Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing Tools for Ecommerce

1. Extends your online reach

Social media has millions of active users across the world. Creating a business presence on popular platforms significantly increases your online reach. It is a great place to tell the world that your brand exists. Your brand and products gain visibility with users all over the world. Social media marketing increases lead generation and conversions. It helps you build a strong brand identity; which people will begin to associate with your industry.

2. Promote your products in creative ways

Social media enables the creative promotion of your products and services. Your brand becomes popular with people when your online campaigns are fun and creative. People tend to share creative content with friends and family. Frequent shares of your creative brand content make them viral across geographies. Statistics show that viral brand content has catapulted small brands into the global spotlight. You can engage a large audience by using creative and informal methods that are difficult using traditional marketing methods.

3. Connect with your target audience

Social media platforms make it easy to identify and connect to your target audience. It's easy to find popular groups and pages where your target audience likes to hang out. You can author unique content that your target audience finds attractive and engaging. It also pays to run individual paid campaigns focusing on a specific type of audience. For example, you can choose to show specific ads to users in a particular age group or location.

4. Drive organic visitor traffic to your site

Engaging visitors on your social media pages is a great way to have them visit your website. An attractive campaign about your products or services can generate leads for sales. Providing visible links to your websites on popular content on your social media drives visitor traffic. The traffic generated in this manner is organic and holds great potential for increased sales. Social media marketing also boosts your ecommerce SEO efforts and helps to rank your site higher on searches.

List Of Top Marketing Automation Tools For Your Ecommerce Site

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms. Its broad range of features gives you complete control of your social media initiatives. The powerful and integrated dashboard is a quick way to evaluate the performance of all your social media paid campaigns and posts. Hootsuite lets you create once and publish many times across all popular social media platforms. Its social listening and analytics tools empower you to implement the most effective social media marketing strategies.

Since 2008
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Highlighting Features 1. Create, publish, and schedule social media posts.
2. Monitor and respond to social media messages across multiple platforms.
3. Keep track of crucial conversations and popular social media trends.
4. Integrate social listening tools from a single dashboard.
5. Increase the visibility of curated content organically.
6. Track and manage paid social media campaigns.
7. Generate detailed custom reports for all your campaigns.
8. Comprehensive Ad management across platforms.
Pricing • Professional: $19/month
• Team: $99/month
• Business: $599/month
• Enterprise: Custom pricing

2. BufferApp

BufferApp makes it easier to schedule post sharing across popular social media platforms. You can set reminders for yourself or your team to make sure that important posts are shared on time. The app includes special features for Instagram brand building. Its collaboration tools simplify content creation, reviews, and approvals. Its intelligent analytics engine provides keen insights into posts' performance and trending content types.

Since 2010
Demo No
Highlighting Features 1. Publish posts to multiple platforms from a common dashboard.
2. A special suite of tools for Instagram brand building.
3. Reminder notifications for sharing posts.
4. Collaboration features for creating and reviewing content.
5. Detailed reports on the performance of your posts.
6. Track performance of individual posts and hashtags.
7. Customized reports using various data sources across social media sites.
8. Insights on the best time to post and the best type of posts for maximum engagement.
Pricing 1. Pro: $15/month
2. Premium: $65/month
3. Business: $99/month

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3. SproutSocial

Sprout Social's smart social media marketing tools give you an edge over your competition. Its unified message inbox lets you view and respond to posts from various social media platforms. Its competitor analysis tools are great for formulating social media strategies. You can choose the best plan based on your business's size and your social media marketing goals.

Since 2010
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Highlighting Features 1. Smart inbox monitors messages from all social media feeds.
2. Simplified review management across social media platforms.
3. Chatbot builder and integration with help systems like Zendesk and HubSpot.
4. Simultaneous scheduling of social media posts across platforms.
5. Content suggestion engine to supplement original content from across social media platforms.
6. Easy message tagging and message approval workflows.
7. Track competitor performance across networks to build stronger campaigns.
8. Comprehensive reporting about posts, tagging, and paid campaigns.
Pricing • Standard: $99/month
• Professional: $149/month
• Advanced: $249/month

4. Social Studio

Social Studio (previously Radian6) is a Salesforce marketing platform. It bundles a powerful set of tools for social media marketing. The app leverages machine learning power to deliver powerful insights into all aspects of social media engagement. It includes popular features such as analytics and scheduling posts across platforms. It is best suited for medium to large enterprises where several teams are managing the company's social media presence.

Since 2006
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Highlighting Features 1. Machine learning-driven social listening tools for market intelligence.
2. Deliver customer support through social media channels.
3. Manage company's social media presence across internal teams.
4. Collaborative tools for content creation, review, and approvals.
5. Track and respond individually to customer interactions.
6. Powerful reporting tracks brand health and content performance across social networks.
7. Boost top posts using built-in social advertising tools.
8. Secure and scalable social media management.
Pricing • Basic: $1000/month
• Pro: $4000/month
• Corporate: $12000/month
• Enterprise: $40000/month

5. SocialOomph

SocialOomph has many unique features for social media marketing that makes it stand out. Aside from scheduling social media posts and tweets, one can set limits on the number of posts to prevent oversharing. The self-destruct features keep your social media content relevant and fresh. It allows you to manage your content across social media and blog platforms. It comes in three pricing flavors that are reasonably priced for companies of all sizes.

Since 2008
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Highlighting Features 1. Bulk upload posts for future scheduling and queues.
2. Self-destruct mode for old or obsolete posts.
3. Authorize team's access to specific social media profiles and blogs.
4. Automate post creation from RSS feed entries.
5. Advanced post scheduling with date, time, and time zone filtering.
6. Promote content on popular social media and blog platforms.
7. Set publishing limits to prevent oversharing on social media.
8. Webhooks API allows post creation from various services.
Pricing • Advanced Suite: $15/month
• Professional Suite: $25/month
• Business Suite: $55/month

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6. Agorapulse

Agorapulse allows you to manage your social media interactions from a single inbox. Its delegation features let you assign various tasks like responding to messages across many team members. Other features include target audience analysis, scheduling posts, and detailed metrics for each social media platform. It makes it easier for teams to collaborate on content creation and reviews. Pricing tiers start from basic plans to a full-fledged enterprise edition.

Since 2011
Demo Yes
Highlighting Features 1. Manage all social media messages from one inbox.
2. Collaboration tools to work on incoming messages as a team.
3. Schedule, monitor, and queue social media posts.
4. Assign content creators and approvers in workflows.
5. Label, tag and categorize key content and users.
6. Unlimited saved searches with advanced search filters.
7. Specific metrics reports for each social media platform.
8. Audience analysis tools for focused brand promotion.
Pricing • Medium: $79/month
• Large: $159/month
• X-large: $239/month
• Enterprise: $399/month

7. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar, often referred to as Edgar, is a powerful social media marketing platform. It enables the automation of several common social media marketing tasks. This includes scheduling posts, generating reports, or deleting obsolete content. It features an intelligent content engine that helps creators with ideas for new posts based on the industry. You can easily create fresh content from various external sources, such as RSS feeds.

Since 2014
Demo No
Highlighting Features 1. Automated social media accounts with scheduling.
2. Intelligent content creation based on supplied parameters.
3. Chrome extension to generate pre-written posts from an article.
4. Schedule posts based on custom categories created.
5. Create article variations to reshare content on social media.
6. Weekly email updates with social media statistics.
7. Import and create content from various sources like RSS feeds.
8. Native photo and video support.
Pricing • Edgar Lite: $19/month
• Edgar: $49/month

8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Its popularity stems from its unique features that are aimed at engaging content creation. It helps you locate key social media influencers on popular platforms. The BuzzSumo API facilitates easy campaign tracking and integration with third-party tools. It helps you create engaging and viral content by identifying trending posts and content from your competitors. Pricing plans are flexible for companies of all sizes.

Since 2014
Demo No
Highlighting Features 1. Intelligent content discovery to motivate new content creation.
2. Keyword research tool.
3. Identify hot trends on any topic, domain, or location.
4. Amplify reach by finding top influencers on each platform.
5. Track key backlinks around the web for an SEO boost.
6. Create custom alerts for top influencers and authors online.
7. Filter by domain to locate trending competitor content.
8. Powerful API for tracking key metrics and performance.
Pricing • Pro: $99/month
• Plus: $179/month
• Large: $299/month
• Enterprise: $499+/month

9. Tailwind

Tailwind is a social media platform with a focus on Instagram and Pinterest. This sets it apart from others that target other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can schedule Instagram and Pinterest posts and preview several design templates for your posts. It has powerful keyword and hashtag finder features that keep you on top of the latest trends. Both the Instagram and Pinterest subscriptions are modestly priced at $15/month.

Since 2011
Demo No
Highlighting Features 1. Attractive Pin designer for new Pinterest posts.
2. Schedule Instagram and Pinterest posts.
3. Preview personalized Pin designs for your business.
4. Hashtag finder feature for intelligent recommendations.
5. Analyze top-performing posts in one place for better strategies.
6. Visual drag and drop calendar to simply post scheduling.
7. Smartloop feature to easily reshare top-performing content.
8. Generate visitor traffic from an Instagram Bio link.
Pricing • Pinterest Plus: $14.99/month
• Instagram Plus: $14.99/month

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