The Secret Weapon Every Law Firm in Austin Needs To Crush Their Competition 

Having a local business in today's time calls for the right marketing strategies. The competition is fierce, and you would not want to lag. The online world comes with a plethora of options to grow your business. 

If you are a law firm in Austin looking to grow your client base in the area, you should consider these digital marketing tips. Here are ten digital marketing tips for Austin law firms to grow their brands. 

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Austin Law Firms to Grow Their Brand

1. Have a Cohesive Branding Strategy

Before starting anything else, you should ensure that your branding is done correctly. Your brand should convey who you are and your business's focus. Choose your branding elements to translate into something meaningful and memorable.

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Tips To Have A Good Branding Strategy

  • Define your target audience
  • Think analytically and determine what your audience needs
  • Keep your messaging consistent
  • Create a strong visual identity

Tools To Build A Good Branding Strategy

  • Piktochart: Create infographics, charts, and reports to tell your brand story
  • Adobe Illustrator: Create a visually appealing brand logo

2. Build a Website

Your website is your home in the online world. If you are an Austin-based law firm without a website, it will cut your digital marketing efforts in half. 

As your target audience is from Austin, there are a lot of firms that try to pull clients through their website, as shown in the below screenshot.


Giving out your business details in one place will help you spread awareness and bring local clientele. Ensure your website reflects the core values of your firm and shows what services you offer. 

Tips For Building A Good Website

  • Make a good website design that is easy to navigate.
  • Create separate landing pages for each service with a call to action button
  • Keep the site load time under 3 seconds, or you will lose potential clients.
  • Ensure simplicity, freshness, and uniqueness in the content of your website

Tools For Making A Good Website

  • Portfoliobox: An online website builder for professionals
  • WordPress: One of the most popular platforms for creating a website
  • Bootstrap: Design quick and mobile-responsive websites here

3. Define your Audience

Before implementing any marketing strategy, you should define your target audience. Knowing your audience for better conversion rates and customer value is essential. It helps determine the messaging to put across to them and develop trust and bond with them. 

Tips For Defining Your Target Audience

  • Track the competitor law websites in Austin and do an in-depth analysis. You can find the competitors in local 3-pack, google maps, or local directories.
  • Conduct many surveys and understand the user behavior towards your website 
  • Keep experimenting with the content and updating your services to suit their needs.
  • Review the data and analytics

Tools To Determine The Target Audience

  • SEMrush: Track competitor websites and do an in-depth analysis of their audience
  • Google Analytics: Track the audience coming to your website with this free tool
  • Get insights into what people search for in Austin and more. 

4. Create Social Media Presence

Don't worry; even lawyers have to maintain their social media presence if they want to leverage social media. You can generate many leads from various SM platforms if you do it right. You can set up accounts on different platforms. 

Tips For Creating Social Media Presence

  • Choose the platform: Your Austin-based law firm can increase its brand awareness on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter rather than TikTok. When you share a post on these platforms, it should receive better engagement from the audience. 
  • Create exciting and intriguing content. For example, you can talk about social media or cybercrime laws.
  • Build a community page and engage with your users regularly.
  • With your content, try to establish authority and gain user trust.

Tools For Amplifying Social Media Presence

  • Buffer: Schedule your posts on all the social media platforms in one place
  • Buzzsumo: Get into proper research to determine your profile performance
  • MeetEdgar: A tool to re-share and optimize your content for social traffic

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5. Engage in SEO

Let your potential customers discover you on search engines. If you have a website, it is right to invest in SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization will help you in ranking and bringing organic traffic. It will help you discover user behavior, choices, demographics, conversions, etc. The tools like Google Analytics come in handy for this. SEO is a long-term investment that yields higher results. 


Tips For Better SEO Strategy

  • Engage in thorough keyword research and use them in the right places
  • Don't ignore technical SEO. Your website performance depends on it.
  • Get rid of dead/ zombie pages and update old pages.
  • Optimize your pages with the proper headings, meta tags, and alt tags

Tools For Better SEO Strategy Formation

  • Ahrefs: A tool to help you understand content needs and SEO optimization suggestions
  • SEMrush: Research better keywords, competition, and more
  • Find law based keywords in Austin using the location filter

6. Start Email Marketing

Personalization is the key to digital marketing. You can achieve that for your Austin law firm by reaching and connecting with your local audience. 

Email marketing helps build relationships with customers. It also helps in bringing more leads and conversion to amplify your business. Many suggest it is an old practice, but it works as gold today.

Tips For Starting An Email Marketing

  • Choose the right email marketing tool to automate the process and analyze results. Mailchimp and Sendinblue are considered the leading email marketing software today. 
  • Be clear about your audience and goals.
  • A/B testing is the key. Indulge in experiments
  • Keep your emails personalized and touch on audience pain points.

Tools For Starting An Email Marketing

  • Hubspot email marketing: A free email marketing tool to help small and big businesses
  • Mailchimp: Create emails and schedule them for free on this tool
  • Mailjet: Build effective email marketing campaigns and more

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7. Rely on Content Marketing

Your digital marketing strategy will be incomplete with a content marketing plan. It is the core of creating and distributing content published online. 

While forming a content marketing plan for your law firm in Austin, work on blogs, videos, social media, etc. 

Tips To Form A Content Marketing Strategy

  • Identify your goals and missions and define your audience.
  • Look for the best content channels and explore them.
  • Decide what type of content should go on which platform.
  • Establish KPIs and keep tracking all the activities

Tools To Form A Content Marketing Strategy

  • Grammarly: Put every content piece through this tool for refined content
  • Yoast: A tool to help you ace your content-SEO game

8. Start Video Marketing

Video marketing is on the rise and seems to go a long way. It's best to keep up with the latest digital marketing efforts and tap on their potential. Videos have the potential to go viral. Offer informative content to grab the audience's attention and turn them into leads. 

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Tips For Starting Video Marketing

  • Educate and reach out to potential customers
  • Focus on creating brand awareness
  • Keep it professional. Work with a script and pursue shooting and editing professionally. 
  • Conduct webinars for direct interaction with your audience

Tools For Starting Video Marketing

  • Google Trends: Find what is trending in Austin and get your next video idea
  • Vidyard: A tool to generate leads, train employees, and keep track of leads
  • Filmora: Edit videos for all formats in one place like professionals

9. Focus on PPC Campaigns

Initially, if you are looking for faster results in your digital marketing efforts, you should consider investing in PPC. It helps you appear before the organic SERP to grab the user's attention. 


Pay Per Click marketing strategy helps you put ads online. It will help discover a business for a targeted location (Austin) and keywords. 

Tips For PPC Campaigns

  • Engage in proper research before investing any money
  • Define and customize your target audience and target keyword carefully.
  • Track and compare your budget to profit ratio to check if things are going right
  • Always track your competition.

Tools For PPC Campaigns

  • Google Ads: To help you become discoverable on one of the most significant search engines
  • Microsoft Advertising: A tool to help with your brand discovery on Bing, Yahoo, and MSN based search engines
  • Hubspot: Spin up landing pages and get full-funnel reporting data in one place

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10. Do PR

Having a good PR strategy can give your business a substantial boost. Law firms in Austin must explore public relations as a part of their digital marketing strategy. If you want to promote your law services, you must get in touch with local news sites and papers for online advertising. 

Tips For Good PR Strategy

  • Find out how do you want to be perceived in public.
  • Know your audience and accordingly choose the right PR platform
  • Establish the key messaging to go in the PR
  • Include the right call to action

Tools To Track Good PR Strategy

  • Ahrefs: Check the domain authority, backlinks, and more
  • Moz: Check domain and site rating of PR websites before engaging with them

Four Bonus Tips

Here are four bonus tips to take your digital marketing game up a notch

1. Promote Your Legal Firm in Top Austin Legal Citations

You must promote your law firm on top of Austin legal citations. It will help you get better visibility and presence among the top names in the industry. Here are the top Austin-based legal websites for you to check out. 

1. Yelp: A website to check reviews and recommendations for all the services provided by businesses

2. Justia: A platform that provides a list of attorneys based out of Austin for legal information and consultations


3. Cornell: A place to compare and research attorneys in Austin 

4. Dnb: List your business here for people to find you in no time

5. Findlaw: A free legal information website that helps customers discover legal attorneys 

6. Usnews: A website to view the best law firms in Austin. Enter yours in the list now

7. Lawyer Legion: A platform providing a robust online experience for law-related concerns

8. Biz Journals: Find local business news, lawyers, and more in one place

9. Austin Bar: The online membership directory for lawyers based out of Austin

2. Network With People in Austin Legal Associations

As much as your online and digital marketing efforts are essential, you need to network with the right people. It will help you spread your name and bring more business to your law firm. Here are the top 6 lawyer associations you should be part of.

1. Austin Bar Association: The non-profit professional organization aims to enhance the legal profession, administration of justice, and more.

2. Austin Black Lawyers Association: ABLA has formed 30 years ago and worked proactively for the community 

3. Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association: An association meant to represent the accused in the Central Texas area

4. Travis County Women Lawyers: A community for female lawyers providing equal opportunities and challenges to them

5. Capital Area Trial Lawyers: An association in the Greater Austin area dedicated to the right to trial by jury and the civil justice system

6. Texas Trial Lawyers Association: An association formed to empower trial lawyers in Texas

3. Follow Popular Austin-based Law Firm Social Media Pages 

You should watch famous Austin-based law firms' social media pages. Check what they post, engage with them, and try to learn from them for your social media strategy. 

Not only this, there could be aggrieved people who may need legal consultations. Here are the top 5 Austin law firms' social profiles that you must check out:

1. Sidley Austin LLP: They keep updating about their corporate citizenship and use the platform to raise legal awareness in the community

2. McMinn Law Firm: They help people know what to do if they end up in a legal mess and promote their services online

3. The Fowler Law Firm, P.C.: The Fowler Law Firm keeps updating the audience about its services, achievements, testimonials, and more

4. Brandy Austin Law Firm: Brandy Austin Law Firm update everything law-related on its Facebook page and keep engaging with their audience

5. Beatrice Law Firm: They have a dedicated Facebook page to regularly upload helpful videos and engage with audiences.

4. Follow Top Lawyers in Austin on Social Media

Like keeping a tab on top Austin law firms, you should watch top lawyers in Austin on Social media. Learn how they take personal branding seriously and try to learn from them. Here are leading lawyers in Austin whom you can follow:

1. Austin Kaplan: Founder of Kaplan Law Firm, Austin Kaplan is an employment and civil rights attorney

2. Adam Loewy: Adam Lowey founded the Loewy Law Firm. He is a known personal injury lawyer. 

3. Doug O' Connell: The main face of O' Connell and Associates, Doug O' Connell is known to represent companies and individuals under investigation.

4. Steve Vladeck: Steve Vladeck specializes in national security law and is the Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts at the University of Texas School of Law.

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