15 Ecommerce Repeat Purchase Rate Tips

The world we live in today runs on the eCommerce market. To win a place in the market today, one has to turn their businesses into ecommerce platforms.
Ecommerce platforms do not survive on customers coming in, buying a product once, and leaving. Ecommerce businesses survive on great ecommerce repeat purchase rates.
Ecommerce repeat purchase rate is the rate of repeated purchases by existing customers. If your ecommerce platform receives 100 orders in a month and 45 orders out of 100 are from existing customers, then the repeat purchase rate of the website will be 45%.
Now the question is how to improve or maintain a good ecommerce repeat purchase rate?
Here are some of the best ways to improve and sustain the repeat purchase rate for your eCommerce website.

1. Give Gratitude for Shopping

The greatest way to leave an impact on the mind of a customer is by giving them gratitude.
Create an Impact: After a customer has made the purchase, simply shoot a message or an email thanking the customer for shopping with you.
This will create an ever-lasting impact on the mind of the customer. It will also establish a relationship between the eCommerce website and the customer. This will make the customer come back to the website again, ultimately boosting the repeat purchase rate.
Word of Mouth: Receiving gratitude is something that leaves an impact. Not only will it bring back your customers while increasing the repeat purchase rate of the website, but it will also help in word of mouth promotions.
Your existing customer will talk about your website and refer them to your friends, positively affecting the growth of your business.
This is why make a note and always shoot a thank you message to your customers.

2. Keep in Touch After the Purchase

The memory and attention span of humans have shrunk down. Keeping track of memory has become a tough job. This is why it is important to keep people reminding of your existence and your relationship with them.
Stay In Touch: Keep posting emails and messages. This might not look as attractive to you, but it reminds the customer of the relationship and their shopping experience with the website.
Increase Engagement: Even if the customer does not have any current requirements, they will at least visit the eCommerce platform once. After arriving on the platform, they will engage with the products of their interest. This will motivate them to purchase; if not, they will add products to their wish list or cart.
This tip aims to make the customer revisit the eCommerce website and remember the relationship they have established with the website. This will become the base of their future purchases with your ecommerce website.

3. Engage With Customers

The human brain is very simple to understand and decode. Whenever a person feels personally involved and engaged in an activity or a conversation, they tend to come back.
This also makes the mind of the customers associate your image with a happy experience and anecdote. This is why it is extremely important to engage with your customers.

  • This can be done through different social media platforms. Constantly being active on social media is a way to reach out to your existing and potential customers.

    >> This is also a way for your customers to personally get involved through messages, comments, and sharing the posts appearing on the website’s social media platform.
  • It can also be done by offering limited-time games and contests to the customers. Fun activities always attract a lot of attention.
  • The best way to engage with the customers is through personalized emails and messages.

    >> A newsletter with tips and suggestions on products and topics related to their last purchase can also keep the website on the top of the books of the customers.

4. Abandonment of Cart Messages

Cart Abandonment reminder messages are hyped up for a reason. You may not consider them important, but it does work.
Send Triggers: People tend to forget the products they have added to their carts. This is one of the greatest challenges several ecommerce websites face. Even if they remember it, they might need a trigger to buy those products.
A Cart Abandonment reminder message does exactly that. It reminds people of the products they have added to their carts waiting to be checked out.
With the message, your customer will come back to the website, check the products again, and there is always a great chance that they end up buying the products.
Send Personalized Offers: You can include special personalized offers in this message or email. You can also warn the customers about the product going out of stock to make the purchase happen.
The statistic shows that a customer who comes back to the website after receiving a cart abandonment message spends 55% more on the website, ensuring their return in a few days.

5. Strengthen Your SEO

Ecommerce SEO plays a vital role in reaching out to the customer base. Often, customers buy from a website and forget about it. The customers then Googles eCommerce platforms similar to your website.
Increase Visibility: At this stage, if the website has strong SEO, Google will place your website on the top of the results.
With your website being on the top of the search results, it will instantly remind your customers of the website and the experience your website delivered to them. As the practice shoots a positive and familiar image in the customers' minds, they will land on the platform and make a purchase again.
Improves UX: SEO not only helps the customers find and re-find your website, but it also helps in easy navigating of products and product suggestions on the website.
A strong SEO game for an eCommerce platform ensures more reach to the customers and shows a major impact on the repeat purchase rate on the website.

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6. Real-timeSync

Every customer has a pattern of shopping. They may not buy everything as per the pattern, but people buy things with a pattern.
Send Reminders: Suppose a customer bought a bottle of perfume from your website. The bottle quantity is enough to last for a month. After a month, start putting out reminders for the customers. Show them the same or different perfumes.
Use the same strategy for different objects that your customer looks for or has bought before. Along with that suggest more similar products.
Offer Related Products: Suppose the customer is buying baby products like baby wipes and diapers. Start suggesting them products like baby food, toys, clothes, etc.
After suggesting, keep track of the product and its lasting duration so that with suggestions, the customer can return to the eCommerce platform and buy the products again.
Once you can recognize the behavior and shopping pattern, you can shoot trigger messages. These trigger messages will influence them to take action and make a purchase.

7. Give Out Purchase Rewards

Every time a customer makes a purchase, they are looking for added benefits from the ecommerce platforms. These benefits can be extra discounts, special offers, combo packages, or loyalty points.
Create Strong Connection: The rewards are necessary. If you are dealing with a new customer who has just arrived on the platform, a purchase reward can establish a very healthy and long relationship.
While there are several ways of offering rewards, the best one to boost repeat purchase rate is by offering wallet points. These points can be offered in accordance with the money spent on the purchase.
Offer Redeemable Points: The number of points should be redeemable on the next purchase the customer makes. This way, to utilize the reward points, the customer will be forced to come back and make a purchase.
This strategy will help you maintain a bond with the customer and improve reliability for the customers.

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8. Run Retargeting Ads

This is an optional strategy. Running ads requires a lot of investment. This is why it is a complete option to go or not to go with running ads.
Create Buyer Personas: Running ads can severely improve the repeat purchase rate. To start working with ads, you will have to make a strategy for your target customer base. If your customers are students, make sure your ads are most active in the evenings when they are away from classes.
If your target customers are women, make sure you flash ads of tempting products to women.
If your products are home-use products, make sure your ads display the right use and benefits of the products.
Create a Strategy: Build a great strategy and run ads. Target your existing customers with their preferences of products. Tell them what they are missing out on in ads. This will ensure the return and repeat purchase by your customers.

9. Keep an Eye On the Data

One mistake several business owners and eCommerce platform makes is not keeping data. It is extremely important to observe a customer's shopping styles and then obtain the needed data.
Keep track of what your customer is buying and looking for. What is their taste, what are their choices, and what are their needs?
If customers buy shoes, observe what kind of shoes they are buying and extract the information to record your data.
If your customer is looking out for home décor accessories, track that activity and record the data. This data can later be used to shoot retargeting emails and messages suggesting similar customer choice products.
Keeping data will help the website analyze the best-selling and the most viewed products. This way, the eCommerce platform will be able to understand the user’s interest better.

10. Run out Offers for Existing Customers

Customers love getting special attention. The job of every business is to make their customers feel valued. The only way to show that you value your customers is by giving them offers.
Customers love getting offers.
>> Offer them discount coupons.
>> Offer them clubbed packages.
>> Offer them combos.
>> Offer entry to lucky draw or any special advantage.
Make sure the offer is attractive enough to grab the customer’s attention. The aim here is to attract the attention of the customer who needs products.
Running offers on various products also makes a customer spend more time on the website.
The more time a customer spends on the website, the more trace it leaves on their brain.
This will lead them into an addiction or affection for the website, and they will start coming to the website more often. This, without a doubt, will improve the repeat purchase rate of the website.

11. Make Your Website User Friendly

One problem some website does not realize is user-friendliness.
You may be offering amazing deals. You may have an amazing collection and top-notch quality of products. But if your customer cannot navigate through the website with ease, they will not stay.
Ease of Use: A customer may have bought from the website for the first time without putting in too much effort. But if they cannot find the same ease again, they will migrate to some other website without wasting much of their time.

  • Make the navigation through the website easy.
  • Provide search bar.
  • Show suggestive and similar products to what the customer is looking for.
  • Improve the speed of operation.
  • Reduce purchasing steps.
  • Make the process as simple as it can be.

Give out descriptions of the products. Give out space for the customers to leave reviews on the products. Also, make sure the website looks reliable and clutter-free to soothe customer’s eyes and brains.

12. Give out an Order Tracking System

Every established eCommerce website provides several facilities. These facilities ensure trust and reliability for their customers.
Since your customer has already shopped with you before, they know that the package will reach them sooner or later. But the wait becomes a great deal.
Include Order Tracking: To give an impression and updates about the package to the customer, it is important to give an order tracking feature. This feature helps the customer constantly keep an eye on the whereabouts of their order.
Repeated Login: To check on the same, the customer would log into the website repeatedly. Every time the customer logins to check, they will spare some time on the website’s home page.
When they spare time on the website, they have a great chance of buying something that attracts their eye.
While waiting for their order, they will grow familiar with your eCommerce website, and this will, in turn, improve the repeat purchase rate.

13. Concentrate on Problem-solving

A user shopping on the website does not mean they trust your ecommerce platform completely. To make the customers trust your ecommerce website and improve the repeat purchase rate of the website, make sure you solve their problems.
Answer Their Questions: While buying a product, a customer can have several questions. These questions can be related to the quality of the product, the usage of the product, the specifications of the product, the warranty/guaranty of the product, etc.
The customer can also have queries on the return facility, refund facility, and other website features.
Until a customer is completely satisfied with all the answers to their questions, they will not make the purchase.
Customers practice these measures on every purchase. A customer can be shopping with the website for the first time or the 10th time; answering questions is important.
Include FAQ Section: For the same, make sure every product has a description. Every product should have a Q&A section.
The website should have FAQs related to all their return, refunds, delivery, and other policies. These steps will simply enhance the repeat purchase rate of the eCommerce website.

14. Don’t Stop Marketing

Marketing is the essence of running an eCommerce business. Until your potential and existing customers know you exist and are running in the business, they won’t come to you and shop.
Marketing is an effort that has to be made constantly.
First, an effort should be made to attract potential customers.
Second, the marketing strategy should be focused on maintaining a relationship and attracting those existing customers again.
The first purchase is just the first step. The repeat purchase rate only improves after a customer has shopped from the website at least a couple of times.
Use Multiple Channels: Marketing can be done through several channels. Marketing can be done with several concepts. The only point to remember is what message to give and who should be the receiver of the message.
If your marketing game is right, the repeat purchase rate will improve without a blockage in the way.

15. Revise Your Strategy Often

The world is changing every day. The trends are changing every day. The beliefs of people are changing every day. This is why it is important to keep changing your brand image strategies and marketing strategies often.
Running with the same strategies for a very long period can bring the eCommerce platform into trouble. This can hamper the growth and impact the repeat purchase rate.

  • Make sure the marketing strategy follows the current trends.
  • Make sure the strategy makes social media a great part of marketing.
  • Make sure the strategy works in accordance with the data recorded on customer’s behavior.
  • Make changes to the customer experience strategy.
  • Make changes in the social media marketing strategies.
  • Make changes in ad campaign strategies.
  • Record the results of the changed strategies. If it gives better results, enhance and work with the same strategies until it is time to change it.


Retaining a great repeat purchase is essential for an eCommerce platform to survive and grow. We have accumulated 15 great tips on how an eCommerce website can improve and retain its repeat purchase rate.
These tips may include risks and challenges on the marketing end but are vital.
It is very important to take risks when you wish to improve or retain your repeat purchase rate. Now, get your team to work and achieve that goal of growth.

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