals from Redfin directly to deal with customers.
  • PropertyShark - Property Shark was founded in 2003 and, over the years, has developed to be one of the must-have tools for all real estate agents. Having achieved several milestones over the years, many property buyers trust PropertyShark. If you want to see potential growth in your real estate career, you must enroll yourself in PropertyShark as an agent.
  • Rocket Homes - If you are looking for a tech-based real estate agency, Rocket Homes is the one. The website is the most trusted among many real estate agents and has a good reputation online. If you are a real estate agent from Dallas, you must have your listing up on Rocket Homes.

II. Find The Top Dallas Real Estate Influencers

List of Top Dallas Real Estate Influencers To Follow

  • Rogers Healy - Rogers Healy’s real estate is listed as the largest independent and No 10 overall residential real estate brokerage in North Texas. His page @rogershealyrealtor has around 12.9 k followers. It makes it a promising page to follow for essential insights.
  • Chelsea Chiu - Chelsea is a Dallas realtor with around 41K followers on Instagram. She does not only deal in the real estate business but shares insightful information happening in the industry. If you are a budding real estate agent, you must follow her. She also shares her success stories which is a great strategy to build a reputation.
  • Sean Ray - Sean is one of the influencers who is also a Dallas real estate expert. He shares useful information about various properties in his listing and encourages people to explore various real estate investment opportunities. He also takes his followers on virtual tours on property sites which is a great way to attract more customers.
  • Chastin J. Miles - Chastin is an influencer who inspires and guides real estate agents to find financial freedom. He is also the author of one of the best-selling real estate books, ‘The Real Before The Estate.’ He is also a speaker and guide who helps real estate agents in their journey.
  • Luna Zenati -

III. Join Real Estate Associations in Dallas

Here is a list of Top Real Estate Associations in Dallas You Should Consider

  • My Metrotex - If you want to build a strong real estate agent career, it is necessary to be a part of many real estate associations. As a member at MetroTex, you will experience diversity in people joining the association. You will get to be a part of a vibrant community and the best in the real estate domain.
  • Reia Dallas - Reia Dallas offers real estate networking for investors, education, and mentoring. This chapter in Dallas promotes real estate guidance and networking for budding agents. The association is also a part of the Texas Wealth Network with over 15,000 Texas real estate investors.
  • Collin County Association - The Collin County Association of Realtors is one of the leading sources for reliable and potential real estate business in Texas. If you are an agent in Dallas, then with no second thoughts, you should be a part of this association. Joining CCAR is like becoming a part of a close-knit group of real estate professionals who can provide valuable networking.
  • The Real Estate Council - This association helps you build strong and impactful relationships with people in the industry that help build your career. Business is all about networking, and The Real Estate Council is no exception. Join the association to engage with top real estate professionals in Dallas.
  • North Texas NAIOP - This association is a chapter of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association that helps agents and investors find a potential market in real estate. It serves as a platform for people interested in office, industrial, and other real estate needs.

IV. Follow Popular Dallas-based Real Estate Social Media Channels

Here is the list of 6 Most Visited Social Media Pages in Dallas Realty

  • CBRE Dallas-Ft Worth - CBRE serves as a one-stop information point for all commercial real estate. Following this page will keep you informed about the latest happenings in commercial real estate in Dallas.
  • Cushman & Wakefield - Cushman & Wakefield prepares clients and helps them understand the real estate happenings around Dallas by providing and offering real estate solutions for the interested.
  • Dallas Real Estate Investment Group - REIG is a professional real estate page you can follow to stay updated with all real estate information in Dallas. The page offers solutions and information about real-time real estate happenings in Dallas.
  • Ben Wegmann - With around 308.6K followers, Ben Wegmann is one of the top realtors in Dallas. He shares his real estate journey with people, which is a great inspiration for budding agents.
  • D CEO Real Estate - To read regular news from the real estate industry, follow D CEO real estate. Through this page, access information and the latest happenings from top real estate domains.
  • Dallas Luxury Realty - Finding the house of your choice can be tricky, but by following the right pages and getting the right information, you can track down the perfect one for you. They are known to have some of the best agents who have locked worthy deals.

V. Follow Top Real Estate Agents/Realtors in Dallas

Here is the List of Best Real Estate Agents/Realtors in Dallas

  • Sean Davis - Sean Davis is a real estate agent and apartment locator in Dallas. He shares his journey as a real estate agent on social media to educate budding real estate agents.
  • AJ Ramler - Ramler is the founder of ProxyProperty, a real estate page that helps people find a potential and suitable property in Dallas. He frequently posts pictures of finished and work-in-progress real estate projects.
  • Rogers Healy - He is a real estate partner of the Dallas Mavericks. Follow his page, and Twitter handles to know his real estate journey.
  • Benaisha Poole-Watson - With 19K followers, Benaisha shares her real estate brokering journey through her page while offering valuable advice and information for upcoming and aspiring real estate agents.
  • Michael Wong - Michael Wong is an influencer from Dallas. He uses his platform to list his real estate prospects which are followed by many. He is trying to bring a new face to the Dallas real estate industry with his social media handle. Follow him to stay informed on the prospective real estate opportunities.
  • Leston Eustache - He is one of Dallas's most flexible and trusted real estate agents. He also offers free apartment and home searches. His social page lists aesthetically pleasing and some amazing properties in Dallas.

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Ruben Heller

Ruben Heller is the Content Marketing Manager in Haitna, Dallas. His writing experience is diverse, and it covers influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and more. He has a Master of Science in Marketing from the University of Dallas.


Ruben Heller

Ruben Heller is the Content Marketing Manager in Haitna, Dallas. His writing experience is diverse, and it covers influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and more. He has a Master of Science in Marketing from the University of Dallas.