10 Influential Ecommerce SEO Experts to Follow

1. Lee Foot

Among the top 40 ecommerce SEO experts to follow on Twitter in 2021, Lee Foot has earned a name for himself. Lee has over 10-years of experience in ecommerce SEO. He is known for adopting and creating competitive strategies in the Search Engine field.
He is the Director of Search Solved. Lee’s machine language scripts feature in Industry Publications for all retail or ecommerce applications. They give their clients an extra boost in their SEO efforts.
Lee has in-depth experience with the top SEO tools in the industry. His tweets and blogs are eagerly followed.
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2. Keval Shah

Keval Shah’s Inbound Pursuit, a premier digital marketing agency, is a pioneer in ecommerce SEO. Keval is an ecommerce SEO specialist who is widely followed and respected. His clients praise his meticulous attention to technical detail.
He has a Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification. It keeps him up to speed on the latest trends in his segment. He uses his knowledge to devise strategies that help companies scale their ecommerce stores through SEO.
Keval has consulted with small startups and large companies and delivered excellent results.
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Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Freddie Chatt

Freddie is an ecommerce specialist of international repute. He has over 9-years of ecommerce SEO experience. He is a freelance consultant with clients worldwide. He has dabbled with all aspects of SEO.
From audits and content strategy to technical SEO. He went into ecommerce SEO full-time after seeing the lack of efforts in organic search.
He has helped ecommerce brands of all sizes find growth through organic search. He shares his tactics and insights on his blog and often on his Twitter feed. His articles have found their way to top industry blogs and forums.
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4. Greg Bernhardt

Greg has done everything from web design to marketing in his long career. He is passionate about SEO, mainly ecommerce. His Python knowledge enables him to automate many SEO tools and processes.
He is the current SEO strategist at Shopify, a leading name in ecommerce. His unique and effective scripts consistently deliver revenues organically. He is also the Python SEO writer at Greg shares his love for data science and its uses for SEO in his tweets.
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5. Austin Cline

Austin is the founder of Sitemap. It's an ecommerce SEO consulting firm. Sitemap has helped brands earn thousands of dollars through SEO. Austin is an expert in solving advanced on-page and technical optimization issues.
Austin and his company primarily work with ecommerce brands. They have demonstrated remarkable results over the years. Austin's ideas and strategies are respected by his peers and clients alike.
He shares many best practices and SEO tips through many industry blogs and Twitter channels. Some of his top clients include Parker Clay and Home Depot.
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6. Sam Underwood

Sam has 9-years of proven SEO experience across multiple industry verticals. He comes from a background in web design, content, and UX. These skills enable him to look beyond the norm and devise winning ecommerce SEO campaigns.
Sam has worked on SEO strategies for some of the UK's biggest brands. Some examples are AO and Reiss. He has published many influential articles on Ecommerce SEO.
His work is often featured on leading industry blogs such as SEMRush and Search Engine Journal.
Sam is a one-person army and gives particular focus to each client project.
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7. Jason Mun

Jason's not a new face in the ecommerce SEO industry. He has been around for a decade and has helped large and small companies grow their organic search traffic. He currently serves as the Group Search Officer at Overdose.
His specialties are diverse and many. They include SEO, PPC, keyword, link building, and more. He has performed many technical audits and SEO campaigns over the years.
He is vastly experienced in the trends of the digital market. Jason has helped many Australian firms create or fine-tune their ecommerce SEO strategies.
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8. Amanda Webster

Amanda currently holds the position of Head of CRM at Nuffield Health in the UK. She is a performance marketing specialist. Her expertise in ecommerce SEO and SEM helps companies scale their operations as they grow.
She has over 15-years of experience in various digital marketing roles. Amanda has worked with multiple blue-chip companies to improve their sales operations.
Amanda is known for her personable approach and extensive research skills. Her skills in analytic tools ensure that all her SEO campaigns are data-driven. She is up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and is well-respected in the industry.
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9. Peter Macinkovic

What makes Peter Macinkovic a technical SEO and ecommerce specialist is his work in the gaming and Crypto community. Peter currently works as an SEO specialist at EasyGo games. He knows the industry and its trends well.
Peter is your go-to ecommerce pro, with a variety of experiences at his fingertips. His technical skills help companies be robot friendly. This is essential to gain organic search traffic in any industry.
Peter is a self-taught maverick. He is Google Ads, and Analytics certified with over 120 Lynda courses under his belt.
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10. Tony McCreath

As a respected consultant in ecommerce SEO, Tony has achieved a great deal of success in his career. He is the owner of Web Site Advantage. Tony has over 12-years of experience in the SEO industry. He specializes in ecommerce SEO and Ad words.
His work and approach are often praised by his clients and peers in the industry. Tony helps small and large ecommerce companies align their sales strategies with the right SEO efforts.
Tony’s services provide an array of techniques, from increasing leads to generating traffic.
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