SEO Tips For Dallas Painting Companies & Contractors

Want to promote your painting company using SEO?
If so, then this article is for you! By making a few SEO tweaks to your website, you can reach more people with your art. However, one of the biggest struggles that you must have come across is how to enhance your visibility.
We believe every artist with a portfolio should know the basics of SEO. 62% of marketers suggest improving SEO strategy and enhancing organic presence is their marketing priority. Marketers are spending more time and effort on SEO. It means the competition for top spots will continue to heat up.
According to SEMrush's study, long, quality content and internal linking are weighed heavily by search engines. In this article, we'll walk you through the best SEO tips and strategies to give your business plan a boost.

SEO Tips to Gain Customers for Your Dallas Painting Company:

1. Create a Strong Keyword List

Figure out your keywords, targets, and audience. Check if your keyword list is valid. Are they young, relevant, and help your website stand out?
Avoid generic terms which don't provide you a competitive advantage. The more defined you can be, the better. Feature the keywords that users are searching for. It helps you to leverage your website higher in the SERPs.
As you build content for your website, ensure that you use a cohesive voice. Include relevant keywords in a conversational style. It will help you improve user experience and enhance search engine results.

  • Dallas Painting company
  • Residential Painters in Dallas
  • Exterior and interior painters

Here is a screenshot from a popular keyword finding tool - Ubersuggest.
Tip: You can perform a keyword search through various tools like:

They offer new keyword ideas which have a high search rate and rank your website higher.

2. Focus on Technical SEO for Your Website

Technical SEO makes your site fast, secure and offers a good user experience. To nail the technical side, you need to follow some SEO tips.
First, have a secured website to build trust with the customers. It is essential to make your site mobile-friendly. As more and more users are using mobile devices for searches, you need to perform mobile-friendly tests for all pages.
You can use online tools to perform these tests. E.g., Take a look at this mobile-responsive website design of a Dallas painting company.
Have structured data to help search engines understand the content of your website. Perform technical SEO audits, on-page SEO audits regularly.
There are various auditing tools for detailed analysis of websites. They offer actionable insights to enhance marketing efforts. It helps in tracking backlinks and keywords.
Perform a manual Google Search to know how well your website is ranking. You can use tools like Woorank or SEMRush to perform these tests.

3. Opt for Google My Business( GMB)

Google My Business is beneficial for all business sizes. You can create your GMB profile easily.
Did you know: 98% of the audience learn about companies through online mediums. It is one of the effective ways to have your business listed in local search results.

  • It enhances your online presence and offers a competitive advantage.
  • It enables you to target people who search about your business on Google maps.
  • It improves your search ranking and the visibility of your business.
  • It boosts your customer engagement and traffic volume.

E.g., Take a look at this Google profile displaying Address, phone number, reviews and Opening/closing hours of their business.

Read : Benefits of a Google My Business Listing

By creating a profile, you have a high chance of making it to the top 4 to 5 local results. When people browse your business offers, they can come across your website. It will enable you to attract a broader audience and traffic.

  • Use correct business names, and don't stuff keywords.
  • Add engaging videos to your listing. Ensure you upload optimized videos.
  • Add pictures to your profile. They give users valuable insights into your business.

4. Create Top-notch Content Consistently

It is vital to host your portfolio on a credible platform. To ace in the Google results, getting your profile on a credible and reliable platform is necessary. There are various art portfolios and software solutions for professional painters and companies.
Hosting your portfolio on a site with a solid online presence will bring more traffic.

  • It provides options to create portfolio websites.
  • It offers excellent insights and tools for companies and professionals.

Have a look at this portfolio from a Dallas painting company.
Various other software tools enable you to catalog or track your art inventory - Artwork Archive.

  • Enables integrated CRM opportunities, a platform to engage and interact with companies.
  • It helps you to create art collections of paintings, to share with clients and people.
  • It acts as a business card for future clients and customers.
  • It boosts online presence and expands the client base.

You can also create and publish blogs regularly. Take a look at this blog from Dallas Paints

5. Create a Roadmap Based on Data and Meticulously Track Data

Build a comprehensive dashboard to track the data. The aim is to impact SEO efforts on your painting business-track data regarding keyword rankings, website visitors, and other KPIs.
Build a comprehensive road map to strategize the data. Enhance your website architecture practices. The website structure requires to be organized appropriately. Concentrate on specific SEO strategies that painters widely use.
Concentrate on landing page creations, off-page SEO, content creations to promote your painting companies.
You can check for the best landing page designs or you can go for read-made templates for best landing pages.
Track the required metrics, like keyword rankings, online lead submissions, and organic website traffic. Create a roadmap that is visually clear and compelling.

6. Create & Update Social Media Profiles

Schedule programs that help to keep your social media campaigns effective. Choose platforms that work the best for you, for example- Google My Business Profile, social ads, and website cards. Various platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer are available.
It enables you to manage and analyze your campaigns, performances, and metrics. You can share textual posts, links to website content, polls, and contests to your social media profiles. It provides actionable insights into your business.
Take a look at the social pages of these painting companies in Dallas.
The bigger the digital presence, the higher the engagement. It helps to reach more painting customers and expand the client base. You can choose to run paid social ads.
Take a look at these Facebook ads from Indigo Paints.
You can run paid social media ads to gain valuable leads for your painting business in Dallas. Engage with social media followers to enhance customer relationships. You can attract customers through your brand offerings.

7. Include Important Plugins to Help Improve Bookings

Your website needs to be credible from the start. There are various WordPress themes and plugins for your niche. Add your photos, business offerings, and testimonials to your portfolio.
Take a look at this painting company in North Dallas displaying their team photo, phone number, portfolio and more.
You can add customized features with WooCommerce plugins. It offers a shopping cart feature, integrated advanced mailing lists.
You can add features like online booking plugins, chatbots to assist customers with their queries. The Pop theme is a practical web design with advanced features.
Take a look at this online booking feature from a Painting company.
They are precious for interior designers, paint manufacturers, and decorating businesses. The theme is SEO with responsive fonts, revolution sliders, etc.
You can use the ProRange theme, which is highly customized and versatile for painting companies. It is SEO, enabling a blog section to update and connect with your audiences.

8. Add SEO Terms to Title Tags, Image Labels

Here comes the fun part. After the keyword selection, you can find your ideal audience and project your artwork. It will enable users to know the information presented on the website. It helps to determine the relevance of the web page of your painting business by search engines.
You can use the All In One SEO or Yoast SEO WordPress plugin to optimize your title tags.
Ensure that your title tags are not too long. Title tags can do wonders for your SEO with optimized keywords. Be sure to give each page a unique title.
Ensure they are SEO and correspond to the relevant search queries. Your aim must be to increase your click-through rates. Use action words or verbs which entice users to click through. They play a significant role that impacts SEO efforts.

9. Design Custom Landing Pages

A user may visit your website in search of the top painting companies in Dallas. They would want to know more about your company's offerings. They would be able to access the landing pages, testimonial videos, and your recent projects. So all your painting services need to have a landing page.
A landing page must match the message presented to enhance the conversion rate. It helps to upstream your search engine results. It allows you to offer private and personalized pages with engaging content.
Check this website attracting users from Dallas by delivering localized content.
Landing pages are the heart and soul of marketing strategy.

  • It helps to generate effective leads for your sales team.
  • It helps to collect demographic information regarding your prospects.
  • It offers actionable insights into your marketing offers and helps to track metrics related to your landing pages.
  • It enhances the navigation & user experience.

10. Use Targeted Ads on Facebook

Facebook helps you build a strong community of audience and followers. It helps you create ads to reach your demographics or niche. Audience insights help you provide valuable information regarding your audience, their location, occupation, and income.
Targeted advertisements enable you to filter your social media users and followers. It helps to increase click-through rates and engagement. As a painting company, it is essential to know the critical parameters of your audience, like age, income, etc.
You can go to Facebook Ads manager to choose these options.
One-on-one marketing with optimized content will help you personalize communication with your audience. It is an effective tool to reach your right audience at the right time. Facebook enables you to track your audience insights and target the respective audience effectively.
Take a look at this Facebook ads from Sherwin-Williams.

Two Bonus Tips:

I. Citation Links for Painting Companies & Painters

Here Is a List of Authoritative Sites Where You Can Get Citation Links

  • Yelp
    The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. They offer many types of citations for different businesses. In addition, they are known for prodigy sourced reviews about the business.
  • Four Square
    They are profoundly used as a Google Maps Citation. Google shows the prominent business and their locations, which have Four Square citations.
  • Merchant Circle
    It is a social business network and online business directory. It combines features and information from Yellow Pages, Yelp. It aims to expand its pay-per-call network. Consumers can leave their reviews on business listing pages.
  • Angi
    It is an online directory that enables users to read the published reviews of local businesses. It provides valuable information to various business industries.
  • Service Whale
    They educate consumers about the purchasing decision of house improvement projects. These citations act as a ranking factor for various businesses.
  • Local
    It is fast, convenient to claim your business listings. They offer valuable insights, phone numbers, and addresses of local businesses across all countries.
  • Show me Local
    It has 2 + million claimed listings and 375 + thousand user reviews. It helps businesses to spread the word about their listings and offerings.
  • Houzz
    They offer actionable insights for home renovation and design. It helps to connect homeowners and home professionals with the best resources.
  • Expertise
    They help you find the top-notch painters around you. Their profound research enables you to find top service professionals in over 200 industries.

II. Posting Quality Content on Your Blog

Here we present some Blogs Links from Popular Painting Companies.

  • Richard V. Stewart Painting
    The company is famous for its superior choice for interior and exterior commercial painting and residential painting. They possess experienced professionals who perform the masterful job of painting and diligent services.
  • Procoat Painting
    They offer premier painting services comprising residential interior painting services, commercial painting. In addition, they offer color consultations and show painting reviews.
  • DFW Painting
    They help you with all your painting needs. It is a full-service company in Dallas. From exterior and interior residential projects, cabinets, they also offer refinishing and wallpaper removal services.
  • 360 Painting
    Diversified projects comprise interior and exterior painting. They offer trained professionals who achieve their project goals. Their painting franchise offers top-quality painting services. In addition, it incorporates painting techniques and technology with sales and marketing.
  • Sound Paint Solutions
    They have ten years of painting experience in multiple realms. They have hired professionals who offer top-notch painting services. Their vision is to harness the latest technology and enhance the customer experience. In addition, they work to foster an exceptional working environment. They provide interior and exterior painting services for both commercial and residential properties.

Key Takeaways

Firstly, you need to ensure that your website is well optimized for serving the local area.

  • Research your keywords effectively.
  • Take the first 20 minutes of your routine to think about your audience for artwork.
  • Build momentum with social signals. Create relevant content and share it on your social media platforms.
  • Use the right keywords in images. It is vital to publish unique content to enhance your SEO efforts. The age of the domain name is also an important SEO tip. Don’t change your domain name regularly.
  • Focus on user intent, ROI, and optimized content curation.
  • Link to other websites with relevant content. Link building is a fundamental SEO strategy. Encourage other sites to link you.
  • Use various analytics and metrics to track your progress.
  • Write relevant content for meta descriptions for every page.
  • Use a simple, readable URL structure. Break down pages to offer a better navigation experience.
  • Diversify your brand offerings to various social media platforms.
  • Have a mailing list that updates your audience and links to your website.
  • Revamp your website with exciting information & Use mobile-optimized website builders.
  • Managing your website can be tricky. But these SEO tips can be handy.

I hope these tips help you gain a competitive edge. These are the tips to promote your painting business across the globe.

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Ruben Heller

Ruben Heller is the Content Marketing Manager in Haitna, Dallas. His writing experience is diverse, and it covers influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and more. He has a Master of Science in Marketing from the University of Dallas.


Ruben Heller

Ruben Heller is the Content Marketing Manager in Haitna, Dallas. His writing experience is diverse, and it covers influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and more. He has a Master of Science in Marketing from the University of Dallas.