Benefits of Creating High converting Landing pages for Ecommerce

What is a Landing Page?

Many new terms came into existence because of online marketing. But how many of these do we know? A landing page is one such term that could mean multiple things.
A landing page is a webpage where users land after clicking on a link in the simplest terms. But then, this could be just about every webpage, right? So, what makes a webpage a landing page?
Well, the purpose is the first factor. Why do you need a landing page? What do you aim to achieve? Leading users to the home page doesn’t give the same result as leading them to a specific webpage such as a sign-up page or a product purchase page. Isn’t it?
That means the home page cannot be a useful landing page, while a product purchase page can be one. For eCommerce websites, the main focus is to increase sales. You want visitors to become customers of the business.
A landing page is specifically designed for a marketing/ sales campaign. This page acts as that place where you bring new users and convert them to customers through PPC, email newsletters, SMSs, etc. There will be one CTA purpose even if there are multiple CTA buttons.

Factors Landing Pages Product Pages
Focus/ Purpose These pages convert visitors to customers. The landing pages aim to keep the users focused on a single product/ service and urge them to buy it. The product page focuses on keeping the user interested by sharing information (text, images, videos, etc.) about the product/ service. The aim is to promote the product while informing users about its advantages.
Layout The layout of a landing page is neat and straightforward. It doesn’t lead the users anywhere elsewhere or have navigation links to other webpages. The CTA buttons on the landing page will lead to the same purpose. The product pages have multiple sections, similar to how regular webpages appear. Here will be a navigation header or a sidebar with links to other products and webpages. The layout will be intricate, with lots of information shared on the page.
Traffic Source Landing pages are specific. Their primary traffic source is through email, SMS campaigns, PPC ads, promotional offers, etc. Product pages get traffic from various sources- social media platforms, website homepage, other webpages, backlinks, and more. The aim is to show the users more about their products and services.
Conversion Type The landing pages tend to focus on long-term conversions (subscriptions, repeat customers, multiple purchases, etc.). Landing pages also result in offline purchases. The product pages are meant for immediate eCommerce purchases. The customers may or may not come back for another purchase.
Optimization Landing pages are rarely optimized for search engines to remain de-indexed with the search engines and don’t mess up analytics. Product pages have to be optimized for the right keywords to show up on the search engine results page to bring more organic traffic to the website.
Testing These pages are great for testing purposes. Testing will help fine-tune the marketing strategy. Product pages cater to a broader range of audiences. Though the pages have to be unique and engaging, continually tweaking them is time-consuming and cost-intensive.
Ease of Set up These pages are super easy to set up as they don’t need too much information or anchor text. Some landing pages have little data (such as sign up pages) so that users can directly get what they want. A product page has various elements and needs more time and effort. The keywords have to be selected carefully, the images have to be optimized, the links have to be correct, and other widgets will also have to be placed. A product page carries a lot of information.

Benefits of Optimizing Your Ecommerce Landing Pages for High Conversions

1. Keeps Visitors Focused

It may not seem like a big deal or even an advantage, but a business person would know just how hard it is to have the users’ attention and impress them. While businesses don’t optimize landing pages for search engines, they have to be optimized to increase the conversion rate. When the landing page has specific details about a product or service with no other distractions, it will encourage them to buy them.
Wouldn’t that result in conversion as well as sales? When a landing page tells a user exactly what is expected of them, it becomes easier for them to decide.

2. Creates Emotional Connection

There are too many businesses and products out there for a person to choose from. Unless something about your business attracts a user, they will not likely want to become customers. Discounts sure help, but you can’t offer discounts all the time.
Optimizing landing pages will help you include content that will connect with the visitors on a deeper level. An optimized landing page will be more than just any other product page. It will touch the users and gently nudge them to place an order.

3. Gives More Space & Makes it Unique

Optimizing the landing pages gives you more space to customize the page and make it unique. Even if you like simple versions, you can still make sure that the landing pages don’t look old or dull. Not just that, it doesn’t take much time to customize a landing page.
You can make the changes in real-time and add or delete details to better impact the visitors. In a world where customization is the key to attract more users, optimizing the landing pages gives you the same advantage and promises to deliver better results.

4. Improves Your Customer Targeting

Optimization and customization have one thing in common- narrowing the target zone. Instead of having an eCommerce webpage that carter to every visitor, you will have a landing page that inspires your target audience to connect with your brand and become a patron.
Since your product pages and landing pages can be different, you get the best of both worlds. It will impact your eCommerce SEO efforts and increase the website rank.
For example, a landing page optimized for booklovers will make them buy at least a book, if not more. However, a home page with links to books, dolls, clothes, etc., will not give the same result.

5. Works on all Platforms- Desktop/ Mobile

You cannot ignore the traffic your website gets from mobile users. Around 70% of the current users rely on mobile phones to search the internet, check social media, read emails and connect with others.
An optimized eCommerce landing page will be easy to use on mobile phones. It will encourage the person to place an order or subscribe to the newsletter with just a few clicks. They can do it at any time from any location. And that will naturally increase the conversions, add more subscribers/ members and bring sales. A landing page optimized for various devices will ensure steady traffic and a consistent conversion rate.

6. Personalized Product Recommendations Increases Sales & Conversions

Optimizing the landing page will increase conversions and sales when you offer personalized product recommendations to visitors. You can do that based on their search history or previous product purchases.
People who see recommendations for products they love are more likely to buy. Even though the eCommerce landing pages are goal-oriented, you can create them so that the visitors get personal recommendations that will bring them back to the business. It is one type of landing page to ensure that a person who already purchased a product doesn’t lose interest in the brand. We’ll talk more about it soon.

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7. Reduces Cart-Abandonment Rate

There are many reasons for a user to abandon the cart and exit the page. You lose a potential customer each time this happens. Optimizing an eCommerce website’s landing pages will reduce this issue’s frequency.
Your landing page will make it easy to order the items without asking the users to go through a lengthy process. You will also know the leading cause for cart-abandonment and how it can be solved to increase sales.
The reasons could be anything, such as tricky site navigation, high shipping rate, no clear CTA for purchase, slower loading pages, etc.

8. Brings Repeated Customers

We cannot always focus only on bringing new customers to the business. Retaining existing customers is equally essential, mostly when you have spent as much time, money, and effort to build the customer base. Ecommerce SEO aims to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.
Optimizing the landing pages and customizing them will remind the customer why they became your patron and prompt them to purchase again. There is a particular type of eCommerce landing page that focuses on this aspect of the sales funnel. We’ll see more about it in the next section.

9. Increases Your Marketing ROI

The ultimate aim of optimizing a landing page is to increase the return on investment and profits for your business, isn’t it? You want visitors to become customers and buy the products and services you offer.
When you create an eCommerce landing page that attracts more users and builds engagement, you are on the way to achieving your actual target. When engagement rate and conversion rate increase, the investment you put in PPC, email marketing, SMS marketing, and sales campaigns will be worthy and deliver expected results. It will also increase the page rank as users seem to be getting what they want from the link.

10. Gets You Better Impressions for PPC Ads

PPC ads’ failure to generate the expected amount of interest or returns signifies that the campaign’s strategy was wrong. It could be because of targeting the wrong audience, choosing a weak keyword, or not optimizing the landing page.
When you optimize the eCommerce landing page for higher conversions, it will reflect the success of the PPC and social media ads you place to bring a fresh bout of traffic to the website. You can track the ads’ performance using various SEO analytical tools and refine your campaigns to get even better results.

11. Makes it Easy to Track Using Analytical Tools

As we just mentioned in the previous point, using analytical tools to track the performance of your eCommerce website is essential if you want to know whether your efforts are in the right direction or not.
While sales are one way of knowing, you will need a detailed report to see how many visitors have landed on the landing page and how many of them have signed up or placed an order. Optimizing the landing page will make it easy to track the impressions, engagements, and hits you get on the landing page from various sources.

12. Boosts Your Brand Reputation

Isn’t this what every business owner wants? Don’t you wish your customers to have absolute faith in your products and services? Don’t you want users to identify the brand’s logo wherever they see it immediately?
Optimizing the landing pages may not entirely help you achieve it, but it sure does its bit to create an environment of trust among the users. It increases the brand’s visibility and boosts the reputation. It will further increase the website traffic and bring more conversions. It’s a continuous loop where the process and the benefits influence each other.

Four Types of Ecommerce Landing Pages

1. Top of the Funnel Landing Page

Top of the funnel sales/ marketing is the first stage of the buyers’ journey. It’s uncommon for a user to see a random product and immediately buy it without looking for any other information about the product or the business.
Most buyers go through 3 stages of marketing where the brand tries to retain the users’ interest and make them loyal customers. The first step is to create brand awareness by sharing more details about the business. The top of your business’s funnel landing page will be to the home page, about page, contact us page, social media accounts, etc.

2. Mid Funnel Landing Page

A mid-funnel landing page is the one that deals with the audience who are aware of your brand but are still not your customers. The purpose of this landing page is to collect information about the users. It could be a newsletter subscription, creating an account on the website, or simply asking them to send you their questions and queries.
We can call it the lead capturing stage. You attempt to convert the visitor into a customer by gradually exchanging information and urging them to check out the products/ services you offer. User engagement is the key here if you want to capture leads successfully.

3. Bottom Funnel Landing Page

It is the actual stage to persuade the user to buy the products. The bottom-funnel landing pages are particular and aim to bring eCommerce sales. These pages can either include special discounts or have a no-nonsense CTA to buy the mentioned product.
In the case of promotional offers and discounts, you can directly bring users to the bottom funnel landing page and register a sale. It helps saves time and is useful for SEO as well. But it is possible only until the offer period lasts. After that, you will need to lead the prospective customers through the top and middle funnels to reach this stage.

4. Already-Purchased Landing Page (for existing customers)

The term is self-explanatory, isn’t it? This eCommerce landing page is designed exclusively to keep your existing customers engaged and happy with your services. You wouldn’t want to lose them after taking so many pains to gain them in the first place.
These landing pages offer special incentives and deals to customers for being loyal to your brand. It could be collecting and redeeming loyalty points, gaining referral discounts, early bird offers, etc. These landing pages don’t need to have much content. All you need to share is what benefits the users get for being your customers. They already know about your brand anyway.

Tips to Create Great Landing Pages

1. Write Attractive Headlines

Who doesn’t want to read an interesting headline? It’s the first thing that catches our eye, and it either makes us want to read more or roll our eyes and scroll down. A right landing page should have an attractive and engaging headline that will make the visitor want to know more.
The headline should also be clear about what the page contains. Vague, mysterious, and strange headlines don’t always deliver results, definitely not for an eCommerce website. If you want visitors to stay on the landing page and click on the CTA button, you need to make sure you have their attention from the very first step- the headline.

2. Include Attractive Images

The next thing after headlines that catches a user’s attention is the image (s). If your landing page is about a product or a service, you need to include HD images of the product on the page. And yes, the quality, composition, and detail in the picture will play a vital role in influencing the user’s decision.
For example, if you want a person to buy a trendy pair of shades, sharing a general picture of the glasses will not be enough. You will need to make it attractive and appealing. Artistic images are just as famous as the ones with models.

3. Make Use of Bullet Lists

People don’t have the time to read through paragraphs of text on a landing page. Remember that the eCommerce website is not a blog. You aim to generate sales. The landing page should be clear and concise.

Relevant : Importance of Blogging for an eCommerce Site

Use bullet points to keep it brief. Highlight the advantages/ uses of the product in simple words. Also, make sure that this list is towards the top of the page. The headline followed by an image with the text on the side or immediately below is a great way to keep the visitors hooked.

4. Get Rid of Navigations

A navigation tab is a distraction, and so is any other link. If there are CTA buttons on the page, they should all lead to the same place (yes, we’ve mentioned this already). The landing page of an eCommerce website should be free of navigation, especially if you’ve designed the page as a part of the marketing campaign.
Since you can redesign the pages whenever you want, you can add navigations after the campaign ends. Until then, forget anchor text, sidebars with a dozen links, and the top banner. Even links to the home page, contact page, etc., should be removed from the landing page.

5. Highlight CTA Buttons

It’s the CTA buttons that practically do the job for you. The visitor instantly needs to know where to click if he/ she has to buy a product or sign up for an offer. Highlight the buttons and make them easily visible. Use a different color for the CTA buttons to make them stand out from the rest of the content.
Also, remember not to use dry anchor text for CTA. Instead of a button that says ‘click here,’ use something more proactive and engaging. If the link will lead them to more information or the checkout page, use the related terms. Say ‘checkout here’ or ‘proceed to buy from here’ or ‘take your cart here,’ etc.

6. Keep the Landing Pages Clean

The eCommerce landing page has a particular purpose. It aims to increase conversions and generate sales. That means the landing page should be free of clutter. All those dozens of things you usually add to a webpage should not be present on a landing page.
It’s okay to have white, blank space between images and boxes of text. You don’t have to cramp everything together. Let the layout spread out a bit (within limits) so that visitors continue to stay interested and have enough breathing space not to feel an information overload. One look at the landing page should make them smile, not frown or shudder.

7. Provide Live Chat

It’s always a good idea to offer ready assistance to the visitors. An option to have a live chat with a representative will help them decide if they want to buy your products or not. While this is not compulsory, providing users with an option to contact the support team will assure them that you are serious about your business and can be contacted whenever they want to.
As per research, landing pages with live chat options have recorded more conversions, up to 40%. Even though all users are not comfortable with live chat, knowing that you are offering that option seems to be enough.

8. Improve Loading Speed

Optimize the landing pages to improve their speed. No one wants to sit and wait for a page to load. And when you aim to convert a user to a customer through this page, it has to be at its top speed.
Optimize the images without compromising on the quality. Optimize the webpage for mobiles, and ensure zero redirects and server-related errors. That’s the worst thing to happen to a landing page when running a marketing campaign. The improved loading speed will improve the conversion rate by creating a good impression on the visitors (along with other variables, of course).

9. Inspire Confidence

How can you inspire visitors’ confidence about a product you want to sell? The best way would be to include customer reviews. Highlight the positive reviews and show that most customers are happy with the product. You can list the top 3 or 5 testimonials on the landing page.
Another way to make visitors trust you is by mentioning the steps you’ve taken for data security. Using the icons will be enough. If you have won an award in recent times, the prize’s logo will also do its bit to influence the user’s decision. And don’t forget to set the right tone (friendly and assertive) on the landing page.

10. Provide Pricing (including Shipping) Details

If you want to reduce cart-abandonment issues, make sure to share the pricing details on the eCommerce landing page. If possible, include the shipping details as well. People hardly like it when someone asks them to buy a product without mentioning its costs.
Running discounts and limited period deals is an evergreen idea. It is a standard sales campaign. Make sure to highlight the product’s actual price and the discount you are offering on the landing page. Let them know that placing an order right away would save them a decent amount of money.

11. Single CTA Button for Improved Results

Naturally, repeated suggestions will emphasize the importance of the purpose, be it purchase or subscription. If you have a landing page with images and text, you can include more than one CTA button.
But when all the buttons lead the user to the same destination (yeah, it reminds us of the old saying), they will guide and increase the conversion rate. The visitor is likely to buy or subscribe at one point or another. Just make sure to add the CTA buttons at the right places. Asking a user to sign up immediately after sharing the advantages of becoming a member is sure to convince them.

12. Limited Period Offers for Increased Conversions

Another advantage of optimized eCommerce landing page is that you can create a sense of urgency for limited period offers. Anything that lasts for a shorter duration will attract more people as they want to make the most of the deal/ discount.
Whether you include a countdown timer or a clock, you urge the visitors to place the order before the discount period ends. You can also display the number of orders received and the items left in stock. Nothing works better than real-time data, showing only limited stock items.

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16 Examples of High Converting Ecommerce Landing Pages

1. Me Undies - Homepage Quiz, Multiple Landing Pages, and More

Me Undies has not one but multiple landing pages, each serving a different purpose. Some have been designed for Podcasts, while others are for subscribers and customers. The homepage itself acts as a landing page with a quiz to know more about undies and discounts on subscriptions. The opening banner gives two options- a gift guide and a link to shop some ‘extra dirty’ undies.
Highlights of the Page

  • Colorful images of models flaunting the undies
  • Attractive discount offers
  • Highlighting limited period offers

2. Leaf & Clay - Attractive image, soothing background

Leaf & Clay sells a wide variety of succulents, pots, and related items. The landing page has a large and vibrant leaf on a peach background. A 3-word headline does the job of explaining what the company offers. There’s a CTA button right under the headline.
Highlights of the Page

  • Color composition
  • Simplicity
  • Options to share on social media (with one-click)
  • Easy and informative headline

3. DressUp - Aesthetics, Minimum Text, Bold CTA

DressUp is an online apparel store that sells trendy outfits and accessories for women. The company's land page focuses on visual appeal with a little bit of text thrown in to suit the context. A pastel background contrasts the colorful images of models. The slider header adds multiple pictures without taking too much space. The photos have bold one-liner headlines with a 1-2-line description. Following that is a CTA button in black.
Highlights of the Page

  • Bold and black CTA button on a pastel background
  • Attractive HD images of models in trendy wear
  • Minimum text- to the point
  • Discount offer highlighted in contrasting colors

4. Get Neuro - Clear, Concise, Attractive

Get Neuro is a company that sells a variety of functional chewing gums to help relieve stress and energize the person. The landing page starts with an image that displays all the products against an attractive bluish-green background. The headline – refresh your mind is highlighted in white and followed by a tiny description of their offering. The CTA is underneath the description. A bit subtle, but very useful.
Highlights of the Page

  • A simple layout of images on one side, description on the opposite side
  • Multiple CTA buttons (one with every image)
  • A section dedicated to pictorial promotions by customers

5. WakeFit - Multiple Landing Pages, Informative, Detailed

Wakefit is a company that sells mattresses, beds, and home furniture, including TV sets and towels. The company has designed multiple landing pages to target different kinds of audiences. The color combination is relatively simple. The images aren't too artsy either. But the company still managed to increase sales. The strategy here is sharing relevant information. There is a detailed list of advantages, features, and specifications for every product, along with the price and customer ratings.
Highlights of the Page

  • Highly informative
  • Discounts highlighted for each product
  • Specifications and benefits in easy-to-read bullets

6. Dollar Shave Club - Video Landing Page, Funny, Attractive

Dollar Shave Club sells razor blades. Though it is a useful item, it is not something one can market with a difference. Yet, the company created a landing page that took the internet by storm. It relied on video marketing and made it a success, thanks to the founder’s background in improv comedy.
Highlights of the Page

  • Video on the landing page
  • Offer for personalized grooming products
  • Funny, lighthearted, and eye-catchy

7. Airbnb - Customized Landing Page, Highlight Money

Airbnb is a famous company all over the world. The first thing you see on the page is the amount of money you can make by signing up as a hosting partner. The page works in real-time to show the approximate amount along with your location.
Highlights of the Page

  • An estimate form for hosting guests and earning money
  • Simplified step-wise representation of the signing up process
  • Recurring CTA to learn more and FAQs at the end

8. AWAY - Pre-release Product Promotion, HD Images, and Videos

AWAY is a survival series game set to release this year on PS4. Their landing page creates awareness and promotes the game before its launch in the market. Visual impact plays a prominent role considering the nature of the product.
Highlights of the Page

  • Game imagery and videos in the background
  • Minimal text with to-the-point information
  • Pre-order CTA right on the top banner

9. Marley Spoon - Visually Appealing, Neat Layout

Marley Spoon has a lovely concept. The company delivers locally grown ingredients and a detailed recipe for a dish you've selected on the website. They aim to appeal to the gastronome in you, and they succeed with flying colors.
Highlights of the Page

  • Neat layout with images on side and text on the other
  • Two CTA buttons – one in the middle and another at the end
  • Bullet points and subheadings with one-line descriptions

10. Casper - Highlight Customers and Awards

Casper manufactures and sells mattresses, pillows, bed frames, etc. The company's landing page showcases the same in soft colors and makes us want to take a nap. But right below the image is a number- one million, indicating the brand's customer base. The various awards and recognition received by the company appear after the customer base.
Highlights of the Page

  • Proof of its quality and service
  • Offers such as free shipping and returns
  • Trust seals from well-known platforms

11. Winc - Attractive Headline, Appealing Images, Classy Layout

The landing page of Winc shows precisely why the headline is essential. The company made it clear about what they are offering and why customers go for it in three words. The page has two CTA buttons contrasting the background.
Highlights of the Page

  • One H1 and three H2 headlines
  • One-line descriptions for each of the three H2 headings
  • One-liner quote towards the end to subtly promote the brand

12. Tribe - Highlight Benefits and Limited Period Offers

Nothing like special offers to attract more customers, isn’t it? Tribe, from the food and beverage industry, follows the same technique but with extra care. The landing page with the special offer is visible only to specific customers, the ones they want to attract.
Highlights of the Page

  • The display of their products by the brand
  • The images with people show social inclusivity.
  • A greater connection with the audience looking for healthy food alternatives

13. Axis Gear - Detailed, Understated, Informative

Axis Gear manufactures devices that automate the window blinds. It is a technical product that requires quite a bit of explanation. The landing page starts with a simple and easy-to-understand headline that immediately explains the product. It then goes into detail about the specification and benefits in points, accompanied by HD images of the product.
Highlights of the Page

  • Bold CTA and a subtle CTA clubbed together.
  • Benefits are mentioned right below the header.
  • Customer testimonials at the end of the page.

14. BoxyCharm - Color Scheme, Images

Cosmetic brands can end up with overused themes and layouts if one is not careful. BoxyCharm balances out in all aspects using the color scheme resembling a makeup palette. With just two shades and images with all the products, the company gained their customer's attention.
Highlights of the Page

  • Setting up a base for product release.
  • A small subscription form right in the header
  • Play of colors and sleek layout

15. Doodly - Limited Period Offer and Informative

Doodly is video creation software that makes doodles. The landing page starts with the limited period offer and explains the product directly in the headline. It's a long one but works well for the product.
Highlights of the Page

  • Provely pop-up to show recent purchases with customer details
  • A landing page with text, images, and videos explaining the software
  • Easy to spot CTA buttons

16. Awayco - Targeted Promotion and Highlight Social Causes

Awayco is a rental company that offers surfing, skiing, snowboarding, and other rental equipment. The landing page highlights specific products the company wants to promote. The page also includes a section about a non-profit organization with which the brand has tied up.
Highlights of the Page

  • Talking about specific products
  • Emphasizing the social responsibility and contribution of the company
  • Google Maps to show the operating locations of the company

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